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Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Ten: “Status Asthmaticus”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Not the jeep, Stiles!  The jeep is probably the only blameless thing in this whole town.
  • Wow, these paste-on commercials for whatever this girl sticking her tongue out is for, are really annoying.  They could at least try to avoid sticking one straight over Hayden’s face.
  • Not looking like this is going to be a great night for Liam.
  • This is a really strange first date for Lydia and Parrish.
  • If Parrish is a Hellhound, I feel like we would have at some point seen him as…well, a hound?
  • You know, if we knew that Parrish goes all garbage man when he falls asleep, maybe someone could have gone and got the poor guy a Red Bull or 6-Hour Energy Drink or something?
  • Oh Theo.  So pretty.  So awful.
  • You know, by this time, so many people have become chimeras, I have no idea whether I’m supposed to recognize blood-slurping-guy or not.
  • Braeden’s back!  Ok, if Derek comes back, all the trauma of this season is forgiven.
  • Theo wants Void!Stiles?  Is that even still a thing?
  • Is there some Nogitsune left in Stiles?  If there isn’t, what use is he to the pack?
  • You know, Liam might not be the best Beta.
  • Why doesn’t Scott just leave from wherever Liam got in through the Mountain Ash?
  • Mason gets the absolute worst jobs.
  • I feel like Mrs. McCall should probably go ahead and go to medical school if she’s going to have this level of medical expertise.
  • …Because you’re EEEVIIILLL, Theo.  Also, pretty.
  • Those are some not very convincing chest compressions, but I guess at least the thump got results.
  • Scott and Mrs. McCall are the best.
  • Be your anchor and bring us hope, Scott.