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Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 13-14 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder
  • Ok, back to the Spire mission. Kaliyo and Jorgan screwing up again.
  • I like the animation on Gault. Lana still looks like an action figure from the 70s.
  • This is apparently going to be Team-Who-Could-Benefit-From-Minor-Cosmetic-Surgery.
  • Isn’t it time we got some Cullen look-alikes on board here?
  • Oh please let our contact be Salacious Crumb.
  • “Ocean’s Jedi.”
  • How did Vaylin get here so fast?
  • Not sure Senya should expect too much for Mother’s Day.
  • Well that was a pretty happy ending.
  • Being BioWare however, that usually means your dog dies in the next scene.
  • That seemed short, but Gault was a more interesting character than most.
  • Everybody likes a good heist once in awhile.


  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge
  • Androids get so testy when they find copies of themselves.
  • Scorpio should talk to HK-47 about the droid planet he found in KotOR 2. OH WAIT THEY CUT THAT PART.
  • The secrecy of who our allies will be would be more effective if this chapter wasn’t essentially called FIGHT WITH THE MANDALORIANS.
  • Oh man, these emails from Avus Dayne are hilarious. He needs to take poetry lessons from the Blue Rose of Illium Krogan.
  • Ok, rearranged our inventory, like we’ve been forgetting to do for the last few chapters.
  • Great. This new chapter is so busy, I can’t find a non-destroyed walker to destroy.
  • Ok, reprogramming the guns.
  • Man, am I glad for Quick Travel.
  • Arcann suddenly lost interest in defeating everyone?
  • He went from “I’ll kill you and everyone remotely associated to you” to “eh.  I’ll just watch it all on TV.”
  • We’re…going to a Mandalorian party?
  • Oh, pretty much like New Year’s in LA.
  • Man, there are a lot of droids in this armory.
  • Lana wants us to sterilize the Krogans, I see.
  • Every time they stick us with a non-optional new companion, I feel like they couldn’t get the usual voice actors back for another chapter.
  • Oh ugh. The Mandalorian dude left us. I get into a fight, I’m gonna die.
  • Thank goodness we didn’t have to drag that thing all the way back to camp.
  • Khomo is kind of an ass.
  • Welcome aboard, Torian.
  • Scorpio is a bit of a creeper.
  • Well, hard not to think that we’ve been kind of treading water for the last couple of chapters.  I don’t feel like we’ve found out anything new or made huge progress–mostly just continuing to try to get a handle on the Eternal Fleet problem.
  • Hopefully this Genesis droid will actually let us do something, like all the other things we’ve found so far haven’t.