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Teen Wolf, S6E9: “Memory Found”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Sheriff, this seems like it would be more surprising if we hadn’t already verified that everyone in Beacon Hills had been taken last week?
  • How, In All That Is Holy, is Theo going to help them against the Ghost Riders?
  • What makes anyone think they can possibly stop Theo with bullets when he inevitably goes rogue?
  • A whole roomful of you couldn’t deal with one Ghost Rider.  I think you might be a little optimistic, Liam.
  • Well that could have gone better.
  • I feel like taking yourself to the brink of death to solve your problems is starting to be a habit with them.
  • Oh, no wonder Theo wasn’t a fan of going back to the hospital.
  • It sounds weird for Lydia to refer to their school as “the high school.”
  • Virtually every high school student would, I think, refer to their school either by name or just as “school.”
  • This heart-to-heart with Liam is making Theo nostalgic for his looping Ringu Vine again.
  • Ok, there’s a lot I’m not understanding about this remembering process.
  • For one thing, if Scott’s too cold, why don’t they just back off the temperature dials some on that refrigerator coffin?
  • For another, it seems like they all remember Stiles pretty well now, given that they can all quote stuff he said recently, so maybe that’s not the issue?
  • Pretty harsh for Malia to have one of her handful of memories be Stiles in love with someone else.
  • Lydia hypnotizes pretty easy.
  • Wait, you can hatchet the Ghost Riders but not shoot them?
  • Ok, I believe I asked a couple weeks ago why we didn’t think their own guns would work against them.
  • Hope Theo’s prepared for the warm reception he’ll probably get from Stiles and everyone else in the train station.
  • Look!  It’s Jesus!  Or possibly Stiles!

Teen Wolf, S6E8: “blitzkrieg”

...And then there were five. And Theo.
…And then there were five. And Theo.
Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Man, Nazis!  In America!  Who would have thought?
  • Well, on the one hand, Mr. Douglas is a Nazi, and on the other hand, he just minused the number of Nazis in the room by one, so kind of a wash.
  • Poor Noah Stilinski, still wondering why he never noticed all those boarded up windows on that one side of his house before.
  • Ok, I don’t know anything about string theory except in cinema shorthand it usually means someone’s headed to CrazyTown, but I feel like even the crazys have some rationale for where they put the pins and the strings.
  • Peter, always a Helper.
  • Now if Malia is disappointed in her Dad by this time, she has only her own ill-founded expectations to blame.
  • Maybe Melissa could have gone for the gun at that point?
  • Theo!  I trust him.
  • Liam, this is maybe not a decision you should make unilaterally.
  • Plus, it’s not even your sword.
  • You have to admit, the Nazis had a wide range of interests.
  • Grenadier Able is beginning to realize that he may have backed the wrong horse.
  • How did they even get Parrish?  Last we saw, he went for a walk in the woods.
  • What if someone grabbed the Ghost Rider’s gun and whip?  Then he couldn’t take anyone, although I guess he could still mop the floor with them.
  • What if they shot him with his own gun?  Then some poor shlep has to sit on the same bench with a Ghost Rider for all eternity in the train station.
  • Hayden couldn’t just untangle herself from the whips while Liam was holding them?
  • Poor Noah.  Never catching a break.
  • Nazis are pretty black and white.
  • Here’s a question:  If Douglas has been in a tank since the 1940s, how did he get out and immediately have a California accent?
  • Well, on the other hand, if the Ghost Riders take everyone, that gets them through the rift, too.
  • Wait, I thought Noah missed his wife’s death because that night he was with Malia’s dying family in the car?  Or am I confusing everyone by now?
  • Peter’s redemption.
  • Banshees are so creepy, even the Ghost Riders don’t want them in their train station.
  • So this is apparently the “Empire Strikes Back” moment for our gang.

Teen Wolf, S6E7: “Heartless”

