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Once Upon A Time, S5E16: “Our Decay”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • You know, Rebecca Mader gives it all she’s got, but Zelinda continues to not be my favorite character. 
  • This crazy/evil thing she’s got going is entertaining but starts to get one-note when she can’t seem to move past her abandonment issues. 
  • But that’s the same as all the villains, I think–Regina kind of stalled out for me when she kept flip-flopping back into evil because of Daniel, and Gold’s in danger of the same. It’s fun to see unabashed evil, but if it doesn’t go anywhere…it doesn’t go anywhere. 
  • Wow Dorothy. That was quite possibly the worst plan in the history of plans.
  • It’s a good thing Zelina suddenly forgot how to be effective. 
  • Gold can make portals? Wasn’t there roughly a jillion times where we really needed a portal and couldn’t get one?
  • Oh, and Zelina’s back in Storybrooke. Good thing she suddenly remembers to be competent when the plot requires it. 
  • Too bad we didn’t leave anyone with any power back in Storybrooke to protect against her. 
  • Blue is all “well that’s that. Peace and quiet at last.”
  • That’ll teach Zelina not to wear rubber soles. 
  • “No one loves you.” Ouch Hades. 
  • Hansel and Gretel’s witch is surprisingly helpful. She ought to have moved on by now. 
  • You tell them Henry. Like any of them are doing anything. 
  • “The Catch” is pretty repulsive looking. 
  • Everyone in Storybrooke celebrates their birthdays with a sad cupcake. 
  • Aw. Hades and Zelina bonded over their mutual vortices of perceived self-victimization. 
  • Oh wow, Rumple. Now might not be the time to go the full disclosure route. 
  • Yeah, this isn’t going well. 
  • Harsh truth times with Belle tonight. 
  • Belle, if you stay with him after all this, you are dumber than a sack of bricks. 
  • Regina, Evangelist for Good. 
  • This weird Shatner-esque delivery Hades keeps using is pretty distracting. 
  • Didn’t the bicycle actually belong to Elmira Gulch?
  • Robin the Credulous Hood. 
  • Wow, who could ever have predicted Zelina’s shocking betrayal. 
  • Serious? Those dudes couldn’t catch up to a limping woman in heels and a top hat?
  • It’s hard to think what Dorothy ever thought she could do against Zelina in the first place. 
  • Not being afraid of a homicidal lunatic when she’s got you paralyzed just shows a bad analysis of your situation, IMO. 
  • If all you needed was a baby for the spell, this doesn’t seem like the easiest one Hades could have gotten.
  • Everyone is as revolted by Zelina’s maudlin self-sacrifice as they were by her psychosis. 
  • Hades hasn’t really gotten out much. 
  • Oh wow. I can’t believe that they actually made me feel bad for Hades, putting the moves on Zelina. 
  • Oh Hades. If only there were someone who really loved you. 
  • This is the creepiest love scene ever, and it’s still more appealing than “The Catch.”