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Teen Wolf, S6E10: “Riders on the Storm”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Stiles!  O’Brien must have gotten a day off from Maze Runner.
  • Sheriff and Stiles!  Aw!
  • How does Sheriff think he’s going to hold all the Ghost Riders back when the whole town combined couldn’t do boo?
  • Everything always comes back to Roscoe.
  • Stiles is wandering the town all “there were more people back in the train station.”
  • The town is turning into another train station?  I guess this explains why they never run out of room in the station.
  • Stiles and a bat.  All you really need.
  • How is it that everyone taken shows up in a coma except the regular cast members?
  • A Nazi swooping in and using his creepy army to take over everything.  Wouldn’t that be horrible if it were true.
  • So much faster typing “Nazi” than “Alt-Right.”
  • “Wanna split up?”  “Never again.”  ALL THE SOBBING.
  • How come Peter woke up on his own last time?  Does he have a stronger connection to Stiles?
  • All that angst last episode and all you needed to get through was a horse?
  • How did Liam get through the barrier without getting fried?
  • I don’t know why Malia got in the way anyway, when she knew they weren’t going to take Lydia.
  • I’m also not even sure why they’re so agitated about being taken anymore, given that “taken” now means you get sent to another room of the school.
  • Ew, that is not a good look for Corey.
  • Stydia smooch!  Also the playback on the episode has a parsing error that keeps freezing on the smooch.
  • Gunfight at the Beacon Hills Station.
  • McCall/Argent smooch!  And not Alison and Scott!
  • I guess it’s just as well Alison isn’t around, because it would have been weird for them to be step-siblings and sleeping together.
  • Well Mason is experienced on ripping Dread Doctor cords out of people.
  • Wow, how many months has it been since Posey put on the wolf makeup?
  • I guess if you’re the producer, you get to save your time in the makeup chair for the winter finale.
  • “I’m not in the pack…but no one likes a Nazi.”
  • This is why we love Peter.
  • Oh what, now, all of a sudden, the Ghost Riders couldn’t hit the side of a barn door with those guns.
  • Hm.  Ghost Riders be all “time to go.”
  • Man, if no one likes a Nazi, no one really likes a Nazi Ghost Rider.
  • Have to say, I don’t know why the Ghost Riders were doing anything Mr. Douglas said to begin with, and I don’t know why they randomly stopped.
  • Melissa is certainly getting some mileage out of that Nine Herbs thing.
  • For some reason I thought Stiles and Scott had coordinated going to the same college together?
  • Well, ok.  I don’t know what they’re going to do for the last ten episodes if all the main cast leaves for college.
  • I feel like this story had promise, but became a little cluttered with the addition of Nazi Douglas.
  • As with last year, the appearance of a more readily-accessible villain like Theo or Douglas means that we never really get what the deal was with the Dread Doctors or the Ghost Riders, who just become kind of an unfortunate Force of Nature.
  • While it does seem as though they did the best they could with the Dylan O’Brien scarcity, I also think this season suffered from the Scott/Stiles deficit.  The new folk just don’t have the history yet that would make me care about them as much as the originals.
  • I guess that’s why they brought in the parents for such expanded roles.  Linden Ashby did a great job.
  • Last ten coming down the pike.  I guess we probably shouldn’t expect much more of Stiles at this point but I do think it would be nice if they brought back Derek since he was such a huge part for so long.
  • Also Deucalion, because Gideon Emery.
  • I like how they recently announced Scott’s Dad was going to be back, like everyone was clamoring for that, instead of going “who?”

