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Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode 11: “A Promise to the Dead”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Fun fact:  Drilling a hole into your own forehead won’t make an eye grow there, either.
  • Still don’t get how broke the McCalls are all of a sudden.  RN’s do pretty well, and Mrs. McCall can apparently work ER or OR.
  • Mason is either the nicest guy ever, or getting set up to be the Biggest Bad.
  • Doesn’t Malia’s dad wonder where she goes every night?  And morning?  And when she comes back all covered in monster blood?
  • Derek, apparently the first werewolf to ever consider that real estate and banks might be more reliable than a subterranean vault under the high school.
  • Eichen House is the worst place ever.  If you take your family member there, it better be because they ate at least 5 people, or they are not gonna make it.
  • Hey, way to not kill somebody, Peter.
  • The real tragedy of Teen Wolf:  Scott McCall has never seen Star Wars.
  • Secondmost real tragedy of Teen Wolf:  Derek doesn’t have a TV.
  • This is not the best fighting we’ve seen from Scott and Kira.  If she couldn’t dent the thing with an actual sword last time, why would she think slapping a berserker with a chain would do anything? Why not try electrocuting it?
  • Kate wants to know why Scott is so special.  If he fought like this all the time, we’d want to know too.
  • I feel like Parrish had a number of options here, and enlisting the help of someone who’s been bleeding out for who knows how long to help him unbend a rebar was maybe not the most intuitive of them.
  • So, is the benefactor thing all done then?  There effectively was no benefactor?  Nobody benefited except the assassins who killed a couple low-levels and then went back to their lives with a few mil?
  • I would think if all his friends started missing Scott, and Kate shows up with an extra berserker who clearly has their skull belted on, they might get a little suspicious.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Six: “Orphaned”


  • Even boneguy is watching Kate thinking “man, that seems excessive.”
  • OMG, now I know what teen assassin Violet looks like–Maya Brooks from Mass Effect!
  • A thoracotomy gets rid of wolf bane? Remember when Derek had to find some and set it on fire and scrub it in the wound?
  • Still sucks to be Derek.
  • No one can figure out how to leverage superpowers into a little dough?
  • Oh Scott. Such a dupe sometimes.
  • Oh Garrett. Such a dupe sometimes.
  • Ow. That was worse than a splinter.
  • Ok, with that many dead people, it seems like someone with non-super smelling would have smelled them.
  • Malia voices the unspoken thought.
  • Nooooo, not Derek!
  • Wait, what about the wolfsbane?
  • Oh, ok, there’s the wolfsbane thoracotomy.
  • How is it that Melissa can’t get $ from Mr. McCall?

Teen Wolf, Season One, Episode Six: “Heart Rate Monitor”


  • Angry!Stiles!
  • I wonder why Scott can’t just tell Alison he has to avoid her for the Lacrosse team or something.
  • My, Jackson’s gotten more charming. All he needed was a few Hale fingernails in the back of his neck.
  • Ha ha, Peter had a funky hairdo.
  • I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to chat as much as you like in detention.
  • Lookit Stiles, giving the “with great power comes great responsibility” speech!
  • Oh, apparently the detention teacher wasn’t as fond of the great responsibility speech.
  • Deaton, doing his “I don’t know anything about supernatural things!  I’m just a mild-mannered veterinarian!”
  • Oh Derek.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Three: “Muted”


  • In retrospect, why was this guy so alarmed at his cat being all bloody, when he had an abattoir underneath the stairs?
  • Derek seems oddly uncomfortable with having his innocent eyes back.
  • I find it hilarious that the only Asian family took one look at Beacon Hills and despite having their own superpowers, said “NOPE” and tried to head back to civilization where whole families don’t get burnt or axed or eaten every other minute.
  • Do none of the teachers in Beacon Hills High notice that Malia can barely speak English, much less do algebra?  This is the worst school ever.
  • That was the most over-the-top exercise intolerance performance ever, by O’Brien.  It’s like, after all that running he did in “Maze Runner,” he forgot what it was like to be unfit.
  • Liam really picked a crappy time at which to try to Lacrosse.
  • This just doesn’t seem like the only course of action open to Scott.  He didn’t look like he was trying all that hard to get away from the Wendigo before munching down.
  • I’m going to guess that Liam had some terminal disease or something that the bite is going to cure.  On the other hand, hopefully he didn’t have Hepatitis or something, given that Scott just got a mouthful of his blood.  Ick.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode One: “The Dark Moon”



  • I like how these kids can haul off to some rural Mexican town and still somehow stumble into a full-out Rave.
  • Pretty long dance scene between Malia and Kira, likely punctuated by the shrieks of a thousand shippers, crying out with joy.
  • Those light-up nunchuks make you think that either a) Kira made them by cutting apart a lightsaber, or b) Arden Cho needed some light ones to prevent her from getting a concussion while using them.
  • I’m not sure I’d be all that reassured by having Malia on my team, what with the leaving people behind for dead and all.
  • Why doesn’t Kira just suck all the electricity out of the panel?
  • I kind of don’t buy the explanation for why they needed to torture Scott.  I think if they had just told him Kate was alive, he would have been cool with it.
  • Poor Stile’s jeep is the unsung martyr of Teen Wolf.
  • Well if it’s a season premiere, it must be time for Braeden to show up.
  • Why on Earth is Stiles digging around inside the engine, when apparently the problem was a huge claw in the wheel well?
  • I feel like this is not the conversation Scott had planned to have in the basement of the Aztec Temple.
  • Whelp, I guess this is the week Tyler Hoechlin got to sleep in.
  • Nice to know after three seasons, it still sucks to be Derek.

Teen Wolf, Season One: “Pilot”


OK, having only seen Season Three before, I’m now frantically trying to watch as much of the first two seasons of Teen Wolf as possible before the premiere of Season Four tomorrow.  Starting off at the beginning, with “Pilot.”

Thoughts on watching:

  • Wow, those guys all look young back then.
  • Scott McCall is possibly the first guy to ever get superpowers and immediately use them for Lacrosse.
  • Dylan O’Brien was really going big with his reactions at first.
  • Derek Hall introducing himself to Alison right before the commercial break was the soap-opera-iest moment ever.