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Dragon Age Origins: “Witch Hunt” Post-Game Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Always so interesting that besides Awakening, most of the DAO DLC seemed so small and straightforward, compared to it, while the DA2 DLC (that no one I knew ever played) actually seemed like a more vivid experience than DA2.
  • I forgot Finn makes mention of Anders in this one.
  • It’s too bad that you don’t get to talk to the characters more, since Finn seems like he’s probably the brother of Carrol, the lyrium-addicted-Templar-boat-guy.
  • There’s something a little sad about revisiting some of the places you had gone to in DAO, but with all the doors sealed shut.
  • Holy Moly, but that varterral fight was hard.  I was lulled into complacency since all the other fights barely required my character to join in.
  • Why did it attack us to begin with, if it was supposed to protect the Dalish?  Did Morrigan want to get rid of us that bad?
  • I think part of the problem I have with this one is that the end really only makes sense to me if you’re a male warden who romanced Morrigan.
  • If you’re just a pal, why were you hunting her down in the first place?  What’s all the talk of betrayal, when, as she says, she only did what she said she was going to do in the first place?
  • I’ve actually never not done the ritual, since I can’t have Alistair die, and I really can’t have me die.  I wonder how the talk changes then?
  • Also the ending really confuses me.  You did all this to get the book for the one clan, and then having gotten it and whatever the other thing “of great interest” was…roll credits?
  • Like I actually replayed the ending about 4 times because I was convinced it was some sort of a glitch that kept ending the game prematurely, before Ariane or Finn could say anything.
  • Ok.  On to Awakening.