Teen Wolf, S6E8: “blitzkrieg”

...And then there were five. And Theo.
…And then there were five. And Theo.
Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Man, Nazis!  In America!  Who would have thought?
  • Well, on the one hand, Mr. Douglas is a Nazi, and on the other hand, he just minused the number of Nazis in the room by one, so kind of a wash.
  • Poor Noah Stilinski, still wondering why he never noticed all those boarded up windows on that one side of his house before.
  • Ok, I don’t know anything about string theory except in cinema shorthand it usually means someone’s headed to CrazyTown, but I feel like even the crazys have some rationale for where they put the pins and the strings.
  • Peter, always a Helper.
  • Now if Malia is disappointed in her Dad by this time, she has only her own ill-founded expectations to blame.
  • Maybe Melissa could have gone for the gun at that point?
  • Theo!  I trust him.
  • Liam, this is maybe not a decision you should make unilaterally.
  • Plus, it’s not even your sword.
  • You have to admit, the Nazis had a wide range of interests.
  • Grenadier Able is beginning to realize that he may have backed the wrong horse.
  • How did they even get Parrish?  Last we saw, he went for a walk in the woods.
  • What if someone grabbed the Ghost Rider’s gun and whip?  Then he couldn’t take anyone, although I guess he could still mop the floor with them.
  • What if they shot him with his own gun?  Then some poor shlep has to sit on the same bench with a Ghost Rider for all eternity in the train station.
  • Hayden couldn’t just untangle herself from the whips while Liam was holding them?
  • Poor Noah.  Never catching a break.
  • Nazis are pretty black and white.
  • Here’s a question:  If Douglas has been in a tank since the 1940s, how did he get out and immediately have a California accent?
  • Well, on the other hand, if the Ghost Riders take everyone, that gets them through the rift, too.
  • Wait, I thought Noah missed his wife’s death because that night he was with Malia’s dying family in the car?  Or am I confusing everyone by now?
  • Peter’s redemption.
  • Banshees are so creepy, even the Ghost Riders don’t want them in their train station.
  • So this is apparently the “Empire Strikes Back” moment for our gang.

Teen Wolf, S6E5: “Radio Silence”

“Stiles. Why did it have to be Stiles.”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Stiles!  In what appears to be the transit station I accidentally visited in Manhattan one time.
  • Ah Stiles–always the malcontent.
  • Peter!
  • Now Stiles is the crazy guy in the station that keeps trying to talk to people who are just waiting for their train.
  • Why is it that the guy in the flashback scenes in Eichen House doesn’t…err…look that much like Peter?
  • Eichen House to Train Station is kind of a lateral move for Peter.
  • I do love Ian Bohen, but this scene would be so awesome with Tyler Hoechlin.
  • What are these guys doing, carrying around $150 in cash?  On a good day, I have enough to pay for ramen.
  • If this dude knows so much about how to navigate train station limbo, why is he still here?
  • As they say in Japanese, “itai.”
  • Peter has spent his whole life vacillating between being helpful and being a total dick.
  • “Whose side are you on?”  Choose wisely, Scott.
  • We are going full throttle into Stydia country, folks.
  • I guess the alternative is that you just wait a bit and then everyone you know from Beacon Hills will wind up with you eventually.
  • I’m not totally sure I get what Peter was thinking during the lockdown flashbacks.  Was he thinking he was going to go back for Malia?  But how did he even know she was at Eichen House?
  • Being burnt to a crisp:  The Peter Hale Story.
  • So Malia remembers Peter, but not Stiles?
  • What, did they just leave Peter smoking out in the woods?
  • That’s amazing that the jeep turned over after all that time sitting there.
  • Like, that’s more than it usually did for Stiles.
  • Well like Peter said, it is kinda weird that the Ghost Riders just left a piece of equipment with which you could call your friends.

Teen Wolf, S6E1: “Memory Lost”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, I was out of town when the season started, so running a little behind.  Still mopping up tears from this being the last season.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how they work in O’Brien’s absences for “Maze Runner” and his injury, although it kind of sounds like he disappears right after the beginning for who knows how long.
  • If there’s one thing you can depend on in “Teen Wolf,”, it’s that everyone but Mason has a crappy car.
  • Northern lights?  For some reason I thought Beacon Hills was in SoCal.
  • I feel like Hayden has been around Beacon Hills long enough to know strangers are always bad news.


