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Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Six: “Required Reading”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Did Mrs. McCall just stab Scott in the leg with an inhaler?
  • If I were Stiles, I think I’d want someone to look at my shoulder just to make sure another mouth wasn’t growing there.
  • Maybe one person could read the book, and the rest of them could observe objectively, rather than all of them tripping at once.
  • “Dread Doctors. 1/5 stars. Would not recommend.”
  • Uh oh. The overexposed lighting of nightmare sequences.
  • Just a guess, but I’m going to speculate that Lydia reeling backwards in horror at the sight of that girl’s alopecia isn’t exactly going to cheer her up.
  • Mason is the new Stiles.
  • …Or maybe Kira is dyslexic, which is why she’s almost failing English.
  • “Are you going to tell me why you’re dropping?” “Because you’ve been riding my ass since the semester started?”
  • That’s the big beef? An accidental injury you got from walking into a fight on your own initiative?
  • Aw, Liam came to the rescue!
  • Ok, shoving the inhaler into someone’s hand when they’re obtunded might not be all that effective.
  • Yeah, there’s something you didn’t miss from your pre-werewolf life.
  • Theo thinks everything is a chimera.
  • Frankly, if I were Lydia, I’d think that memory was horrible enough to stop right there.
  • Why is Malcolm McDowell advertising for lunchables?
  • Did…Liam just fluorescence Hayden’s eyes?  Is that some sort of chimera test we came up with when I wasn’t paying attention?
  • Stiles’ Mom!
  • Oh, Stiles’ Mom apparently walked out of “Ringu.”
  • Well Thank God somebody remembered they can turn into a wolf.
  • I mean seriously, does Scott do that anymore?  Did Posey develop an allergy to the makeup or something?
  • That was…messy.