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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 105: “The Lion’s Den”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Fun fact. That phoropter isn’t going to take retinal photos.
  • Well on the upside, Zachary finally ditched his supremely troubled wife.
  • Look, no one likes hearing from the dentist, Zachary.
  • Evil police guy is evil.
  • So far, I’m not all that impressed with Invisible Woman’s safety measures. If you knew someone was tracking you, why would you go back to the very thing they were looking for?
  • Bad timing for Dearing, Evil Police Guy #2. We need Parkman back to give the police a better image.
  • These Japanese kids are so cute.
  • If they show Zachary and his kid watching “Tangled,” I’m gonna laugh.
  • The return of Dark!Phoebe!
  • Well, who didn’t see this coming.
  • How does Tommy know this poor girl isn’t getting dressed or something?
  • This girl deserves someone more stable. Like almost anyone else.
  • “WHY DID YOU KILL EVERYBODY!” “Well I can’t talk to you while you’re like this.”
  • I like Erica and HRG, but this is a very static scene.
  • It’s a lot of talking with very little payoff.
  • Man, Miko and Ren are the only ones getting things done around here.
  • Ren should maybe make tracks out of there.
  • Quentin is a little overwrought.
  • Tommy took one look at his destiny and noped it on out of there.
  • No one’s going to notice Zachary just walking away from a burning building?
  • Hope he already cashed that check.