  • That’s a pretty big assumption to make, Scott, considering it was probably a couple months ago you saved everyone in town from getting killed by chimeras and the Beast.
  • Wow, Sheriff Stalinski really has embraced the whole supernatural methodology.  Wasn’t it a thing that the nails-into-the-neck thing could give you brain damage or something?
  • Yeah, it seems like if you’re in a car, you shouldn’t worry so much about outrunning a guy on a horse.
  • Last title sequence! So sad.
  • Oh, the parents got front billing!  Yay!
  • Kinda unfortunate that no one seems able to hang onto both parents tho, if you think about it.
  • I guess everyone’s pretty used to seeing Malia naked?
  • I think I’ve seen bullet holes in windshields before, and they didn’t look like a cannon ball went through them.

  • Poor disbelieved Stiles.
  • While I love me some Stiles, I’m never a fan of these segments where he’s so goofy, he looks like a complete idiot.
  • It’s like it’s been so long since Stiles got to be Fun!Stiles! They occasionally forget how to do him.
  • Liam a little busy for Scooby activities.
  • New Physics teacher!  I trust him.
  • Man, Lydia always gets beat up.
  • Fell right on the hole in her skull, even.
  • How did they come across this house, from the car with the magic bullet again?
  • The captions aren’t working on this episode, which is killing me.
  • Oh it’s the kid’s house…where he was apparently living on his own with ghosts?
  • Ask not for whom the ghost cowboy comes Stiles–he comes for thee.


  • Ok, if all the compasses were doing it, why did you have to steal the teacher’s?
  • Liam, I’m not sure popular vote is how one becomes the alpha.
  • Poor helium thief guy. We hardly knew ye.
  • Man, that scene with his dad was a heartbreaker.
  • Oh Stiles.


Teen Wolf Season Finale, S5E20: “Apotheosis”

