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One Upon A Time, S4E5: “Breaking Glass”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Ok, lets see if Regina’s still mad.
  • Yep, still mad.
  • Man, Sidney is the epitome of the “raw deal.”
  • Actually, Will Scarlet doesn’t have it all that much better.
  • Ha! Josh Dallas talked about going to Asgard!
  • The Sisterhood of Magical Pants.
  • Time to see what she can do/to test the limits and break through.
  • Wait, how did Charming head off in the exact direction that Scarlet was sitting there out in the open loudly digging, and not notice him?
  • Well, it’s not like Regina doesn’t have a smidge of a point there.
  • Elsa. So much power, so few powers of deduction.
  • Are you sure you wanna build a snowman?
  • I have no idea what Scarlet’s point in this show is. So far, he’s basically just a punctuation to conversations the characters are having with themselves.
  • Regina. Still not used to the idea of not being the queen.
  • Emma’s a lot bigger on forgiveness than she used to be.
  • Sidney’s a champ on betting on the wrong horse.
  • I am not entirely certain I believe that Regina doesn’t want to kill her.
  • That is a big close-up. You do not want a zit on the day you shoot that.