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Once Upon A Time, S4E2: “White Out”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Nice Fabio hair.
  • Poor dement-y Elsa.
  • Man, the populace of Storybrooke have to be some of the most dependent-minded…things…ever. Did it ever occur to them to go fix the power outage on their own?
  • How does Hook have a better grasp on electricity than the two people who have spent their last 30 years in our world?
  • This would be more impressive if we didn’t suspect that either Hook or Emma could beat up Charming.
  • I feel like Sword Fighting Anna would have been a nice addition to “Frozen.”
  • Oh wait, Hook can diagnose downed power lines, but he has to refer to a walkie-talkies as “the device?”
  • Ok, actually, she almost died because she couldn’t pick up interpersonal cues that tell you when people legitimately want to be left alone.
  • Poor crazy, semi-villainous Elsa.
  • You know, I have more respect for Snow in this scene than ever before.
  • Wow, people have great memories in Storybrooke.
  • Why in God’s Name would he give her back the staff?
  • Well, strictly speaking, she wouldn’t be in the ice cave alone, she’d have Emma’s corpse to keep her company.
  • Charming’s Mom is really a catalyst for badness.
  • Creamistry comes to Storybrooke.