“…Because you loved him.”
Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Theo’s sister, showing the “Once Upon A Time” folks what it really looks like to rip out a heart.
  • This part was never all that clear to me:  So Theo killed his sister so…the Dread Doctors could give him her heart?  So he could become a chimera?
  • It always kind of seemed like this was Theo doing it the hard way.
  • Theo’s not having a great Groundhog Day.
  • “It’s ok.  You don’t have to stop.”  OH OK, *rip*.
  • Malia not so much for forgiveness.
  • Scott letting the babby take the wheel.
  • Meanwhile, the sheriff is doing a little home renovation.
  • Claudia showing a lack of nonplussedness at finding a hidden room in her own house.
  • Ugh.  If I was Theo, I’d rather go back to getting my heart ripped out than watch Liam and Hayden PDA.
  • What was that with his sister, anyway?  Was it Theo hallucinating while Malia beat him up?
  • Look, if you’re going to analyze each idea to see if it’s bad, Stiles would never get anything done.
  • Given that Peter has gotten better from worse burns than this, and actually from death, I’m not sure why he should be all that concerned.
  • Fun fact:  Just because a medication works topically, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it works injected into the heart.
  • Glad Peter not only recovered all his skin and hair, but also his stylish stubble.
  • I get the feeling Mrs. Martin still doesn’t get the whole “being a hero” thing.
  • Really?  They never tried closing the doors to the cage before starting this whole debacle?
  • Given that the Ghost Rider kind of clearly has his mouth sewn shut, I’m not sure chatting is on the menu.
  • Poor Parrish is never privy to any of the plans, but always gets called in at the last minute to burn his shirt off.
  • I also still don’t get why Lenore didn’t just move to a different town?
  • Like, if everyone in my neighborhood disappeared, I’d either move, or take over everyone’s property by squatter’s rights and be a millionaire.
  • Evil or not, Peter is always the only guy in Beacon Hills who ever looks like he’s having fun.
  • I like how after awhile, anyone can talk to the Ghost Rider and understand him.  Like Parrish was just the catalyst.
  • Parrish must have to buy shirts by the dozen.
  • Man, don’t you hate it when the Ghost Riders hypnotize your Hellhound?
  • Maybe they should try grabbing him around his pelvis, since apparently that part never catches fire?
  • Mr. Douglas came by, presumably to start singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.”
  • I feel like Malia didn’t have her plan all that well worked out.
  • Here’s a thought:  Why doesn’t Theo remake the barrier as soon as Douglas goes through, thereby trapping both of them in there?
  • Parrish going off for some alone time?
  • Wow, the Ghost Riders have an enormous pineal gland.  No wonder Douglas was so anxious to munch on one.
  • Peter finds himself small fry for once.
  • Meanwhile, Corey’s all “wonder where everyone else went to?”
  • Mr. Douglas wanted to disappear an invisible guy with a magical whip for a long time?
  • That was a very specific longing.
  • Mason never gets a break.

Teen Wolf, S6E6: “Ghosted”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Man, worst Canaan Day block party ever.
  • I love the guy who is trying to skateboard away from the Ghost Riders.
  • I guess the reason no one gets in their car to drive away from the Ghost Riders is because cars are generally faster than horses and it would make for a pretty short story.
  • Good thing Canaan is like next door to Beacon Hills.
  • How do they think they’re going to do surgery on Argent without getting a consent?
  • Theo!  Well, hard to trust him by now.
  • Oh hey, hi creepy pineal gland eating guy.
  • You know, Liam, this dude might not, strictly speaking, be trustworthy.
  • “Go after him!”  That’s right Scott, tell the one person who has no supernatural speed and is wearing heels to go chase the kid down.
  • Guess what?  Virtually every medication Melissa probably gives in the hospital will also probably kill you if dosed incorrectly.
  • It’s probably the least amount of pressure she could be under.
  • I feel like maybe Argent could have given the recipe before he started passing out.
  • How is trapping a Ghost Rider going to help us?  It doesn’t seem like they are big talkers.
  • Liam, maybe you should consider having more than one idea.
  • This lady super loves living in Canaan.
  • It has been so long since Scott werewolfed, he forgot how?
  • Hope Caleb doesn’t wish us into the cornfield.
  • I’m not so sure we needed a date on the video to know that Caleb was different.
  • Oh, banshee convention in Canaan.
  • If I had a choice, I’d totally bring back Kira’s Mom over Kira too.
  • Hope Kira isn’t needing her sword wherever she is, because her Mom snagged it.
  • Maybe you should wait until Scott gets back and discuss this, Liam?
  • Tamlyn beating tracks out of there, once again showing superior survival skills to everyone else in Beacon Hills.
  • Finally SOMEONE was persuaded to put on the werewolf makeup again.
  • Banshee fight!
  • I feel as if watching the same scene over again would have been more effective if we didn’t already know what Ghost Riders looked like?
  • “You can kill whoever you want” seems like a bad promise to make to Theo.
  • “Where’s Scott?  Where’s Stiles?”  Theo frantically looking for anyone with a brain.
  • So the Ghost Hunters brought back her dead son?  Or did her banshee-ness bring him back?
  • Scott is beginning to think it was a bad idea to give Liam his housekey.
  • Well I think the difference between Lydia and Lenore is that Lydia could conceivably move to Los Angeles after everyone gets taken, instead of just staying in Beacon Hills like a crazy person.
  • Apparently Sheriff Stalinski hasn’t been told about Claudia’s affection for that piece of wallpaper.

Teen Wolf, S6E5: “Radio Silence”

“Stiles. Why did it have to be Stiles.”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Stiles!  In what appears to be the transit station I accidentally visited in Manhattan one time.
  • Ah Stiles–always the malcontent.
  • Peter!
  • Now Stiles is the crazy guy in the station that keeps trying to talk to people who are just waiting for their train.
  • Why is it that the guy in the flashback scenes in Eichen House doesn’t…err…look that much like Peter?
  • Eichen House to Train Station is kind of a lateral move for Peter.
  • I do love Ian Bohen, but this scene would be so awesome with Tyler Hoechlin.
  • What are these guys doing, carrying around $150 in cash?  On a good day, I have enough to pay for ramen.
  • If this dude knows so much about how to navigate train station limbo, why is he still here?
  • As they say in Japanese, “itai.”
  • Peter has spent his whole life vacillating between being helpful and being a total dick.
  • “Whose side are you on?”  Choose wisely, Scott.
  • We are going full throttle into Stydia country, folks.
  • I guess the alternative is that you just wait a bit and then everyone you know from Beacon Hills will wind up with you eventually.
  • I’m not totally sure I get what Peter was thinking during the lockdown flashbacks.  Was he thinking he was going to go back for Malia?  But how did he even know she was at Eichen House?
  • Being burnt to a crisp:  The Peter Hale Story.
  • So Malia remembers Peter, but not Stiles?
  • What, did they just leave Peter smoking out in the woods?
  • That’s amazing that the jeep turned over after all that time sitting there.
  • Like, that’s more than it usually did for Stiles.
  • Well like Peter said, it is kinda weird that the Ghost Riders just left a piece of equipment with which you could call your friends.

