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Once Upon A Time, S5E09: “The Bear King”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Oh good.  Merida, the Princess of Questionable Judgement.
  • Man, going all the way to Scotland seems like we’re taking the long way around on this one.
  • Oh hey, it’s Queen Elinor, who looks nothing like any of her kids, and was once poisoned by her daughter to turn into a bear.
  • As soon as anyone gets a little bit of magic, they suddenly become Monty Hall.
  • Signing an IOU for something you don’t know in the future always goes well.
  • Turning into a bear also always goes well.
  • Why wouldn’t Elinor become queen?  Isn’t she already queen?
  • Wasn’t that the whole point of “Brave,” that everything was going to fall apart without Elinor ruling everyone?
  • Oh look.  Mulan.
  • Wasn’t Mulan hanging with Robin the last time we saw her?
  • Wow, that helm does not look like it fits Fergus.
  • Hey, that’s remarkable.  A scene with four characters, and I dislike all of them.
  • A happy ending of that scene would have been the Earth opening up and swallowing them all and we go back to Granny’s for burgers.
  • Do we even know if Fergus knew what the helm does?  It’s not like Merida knew her mom was going to turn into a bear.
  • Oh wow, Red’s back!
  • Hate it when people put you under their thrall.
  • Flashback to when there were more than 5 people living in Storybrooke!
  • The original Birds of Prey team!
  • Actually, are we sure the point of the helm wasn’t to kill Fergus by making Merida miss, so the clans would unite under Merida?
  • Arthur is such a heel.
  • Oh for God’s Sake.  Why does Arthur have to do anything?  Clearly, Zelina could just magic them and the helm away in an instant.
  • Wow.  This is the stupidest move ever.  Why would you let these guys go when they could just come back as soon as Zelina wakes up?
  • I feel like these louts wouldn’t go honorable so fast.
  • Before we get all warm and fuzzy about the witch, let’s not forget that the witch enslaved Red for years.
  • Don’t we think Elinor would have liked to see Fergus too?
  • No, you have something in your eye.