I see London, I see France…

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • See, I feel like I missed something here. When did we figure out the pike was the cane? How did Gerard get his mitts on it?
Screenshot (62)
I’m hammering out danger. I’m hammering out a warning.
  • Deaton is all “no Stiles. Being a vet doesn’t make me an expert on fetal cannibalism.”
  • Theo, this might not be a good time for this, given as how you’re exsanguinating.
  • Now, I’m not sure how Theo’s killing her here, because every other time we’ve seen this, someone’s jabbed their hand straight into the abdomen, which seems kind of effective.
  • Here, he’s just kind of…hugging her to death? Even though she’s clearly spiking him with paralytic toxin?
  • Well we’d feel worse about this, but Tracy was kind of a jerk anyway.
  • Deucalion is always thinking “amateur.”
How to Succeed in Werewolfing Without Really Trying
  • Sebastien picked up all Mason’s knowledge like a planarian.
  • Wow. Who would have thought that a still-alive evil force             would be a problem when it woke up? Besides everyone?
Screenshot (64)
The next American Idol.
  • Ok, I don’t even know how Sebastien could tell this was Marcel.  It looked like raw meat in a trench coat.
  • What was Marcel’s deal anyway? Sebastien didn’t seem all that into him.
  • Sometimes you should just Let It Go.
  • I feel like Malia wouldn’t just be cowering upstairs while Braeden plays Battleship with the Desert Wolf all by herself.
  • This whole “life is energy and can’t just be gone” theory seems a little less plausible when you consider…death?
  • Poor Lydia. She is getting all the crap this season.
  • Isn’t a nine millimeter pretty small? I might go with the musket.
Screenshot (65)
Sheriff, debating how much damage his pachinko-ball gun will do.
  • Clark, this is a bad time to get insubordinate.
  • RIP Mrs. McCall’s house.
  • We always hear of how good Talia Hale was. We also know how anybody (except Scott) becomes an alpha wolf, tho…
  • Theo, how are you ever going to get a pack when you keep trying to kill everyone even on speaking terms with you?
Screenshot (66)
Theo is beginning to look less trustworthy
  • Lydia has pretty much run through her medical deductible by now.
  • Argent, lowering the boom down on Emo!Parrish!
  • Ugh. We get to listen to Kira’s rambling voice mail twice.
  • Yeah, I’m not so sure this is exactly how cortisone works.
  • Plan A was Chipotle?
  • Man, no one’s healing powers are working worth a damn lately.
  • By this time, you’d think everyone would be wearing rubber soled shoes.
  • Stiles, son. What would make you think you should even say boo to the Desert Wolf?
  • Sebastien is having a hard time taking any werewolf in a hoodie seriously.
Screenshot (68)
Sebastien not a fan of today’s “Abercrombie & Fitch” werewolves.
  • He is not impressed with Theo’s power-taking abilities.
  • I KNEW we could trust Deucalion!
Screenshot (70)
  • Ouch. Deucalion practices tough love.
  • Gerard, you rat-bastard!
  • Argent continues to not be anybody’s fool.
  • Word of advice: Don’t accept an invitation to the Argent’s family dinner.
Screenshot (71)
Shortly before they started singing “Cat’s Cradle.”
  • Again, I don’t feel like Malia would make such a poor showing here. She was pretty determined to kill her Mom before, and yet in this whole standoff, I’m not sure she gets one punch in.
  • Ouch. Clawed her right in the ovaries.
  • Unless that shard is way off in his shoulder, Stiles should probably be concerned about a punctured lung, I’m thinking.
  • Liam once again looks like he stopped off at the barber shop while he was prowling around the sewers.
  • How does that possibly belong to you, Sebastien? Your sister made it with her own blood. You just…leaned on it a little, once.
Screenshot (73)
Look, he just wants the pike his sister impaled him on so he can eat everyone with impunity. Is that so wrong?
  • Dude can wipe up the place with Scott and Liam, just from drinking out of a puddle.
  • God Damn it Corey, you are totally useless.
  • OH. SNAP. Theo just had the worst International Woman’s Day ever.
  • Glad it worked out a little better for Liam than it did for Derek.
  • Well TBH, Sheriff, Stiles probably had less to do in this story than in any other season.
  • The Skinwalkers are all “uhm…could you hurry this up a bit?”
  • Well I think it was nice to include Alison in this end montage, but it does kind of accentuate the notion that Kira is Scott’s Knives Chau and not Ramona Flowers.
  • Although this season has maybe some more inexplicable plot elements than a lot of the earlier years, I thought it was pretty good.
  • I like the atmosphere of Eichen House, although it’s hard to know by now why anyone would go there ever, when there is everything but bats hanging from the windows.
  • I think Parrish turned out to be a little of a red herring this season, since there really wasn’t some big cataclysmic battle between the Hellhound and the Beast.
  • Actually, most of the fights between them, the Beast came out looking kind of bored.
  • Kira was really the weakest link this season, and it’s probably a good idea that she goes away and gets some core competencies under her belt before she tries to be a part of the Scooby gang again.
  • Not a huge fan of Hayden as of yet, but she’s definitely improved from her start.  I guess we’ll see if she holds onto her undead-dark side.
  • Poor Theo.  Even though he was such a cool bad guy, if you think about it, virtually none of his schemes ever worked at all.
  • In large part, no doubt, due to Deucalion.  I refuse to believe a bullet could do more than slow him down, so I imagine we’ll be seeing him again someday.
  • Pretty meager storyline for Stiles overall, although maybe Dylan was busy with Scorch Trials, and they had to write around him.
  • Well, until next season, Teen Wolf.  Now back to pick up those earlier seasons I missed…

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode 17: “A Credible Threat”

Screenshot (34)-001
Reason #32 on Why Taking The Bus Sucks.

