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Once Upon A Time, S4E11: “Shattered Sight”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Why didn’t the Snow Queen age normally, like Emma and Pinocchio?
  • Regina thought she was being subtle?!
  • I can’t imagine Parilla did not mean that genuinely.
  • I love that she knew no one would ever want carrot sherbet.
  • OMG. Henry used the “Home Alone” gambit.
  • Oh wow. The Wonderland guy must have the best agent ever, to get himself written into each episode for no apparent reason.
  • Man, Snow Queen makes some bad decisions.
  • I don’t believe for a moment, that Regina wouldn’t just kill Snow with magic.
  • How did Snow Queen learn all this other magic when Elsa never even learned freezing magic?
  • Ok, even if Snow Queen didn’t age after she got to Storybrooke, there’s still fifteen years of aging she weathered pretty well.
  • This seems like a pretty quick change of heart.
  • How do we think we’re gonna get back to Arendelle again?
  • The citizens of Storybrooke are the least effective fighters in the history of fighters. No wonder they roll over and give up to any magical person who comes by.
  • Wow, I always think it’s hysterical when someone’s tried to kill me.

Once Upon A Time, S4E3: “Rocky Road”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I feel like Storybrooke isn’t so big, that no one would notice an enormous ice wall completely encircling it.
  • Going to assume Grumpy is a little more distempered than usual, since his truck was totaled last week.
  • I’m going to guess Henry maybe doesn’t recognize the antagonistic relationship between mongoose and cobra?
  • Oh for Pete’s Sake.  Hasn’t any of them been watching their own show?  Go get the kid.
  • You know, for supposedly “good guys,” the population of Storybrooke is pretty quick to form lynch mobs.
  • Dr. Hopper is back!  Although maybe he would be better served by trying to keep the mob from killing Elsa, than giving Snow therapy.
  • Oh, this is when we’re all punished for not keeping “Wonderland” on the air.
  • So apparently Regina traded off with Gold as the one who got the “character reset” button pushed this season.
  • Well, I’m glad Elsa didn’t prove to be a total dupe to this woman, but to be fair, “I’m going to commit monstrous acts so they will think it was you and then you’ll see that they treat you like a monster,” doesn’t really sound like a compelling argument.
  • Kristoff and Hook are the smartest guys in the room.
  • Throw the ring in, Mr. Frodo!
  • Line of the episode:  “No one thought to check and see if the urn was empty?”
  • Oh Hans, if only you weren’t such a loser.
  • Elsa doesn’t seem to think it’s odd that the Snow Queen wasn’t a bit distraught at her sister being dead?
  • I’m not sure how the True Love thing works–does it matter if he doesn’t love her? Or does it only have to be if she loves him?
  • I actually think it would be hilarious if they ended every Frozen episode with the line “the cold never bothered me anyway.”

Once Upon A Time, S4E2: “White Out”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Nice Fabio hair.
  • Poor dement-y Elsa.
  • Man, the populace of Storybrooke have to be some of the most dependent-minded…things…ever. Did it ever occur to them to go fix the power outage on their own?
  • How does Hook have a better grasp on electricity than the two people who have spent their last 30 years in our world?
  • This would be more impressive if we didn’t suspect that either Hook or Emma could beat up Charming.
  • I feel like Sword Fighting Anna would have been a nice addition to “Frozen.”
  • Oh wait, Hook can diagnose downed power lines, but he has to refer to a walkie-talkies as “the device?”
  • Ok, actually, she almost died because she couldn’t pick up interpersonal cues that tell you when people legitimately want to be left alone.
  • Poor crazy, semi-villainous Elsa.
  • You know, I have more respect for Snow in this scene than ever before.
  • Wow, people have great memories in Storybrooke.
  • Why in God’s Name would he give her back the staff?
  • Well, strictly speaking, she wouldn’t be in the ice cave alone, she’d have Emma’s corpse to keep her company.
  • Charming’s Mom is really a catalyst for badness.
  • Creamistry comes to Storybrooke.