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Dragon Age Origins: “Awakening” Second Half Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Auggghhh. I forgot about the Silverite Mine bug.
  • Oh, and apparently I haven’t done a real save in like five days.
  • Choices now: Redo everything since Amaranthine vs. lose everything I had equipped.
  • Making a save point now. Calling it “Lost All My Damn Stuff.”
  • Wow. Nida is stone cold.
  • “Hi. Your husband died fighting the Darkspawn and saving the world for everyone.” “Hey lover–can you hang outside for a mo while the Warden and I chat?”
  • Ugh. Didn’t upgrade anyone high enough to make the runes or potions needed to complete the “make the rare armor/weapons” quest.
  • “You’re a terrible person. And your ears are clownish.”  Nathaniel don’t play.
  • Oh and Sigrun’s quest won’t activate apparently because I already did the law and order quest. I had forgotten how touchy this game was.
  • I found it incredibly difficult to get approval with some of the characters.  It seemed like Anders had a jillion gifts to raise approval where I didn’t even need the last three to get to 100%, but I funneled every last bit of alcohol into Ogren that I could find, and I still couldn’t get him high enough to chat about Felsi.
  • Amaranthine or the Keep?  I usually feel like at least the Keep has a chance of defending itself, while you’re actually burning the survivors alive if you ditch the town.
  • Live Architect or dead Architect?  I can’t get over his plan in The Calling, where he wanted to turn everyone into modified Darkspawn, so I usually turn down the deal.
  • I will say that, just considering what he says in the game, he sounds pretty reasonable.  Deciding whether to back him or not is, I think, one of the harder decisions Dragon Age asks you to make.
  • Man, the Mother is just horrifying.  Then, when you think you might be able to get over the jillion nipples, her face flays open.  Ugh.
  • The epilogue here was pretty interesting, although some of it seems inconsistent with subsequent happenings.
  • It seems clear that Anders did not stay with the Wardens and live happily ever after, like they said.
  • Poor Ogren.  I tried to help you buddy, but you wouldn’t open up.
  • They say the story of the Warden wasn’t over, but I guess this was the first expansion?  I guess you could argue that she went on to Witch Hunt at least afterwards.
  • It doesn’t sound like the Warden’s likely to make a comeback in any future games, but you never know when BioWare will drag a character back for a tragic demise.
  • I feel a little poorly that Velanna never got closure with her sister, but she was just so abrasive I rarely felt like bringing her along.
  • Also sad to think that this is the last time we’ll see Justice before sharing a skull with Anders drives him totally crazy.
  • Alright.  Next stop:  Kirkwall.  The town where the phrase “what a wonderful city!  I’m so glad I came!” was said by nobody ever.