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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 113: “Project Reborn”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, let’s strap in for the finish.
  • Micah’s the man.
  • Oh Tommy. Did you really think Erica was unprepared for you?
  • Ouch. That’s a painful intro to the Matrix.
  • Peter Pan flies again.
  • Well this seems like it could have gone better.
  • Or not. Welcome to the Future.
  • Ha ha. Everyone ditched Phoebe.
  • No room for psychos in the Brave New World.
  • Easy for Emily to say. It wasn’t her laptop.
  • Oh man, Ren. Kawaisou.
  • Little late to worry about HRG now, Quentin.
  • Zach, stepping up to the plate.
  • Hero time for Flynn Rider.
  • How did he even know his power could do that?
  • You know, I’m not sure pulling a bullet out fixes a person immediately, like True Love’s Kiss. I think whatever that bullet went through is probably going to need help too.
  • Hm. Tommy looks like he has a little episcleritis on his right eye.
  • Hiro got such a bum deal on this. I still don’t know why he had to stay behind.
  • For such a powerful ability, Malina can’t defend herself worth a darn.
  • Guess Zach was right. You can’t block a Glock.
  • Finally, crappy lab guy got his just deserts.
  • You go Otomo-San!
  • Why can’t Otomo-San just unmake the prison?
  • I feel like spending hundreds of hours in a video game maybe doesn’t necessarily qualify you to go in and save someone.
  • I spent hundreds of hours in Dragon Age, but I basically got really good at running away from fights and watching cutscenes.
  • Poor Emily is all “I have no idea what’s happening.”
  • Malina is sad for Quentin…but not too sad.
  • Let’s pause a moment and remember that Heroes Reborn had four major Japanese characters all played by actual Japanese people.
  • Heroes Reborn is awesome, if just for that.
  • Serious? Tommy couldn’t take them back to the minute after Ren left?  He had to give Erica time to catch up?
  • Maybe Tommy should just go back and stop HRG from shooting Erica and restore the original timeline.
  • Well ok Angela, maybe mention that they need a third person next time?
  • It seems like they could use just about anyone for the conduit. Why does it have to be someone willing?
  • The lab tech didn’t seem too willing. Why not use Erica?
  • Why can’t Nathan freeze HRG like Erica preserved Miko?
  • I can’t believe the only people who came out mostly unscathed were the boring LA Batman team.
  • There are a lot of awakenings going on nowadays.
  • “…And then they locked Quentin up and threw away the key.”
  • Wait, how did Angela get younger again?
  • Well, hope we find out who the father is sometime. Maybe we’ll see Claire in a flashback again.
  • I hope they do bring back Heroes again.  I just wish they hadn’t killed off most of the interesting characters this time around.