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Sleepover at Parrish’s!
    • Argent is always the guy you call when you’re looking for someone totally ok with shooting you.
    • Parrish is moving too fast? Or you’re moving at the speed of Scott’s SAT prep, Argent?
    • Why were all these kids on the bus in the middle of the night?
    • Where does everyone get their mountain ash? It’s like WalMart sells jars of it.
    • Oh hrm.
    • Well I guess it was all above-board if she left her knee socks on.
    • Invisible Guy is ready to get the Hell out of Dodge.
    • Good thing Invisible Guy didn’t get any scars on the moneymaker.
    • Lydia, Beacon Hills has never ever had a regular lacrosse game.
    • Parrish, this is maybe one of the few instances where the library is not that much help to you.
    • COACH.
Screenshot (35)
A person locked away from the murderous supernatural in Beacon Hills is a happy person.
      • This is how people survive in Beacon Hills.
      • Oh WTH Argent. Why are you going to stick poor Parrish in a transmogrifier?
      • I dunno guys. The Beast doesn’t look a whole lot like a werewolf. I think that’s why we’re not calling it “The Werewolf.”
      • Parrish still hasn’t learned not to ask for rational explanations of the irrational.
      • Can’t anyone give poor Parrish a washcloth or something at least, before they lock him in the fridge?
      • Ugh, Kira. So awk.
      • Admit it. You never thought Coach would forfeit the game either.
      • They would have had a better chance taking the replacement coach over to the Argents’ and have him/her watch Parrish freeze in the basement.
      • What makes us think a normal person wouldn’t see blood on their shoes and clean it off? 
      • …What?
      • Nooo, Parrish!
      • Dammit Kira.
      • Of course, if Kira had any control over her powers, she would have been a good person to put on electrical short-out duty, but no.
      • I’m not so sure Kira should totally be dissing this girl’s accent.
      • I feel like maybe this wasn’t the right tact for this girl to take, if she was trying to make Kira less aggressive.
      • Stiles must be the only non-supernatural lacrosse player in Beacon Hills.
      • I’m guessing Desert Wolf isn’t really into charity games.
      • Oh man, they just put Stiles in a Xander shot.
Screenshot (39)
Come on, Stiles hasn’t been this derpy for ages.
    • Liam, I feel this is an ill-considered move.
Screenshot (38)
Don’t leave me hangin’, bro!
  • “What is that?”   Kira, have you even been paying attention in the pack meetings?

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode 16: “Lie Ability”

Screenshot (29)
Why fight matches usually have weight divisions.

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • If the best encouragement Theo could give me to attack someone was “you’ll heal,” I might start thinking he didn’t have my best interests at heart.
    • Parrish seems like he’s going pretty easy on people trying to poison and electrocute him.
    • What in God’s Name did the guy whose superpower is changing colors think he was going to do against a Hellhound?
    • So you kind of tapped the guy trying to electrocute you against the wall, but fried the guy who was holding your wrist?  Harsh, Parrish.
    • Man, Mason may need a new date for the prom.
    • Theo, if you want to recruit people for your pack, maybe perforating them with a steel bar isn’t the best opener.
    • Err…what?
    • Man, her hair is pretty curly still, for all that writhing around.
Screenshot (30)
I trust him.
    • Deucalion, giving out fatherly advice. He’s such a giver.
    • Scott isn’t the best spy.
    • Huh, I totally thought Meredith was dead by now.
    • Scorpion girl is pretty psycho.
    • You would think Kira would have read up on electricity after she discovered she was electricity.
    • All this whining and self-doubt isn’t really getting the job done, Kira.
    • It’s a measure of how messed up Teen Wolf usually is, that it never occurred to me how weird this scene where they just casually stroll through the room of cringing naked guys was until way afterwards.
Screenshot (31)
In Beacon Hills, we call this “Tuesday.”
    • Maybe Meredith was just trying to say your skin was soft, Scott.  No need to immediately start thinking everyone wants to get stabbed in the back of the neck.
    • Liam seems to be sweating it a little here.
Screenshot (32)
It’s ok Liam. Just use all that energy you had when you TRIED TO KILL SCOTT.
    • Parrish seems like he’s probably a little occupied right now, with the impalement and all.
    • Poor paralyzed Deucalion.  I trust him.
    • Theo, you have a better chance at Brother of the Year award than of ever getting Stiles to trust you.
    • Killing your sister =/= believing in Santa on the naïveté scale.
    • Valach could have at least put on Sinatra or something.
    • Poor Parrish is constantly waking up completely confused and horrified. And probably chilly.
    • Malia and Electroguy having the worst trust exercise ever.
    • Stiles and Theo are the Mulder/Krycek equivalent.
    • Theo:  King of the Unconvincing Rationalization
    • Lydia would probably be more sympathetic to Valach’s sad history if he hadn’t just drilled a hole into her head.
    • Lydia is horrified at having to wear that ugly hat.
    • Posey makes the worst face here. Like he’s had experience lighting aerosol cans before and none of it was good.
    • Mason is my spirit animal.
    • Oh wow, that is why I don’t like loud noises.
Screenshot (33)
  • Dylan, keeping in shape for Maze Runner 3.
  • Theo is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
  • Mason is all of us.
  • So unpleasant, Hayden.  Don’t you be mean to Mason.
  • Parrish burnt through the Mountain Ash?
  • Isn’t the point of ash, it’s what doesn’t get burnt up?
  • Wow, Parrish totally did the Charles Atlas “go away little man” maneuver on Stiles.
  • Holy…
  • Well to be fair, Mrs. Martin, you did put her into that Hellhole.
  • This is really taking a toll on that poor jeep.
  • Scott’s all “worst backseat passengers ever.”
  • Deaton, man, you knew they were coming–why for did you not have that stuff drawn up already?
  • Deaton, man, you know how to check if something’s alive or dead. Why for are you making Stiles go through this?
  • Well to be fair, the other guys did help a little.
  • But maybe Lydia’s Mom will get off Stiles’ back now.
  • Coach!  Coach is coming back!

