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Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: The Final Piece


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • That scamp, Kieran.
  • This path through the Fade is always odd. It’s a pretty good distance to just walk in silence, and yet it’s so linear there’s no real puzzle about it.
  • Well, well, well. What have we here?
  • Oh, ok, I guess I’ll stop her then.
  • So she’s her mother and his grandmother, and also an old god, and apparently my boss now.
  • The Inquisitor isn’t up on the whole “The Warden made the King of Ferenden sleep with Morrigan” story.
  • Something she can discuss with Morrigan after this is all over.
  • Kieran’s a polite lad, but not a whole lot of gumption.
  • See, she was a nice old lady after all.
  • Wait, Morrigan’s just going to bug out? She’s not going to help anymore? Did she forget we still have to fight Corypheus?
  • Oh this dragon is totally Flemeth.
  • Cabot is my spirit animal.




Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: What Pride Had Wrought

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • The bartender says people are complaining that I’m bedding my allies? I certainly haven’t seen anything to give me that impression.
    • Ok Morrigan. Off to the Temple of Mythal.
    • Forgot how repetitive these sequences are, wandering down the river and killing Templars.
    • I feel like Cullen would have said something to us, since we just saved him.
    • Entering the Temple. Oh, one Corypheus, extra crispy.
    • Now does Corypheus’ lieutenant know that he can come back in a blighted thing? If not, why do they keep going through the temple? They don’t seem that excited about him being apparently dead.
    • “Oh, the Old Gods are probably a myth.” “HDU!!”
    • Um, Solas, do you have something to share with the class?
    • Ok, jump in the hole? Or do the rituals? Jump in the hole? Or do the rituals?
    • Well maybe we try both this time around: trot around the rituals and then jump in the hole.
    • I always feel like this was kind of a weird ritual for priests to make people do. I get that it would make people focus and meditate, but on the other hand, it’s like if you had to finish a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution before you could see the Pope.
    • Alright. Time to see what’s in the hole.
    • Oh good. My inventory is already full.
    • [Line of magical elven archers show up with arrows cocked.]. “Someone’s watching us!”
    • Nothing gets by you, Inquisitor.
    • “Say something, Solas!”
    • “Don’t look at me. I got no dog in this race.”
    • Ok, we will ally with you…Wha?…Damnit, Morrigan.
    • Well this Sentinel guide is one personable elf.
    • I must say, Calpurnia is a lot more reasonable than Sampson.
    • Look, you might hold off on the “savage Qunari” remarks when I have one RIGHT HERE.
    • Maybe I should have brought Dorian.


    • So who’s thirsty?
    • Solas? “NOOOO!” Well alrighty, then.
    • I let Morrigan have the well last time, but I feel like an elf inquisitor would have more of a vested interest in drinking it herself.
    • Well this was a lot more dramatic than if you let Morrigan take the power.
    • The fact that Corypheus showed up again doesn’t bode too well for Calpurnia.
    • Morrigan doesn’t seem like she’s gonna let this go anytime soon.
    • Oh burn from Leilana. Maybe she’s still bitter that Morrigan never wanted to go shopping with her.
    • The dragon is a horcrux?
    • Ok, getting on to the last chance to talk to anyone.
    • Not too much from Varric or Vivienne, but to be fair, I’m not sure we were close.
    • Ok Solas, your turn.
    • Slave markings? Yeah, you can go ahead and get rid of those, thanks.
    • Watch the hand there, Solas.
    • Wait, what?
    • Oh this is horrible, although the option to say “your loss, asshole” is pretty great.
    • Solas, you heel.
    • At least you get dropped off outside, because it’d be pretty awkward to still be in his room after that.
    • Cassandra is such a good friend in this game. I’m glad she didn’t kill us in the beginning, like she wanted.


    • Wait, did Cole just…erase himself?
    • Oh Cole.
    • I think my favorite line of Sera’s is “I believe the stuff not made up by dead people who failed.”
    • Blackwall’s pretty terse.
    • Man, what exactly is going on in that painting in the stables? I’m…not sure I want to know.


  • You can tell when I’m getting close to the end, because I start doing a permanent save every few minutes.
  • Time for The Final Piece

Dragon Age Origins: “Witch Hunt” Post-Game Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Always so interesting that besides Awakening, most of the DAO DLC seemed so small and straightforward, compared to it, while the DA2 DLC (that no one I knew ever played) actually seemed like a more vivid experience than DA2.
  • I forgot Finn makes mention of Anders in this one.
  • It’s too bad that you don’t get to talk to the characters more, since Finn seems like he’s probably the brother of Carrol, the lyrium-addicted-Templar-boat-guy.
  • There’s something a little sad about revisiting some of the places you had gone to in DAO, but with all the doors sealed shut.
  • Holy Moly, but that varterral fight was hard.  I was lulled into complacency since all the other fights barely required my character to join in.
  • Why did it attack us to begin with, if it was supposed to protect the Dalish?  Did Morrigan want to get rid of us that bad?
  • I think part of the problem I have with this one is that the end really only makes sense to me if you’re a male warden who romanced Morrigan.
  • If you’re just a pal, why were you hunting her down in the first place?  What’s all the talk of betrayal, when, as she says, she only did what she said she was going to do in the first place?
  • I’ve actually never not done the ritual, since I can’t have Alistair die, and I really can’t have me die.  I wonder how the talk changes then?
  • Also the ending really confuses me.  You did all this to get the book for the one clan, and then having gotten it and whatever the other thing “of great interest” was…roll credits?
  • Like I actually replayed the ending about 4 times because I was convinced it was some sort of a glitch that kept ending the game prematurely, before Ariane or Finn could say anything.
  • Ok.  On to Awakening.