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Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Thirteen: “Codominance”

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Tamlyn is the poster mother for Tough Love.
    • I must say, these girls have pretty hair for all that dust and exertion.
    • Kira is not excited at the thought of staying in this dust bowl with the non-exfoliating team.
    • Kira seems way more anxious at the staying forever part than the part where she has a spear stuck straight through her chest.
    • Oh My Goood!  THE JEEP.
    • Aww. Liam is so sorry, Scott.
    • After all, it’s not like he’s even the first three of your friends that tried to kill you.
    • Stiles is now the expert at forgiveness. He is rewarded for this knowledge by the gift of his jeep’s life.
    • Oh Stiles. I had a leak like that last week that probably going to run me around a grand.
    • If this beast turns out to be Mason, I will be so mad.
    • I feel like this conversation is supposed to humanize Theo and scorpion girl for us, but since we saw them kill their sister and dad respectively, I am skeptical.
    • I find the Beast so amusingly cute, for some reason. It’s like the dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon.”
    • Liam is in the dictionary under “no chill at all.”
    • Well I don’t see blood stains on Scott’s chest, so that seems like an improvement.
    • Stiles, how well did you think it was going to work, taking your barely-running jeep out into no-man’s land?
    • Oh look, it’s Scott’s Teacher of the Year.
    • Mason = smooth.
    • Liam and Hayden are demonstrating why lab partners are never a good idea.
    • How does this teacher expect them to solve the mystery together without discussing it?
    • Tamlyn is demonstrating some classical Asian parenting right here.
    • Wow, even way out in the desert, gas is only 3.83.
    • Stiles finally came clean. See?  Scott will always understand, unless he’s in the middle of a total freak out.
    • This starry backdrop looks like something out of “Dark Shadows.”
    • Ok, Kira seems to be taking a little too long to figure this cause and effect out.
    • Theo is getting his clock cleaned pretty good here.
    • Tamlyn had to pause for one more display of badassery.
Screenshot (3)
Tamlyn is gonna cut herself a bitch.
  • The skinwalkers were powerful, but not as powerful as Stile’s jeep.
  • Stiles and Tamlyn are all “…so, things been ok with you?” “Yeah, pretty good…”

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Twelve: “Smoke and Mirrors.”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • If Kira can shoot electricity out her hands, I don’t know that she needs to be wandering around in the dark all the time.
  • Kate’s whole story doesn’t really jell that great.  She came to the temple where the Berserkers were all happy to see her because she was the Bone Woman?  What kind of qualifications did she fill for that?
  • Braeden’s not ok with Derek dying?  Honey, you are not alone.
  • The true horror is that apparently no one in Beacon Hills has seen Star Wars.
  • Peter is proof that if you act confidently enough, and look good enough in a v-neck, people will flock to you as a leader no matter how evil/crazy you are.
  • Oh hey, Derek gave the faux triskelion to Liam!  Because it worked so well for Kate, before.
  • Man, I wouldn’t be Mason for anything.
  • Yeah, Tamlyn Tomita’s back!
  • Ok, granted I’ve never been in that situation, but I’d think the gaping stab wound in her stomach would be painful enough to start the healing process without adding more pain on top.
  • Stiles is clearly the better Watcher here.  It’s a wonder Scott made it through, if this is all Derek had up his sleeves.
  • Also, why is Liam only killing Derek?  Did Stiles get enough abuse last season that he had an extra “not be killed” card for this one?
  • Here’s a thought:  If you roll up on an ancient evil temple that you already know is filled with evil-y things, maybe look out the window before you open the car door.
  • Well if that wasn’t the weirdest in-show commercial ever.
  • Sheriff Stalinski is the awesomest, as the only person to figure out that just repeating ineffectual measures isn’t that good a defense against the Berserkers.
  • Hey, another fight where everybody tries to slap fight a Berserker while somehow forgetting that they can turn into supernatural creatures.
  • I think this might have been more effective a scene if Scott had had his curse broken by his relationship to Stiles, rather than Liam.
  • Ok, what the what?
  • No seriously, what?!
  • What did wolf!Derek! do to Kate?  Lick her roughly?  She seemed all mauled, but there was no blood on Derek, so…
  • Also, hi nude!Derek! How did he get out into the bushes from where he was sitting around dying earlier?  Was getting stabbed to death with a bone knife part of the evolutionary process?  Was actual death part of the evolutionary process?
  • Kate is shocked, shocked that her bro shot her.  I am not so sure this should have been that much of a surprise.
  • I love Liam’s expression when Peter throws the table at him:  “HDY!”
  • Kate’s dialogue here is reminiscent of Mother Gothel in “Tangled:”  “Great.  Now I’m the bad guy!”
  • Well these Mexican hunters certainly turned out to be less totally crazy than they seemed in the first episode.
  • It is convenient that Tamlyn married a guy who is not only a history teacher, but who can also carve obsidian as a hobby.
  • Eichen House:  A franchise from the fine people who brought you Arkham Asylum.
  • Anyone else but me think it might be a mistake to double bunk two of your worst evils together?
  • Also LOL on how everyone thinks the creepiest thing in the world is looking at an eye.