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Thirteen: “Codominance”

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Tamlyn is the poster mother for Tough Love.
    • I must say, these girls have pretty hair for all that dust and exertion.
    • Kira is not excited at the thought of staying in this dust bowl with the non-exfoliating team.
    • Kira seems way more anxious at the staying forever part than the part where she has a spear stuck straight through her chest.
    • Oh My Goood!  THE JEEP.
    • Aww. Liam is so sorry, Scott.
    • After all, it’s not like he’s even the first three of your friends that tried to kill you.
    • Stiles is now the expert at forgiveness. He is rewarded for this knowledge by the gift of his jeep’s life.
    • Oh Stiles. I had a leak like that last week that probably going to run me around a grand.
    • If this beast turns out to be Mason, I will be so mad.
    • I feel like this conversation is supposed to humanize Theo and scorpion girl for us, but since we saw them kill their sister and dad respectively, I am skeptical.
    • I find the Beast so amusingly cute, for some reason. It’s like the dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon.”
    • Liam is in the dictionary under “no chill at all.”
    • Well I don’t see blood stains on Scott’s chest, so that seems like an improvement.
    • Stiles, how well did you think it was going to work, taking your barely-running jeep out into no-man’s land?
    • Oh look, it’s Scott’s Teacher of the Year.
    • Mason = smooth.
    • Liam and Hayden are demonstrating why lab partners are never a good idea.
    • How does this teacher expect them to solve the mystery together without discussing it?
    • Tamlyn is demonstrating some classical Asian parenting right here.
    • Wow, even way out in the desert, gas is only 3.83.
    • Stiles finally came clean. See?  Scott will always understand, unless he’s in the middle of a total freak out.
    • This starry backdrop looks like something out of “Dark Shadows.”
    • Ok, Kira seems to be taking a little too long to figure this cause and effect out.
    • Theo is getting his clock cleaned pretty good here.
    • Tamlyn had to pause for one more display of badassery.
Screenshot (3)
Tamlyn is gonna cut herself a bitch.
  • The skinwalkers were powerful, but not as powerful as Stile’s jeep.
  • Stiles and Tamlyn are all “…so, things been ok with you?” “Yeah, pretty good…”

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Twelve: “Damnatio Memoriae”

Screenshot (1)

