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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 111: “Send in the Clones”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Zachary is embracing his destiny in a pretty unquestioning manner.
  • Since they know what Tommy’s power is, it seems like they should figure out a good guess as to who took HRG.
  • Quentin, I don’t think your sister is alright.
  • If Tommy had the comic that showed exactly what happened, why is everything such a surprise?
  • Erica being this close to poor Otomo-San is torture by itself to most Japanese people.
  • Are you really going to take orders from LA Batman?  When he’s the most fail of everyone here?
  • Oh, LA Batman found his outfit.
  • Well see, Parkman is still the same lovable screw up.  Just with a homicidal bent.
  • I always wonder what people are thinking will happen, when they don’t hurry up and incapacitate Parkman.
  • Aw. Miko hearted Ren.
  • I wonder why Miko is dying now. Is she too far from the mainframe?  Or do the constructs only last a short time?
  • Bad Parkman, but not a big fan of the clones, either.
  • This is a lot for Jose to take in.
  • Why would clone guy and Phoebe just sit there and let Malina and Zachary run away?
  • “You can’t block a glock.”
  • If that wasn’t an ad lib, it should have been.
  • Convenient that Erica took him right back to where he was headed in the first place.
  • Poor twitchy Micah.
  • Malina isn’t the most strategically minded person.
  • You’d think Angela would have taught her a little deception while she was raising her.
  • Finally Zachary gets some redemption.
  • Quentin, you goober.
  • I would have threatened to shoot Phoebe, but I guess it worked out ok.
  • Weird, that Tommy’s girlfriend doesn’t seem too concerned about her non-evacuated family.
  • I think Tommy’s mother may have severely misjudged this situation.
  • This is one situation where Zach’s crazy wife would have come in handy.
  • The Father is more effective than LA Batman.
  • Ok, if you had done that from the beginning, maybe you’d still have a Father.
  • I wonder why the prime clone guy would do this, versus letting his clones take her?
  • I guess in a pinch, he could just cut off his hand or something, and make another.
  • Go Miko!
  • This makes all the sense for a Japanese construct.
  • LOL, Mohinder as a lousy actor.
  • Man, there is going to be a lot of traffic going into Odessa tomorrow.