Teen Wolf, S6E4: “Relics”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Argent not looking like he’s all that excited about Melissa’s backup.
  • “Some kind of help is the kind of help that helping’s all about/Some kind of help is the kind of help we can all do without.”
  • Wow, Melissa, I’m not so sure she’s gonna be ok.
  • Well, good thing you brought those bandages.
  • Malia, still making friends and influencing people.
  • Scott not so sure Corey’s gonna be all that much help.
  • I’m sad that Mrs. Stilinski is probably totes evil when she makes the Sheriff so happy.
  • I feel like they have so many to protect at this point, they don’t need to worry about someone who doesn’t want protection.
  • “Mason, with Stiles and Lydia not here, you’ll be playing the part of the brains tonight.”
  • Mrs. Martin has made a lifestyle out of trusting exactly the wrong people.
  • I see Mrs. Martin is adopting the Scully “I’ve-seen-that-everything-abnormal-is-true-yet-I-will-continue-to-deny-it-because-the-writers-believe-this-is-how-smart-women-behave” methodology.
  • If she just said Claudia was her BFF from high school, I’m doubting her unbiased perspective.
  • Jayden is the weakest link.
  • Actually, most of Beacon Hills’ lacrosse games end in a free-for-all, TBH.
  • Parrish to the rescue!
  • Parrish is like “I trained so hard as a deputy, and everyone only cares about the Hellhound.”
  • Those are some pretty effective disappearing bullets.
  • It seems counter-intuitive that they keep letting everyone else get taken, and only seem to care about protecting the one person who actually wants to get taken.
  • HIPPA hates Melissa.
  • Man, one of the only Asian guys in Beacon Hills, and Nathan has to be a dick.
  • Parrish is all wishing they would have told him in advance not to wear his good uniform.
  • Oh, thank God he had flame-retardant shorts on.
  • Well Argent, maybe you should have shot him.
  • Kind of a defeat for the good guys tonight.
  • One good thing for Liam, I guess.
  • Hey, that is pretty friendly that Argent and Ms. McCall are getting.
  • The Next Gen that would have been.
  • ROSCO.

Teen Wolf, S6E3: “Sundowning”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Beacon Hills High must get their teachers from “Creepy Subs R Us.”
  • Whether Mr. Douglas is a chimera or has TB, it’s pretty equally inappropriate for a school teacher.
  • Finally a class that Kira might have done well in, and she’s already off the show.
  • His cough would be terrifying, but it’s basically me with my annual sinus problems.
  • That was one good facial peel the Dread Doctors gave him.
  • I never understood how anyone thought Malia belonged in high school, when she had clearly never had any education past when she was five or whenever she went off to be a coyote.
  • Apparently you can’t live in Beacon Hills without having father issues.
  • Lydia has the worst superpower ever.
  • Be as charming as you want Argent, showing up in a woman’s kitchen at the crack of dawn unannounced is not ok.
  • So far, Argent has probably smiled more this episode than all his other appearances put together.
  • Liam might not be ready for the big league yet.
  • I feel like Malia’s tactics would only work in a town where your BFF’s dad is sheriff.
  • This is a pretty long time for them to realize Elias is totally demented.
  • Another Asian dude!
  • Is there some reason why they couldn’t spread Mountain Ash around Nathan’s house instead of McCall’s house?
  • It’s not a season of Teen Wolf without a big dance party.
  • Dementia cured by the power of Math.
  • “No one doubts you.”  I’m not so sure you’re right on this one, Mason.
  • Wow, Elias was incredibly perceptive and also a complete jerk.
  • Oops.
  • Oh nice Corey.  Pretty sure you just doomed everyone at this party.
  • This is why we doubt you, Corey.
  • I feel like they have no chance of cleaning this place up before morning.
  • Parrish!  And with a shirt on for a change!
  • Like we actually thought bullets were going to do anything to this obviously not totally alive dude?
  • Actually, up close, the Ghost Rider’s skin makes him look a little like Groot.
  • Ugh.  The thought that his mom and dad would have been perfectly happy and alive without him will do wonders for Stiles’ self-esteem when he gets back.
  • Meanwhile, Liam has screwed up almost as far as it was possible for him to screw up.
  • Linden Ashby is doing a nice job with this scene.  It’s too bad he was never given more to do before.
  • Ok, as someone who has taken an anatomy lab, I’m going to say that I wished it was that easy to find and extract a pineal gland.