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I wouldn’t be a Beacon Hills deputy for all the tea in China.
  • Ugh. I am totally watching poor Hayden’s sister walking around this murder building with my eyes partly closed so I don’t have to see her getting eaten.
  • Lol. I can’t tell whether that thing looks more like the police officer that was after Stitch, or the dog-demon thing in Ghostbusters.
  • I think she’s already running, ma’am.
  • Liam, I’m not sure Hayden’s all that into you.
  • Chimera girl has some unresolved Dad issues.
  • “You know what it is, don’t you?” Maybe you, Parrish?
  • Also, what the Hell happened to Parrish, after he melted out the gate at Eichen House?  He never seems that fazed about his alternate personality jaunts.
  • You’d think he’d at least start running out of shirts.
  • Although I guess you’d think they’d all start running out of shirts by now.
  • Glad Scott figured out what every teenage girl figures out eventually, and wore a red shirt.
  • Scott is not so much with the string theory.
  • Argent may not actually understand what a safe is for.
  • Good Lord, Stiles. Why would you go down into the basement?
  • Why is the whole hospital empty, if this isn’t a dream?
  • Well a) I do feel Stiles is smart enough to have appreciated this distinction a long time ago, and b) Sheriff Stalinski might be on morally grey ground here.
  • Although, let’s face it:  Who among us would not shred evidence for Stiles?
  • Aw. Stiles metaphorically had his eyes turned, like Derek.
  • Oh Derek. Where art thou?
  • Theo is kind of running a hedonistic pack.
  • Man, for a minute, I thought Scott was hearing heartbeats in Malia. Like she was having twins.
  • Deaton! I had totally forgotten what had happened to him.
  • Mason is the best.
  • Lydia’s situation doesn’t seem to have improved.
  • Oh ugh. It’s the bathtub where Lydia got traumatized by her grandma’s trepanning.
  • Oh we are going all Crimson Peak up in here.
  • Fun fact:  You grab someone’s arm and tell them “this isn’t a threat,” it’s pretty much a threat.
  • Scott is not a whiz at bandaging.
  • No touchee, Theo.
  • Oh hey, this is sounding more and more threat-y.
  • Mason is Liam’s Stiles.
  • Not to be too picky Lydia, since she seems like the only one who’s helping you, but wasn’t curly haired girl evil before?
  • I’m not so sure this little test would convince me that Theo and I were on the same side.
  • Liam, King of the Screwed Up.
  • I would maybe not totally trust undead evil Hayden.
  • OMG. How is Gerard STILL alive?
  • Wow.
  • Does…this facility not serve salads?
  • Some discreet product placement.
  • Pretty elaborately done hair, for girls who were buried in the ground.

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Eleven: “The Last Chimera”

Photo from MTV Press.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ugh. I’m not sure trepanning is standard of care.
  • Oh, well at least Lydia didn’t get Kali Ma’d like Theo’s sister.
  • Wasn’t this the guy who had an eye in his forehead?
  • I can’t believe this awful creepy orderly is the only guy who never gets killed.
  • How does this girl not know the Sheriff when Stalinsky is in the ER like every week?
  • Scott’s looking a little peaked.
  • That’s not doing it good, Scott.
  • “Someone’s dying.”  It was almost you, Parrish.
  • Oh good thing he spun out right across the street from the Forest.
  • You know, Parrish, most people would pack a flashlight before flares.
  • Scott’s having one of those “heavy flow” days.
  • I feel like maybe everyone got so enamored of Dark!Angsty! Stiles, we’ve forgotten how funny he can be. Can we get happy funny Stiles back someday?
  • Well Stiles, how do you like getting the brunt of someone’s misdirected rage?
  • It has never, in the history of ever, been a good idea to check anyone into Eichen House.
  • It’s nice that everyone in town happens to be related to someone working at the hospital.
  • Liam’s Dad is all “why can’t my kid be like Mason.”
  • I wish I could walk into a library and have the book I need be the first one I randomly lift off the shelf.
  • Again, if only we had paid more attention to Danny’s school project on Telluric currents a couple years ago…
  • Mason is too good for this world.
  • Way to not sound like a total psycho, Parrish.
  • It’s been so long, I don’t remember why Malia knows what this kid looks like. I assume she fought him while everyone was out having individual issues.
  • Liam stopped off at the Zac Efron salon on the way to the Nemeton.
  • It’s always night at the Nemeton.
  • If Stiles doesn’t have a subdural by this time, it’ll be a miracle.
  • Argent’s entry would be a little more badass if it looked like he was even denting these guys a little bit.
  • Well I guess Scott was ok with giving away that whole “Theo doesn’t know I’m alive” advantage.
  • I’m actually with Theo on his assessment of Eichen House. Giving it a “would not recommend” on Yelp.