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Once Upon A Time, S5E09: “The Bear King”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Oh good.  Merida, the Princess of Questionable Judgement.
  • Man, going all the way to Scotland seems like we’re taking the long way around on this one.
  • Oh hey, it’s Queen Elinor, who looks nothing like any of her kids, and was once poisoned by her daughter to turn into a bear.
  • As soon as anyone gets a little bit of magic, they suddenly become Monty Hall.
  • Signing an IOU for something you don’t know in the future always goes well.
  • Turning into a bear also always goes well.
  • Why wouldn’t Elinor become queen?  Isn’t she already queen?
  • Wasn’t that the whole point of “Brave,” that everything was going to fall apart without Elinor ruling everyone?
  • Oh look.  Mulan.
  • Wasn’t Mulan hanging with Robin the last time we saw her?
  • Wow, that helm does not look like it fits Fergus.
  • Hey, that’s remarkable.  A scene with four characters, and I dislike all of them.
  • A happy ending of that scene would have been the Earth opening up and swallowing them all and we go back to Granny’s for burgers.
  • Do we even know if Fergus knew what the helm does?  It’s not like Merida knew her mom was going to turn into a bear.
  • Oh wow, Red’s back!
  • Hate it when people put you under their thrall.
  • Flashback to when there were more than 5 people living in Storybrooke!
  • The original Birds of Prey team!
  • Actually, are we sure the point of the helm wasn’t to kill Fergus by making Merida miss, so the clans would unite under Merida?
  • Arthur is such a heel.
  • Oh for God’s Sake.  Why does Arthur have to do anything?  Clearly, Zelina could just magic them and the helm away in an instant.
  • Wow.  This is the stupidest move ever.  Why would you let these guys go when they could just come back as soon as Zelina wakes up?
  • I feel like these louts wouldn’t go honorable so fast.
  • Before we get all warm and fuzzy about the witch, let’s not forget that the witch enslaved Red for years.
  • Don’t we think Elinor would have liked to see Fergus too?
  • No, you have something in your eye.

Once Upon A Time, S5E06: “The Bear and the Bow”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Apparently this week is !Sassy!Belle week.
  • Well, its not like Belle hasn’t occasionally had that coming.
  • If Belle still helps Merida after she almost killed her with a rock to the head, she’s a dope.
  • At this point, if Merida and Belle both fell in a hole for the rest of the storyline, I’d be ok with that.
  • Granny’s getting more business out of Dark Swan than she ever did out of Light Swan.
  • Zelena might actually be the smartest one in town.
  • Actually, I’m thinking smashing your own foot with a rock might be a mistake.
  • By now, I feel like a bear might be a better ruler than Merida.
  • Oh hey,  Arthur.  Surely nothing will go wrong here.
  • Ok David.  I’m taking back the apology from last week.
  • Well I guess if you couldn’t hit someone with an arrow in the clutch, it would make sense that you wouldn’t want to rely on your archery later.
  • Man, Robert Carlyle is so good.  He totally sells all the different Golds/Rumples.
  • BEAR.
  • Ha ha.  Belle screwed you.
  • Look, if she doesn’t take the chance to shoot all three of those guys right now, she really doesn’t deserve to rule.
  • It’s too bad Merida’s dad didn’t teach all his kids how to fight.
  • Ok, that doesn’t even look like a bear.
  • I don’t know know why anyone even bothers doing anything besides throwing rocks at each other when its so effective.
  • I feel like a really evil Emma would make a snarky comment on Gold’s heartfelt declaration.
  • Like, you can’t tell me Regina would be sitting here listening to this and not making gagging noises, even now.
  • I can’t help feeling that it should take more than one act of self-defense to prove yourself a hero.
  • OMG.  Are you telling me Arthur didn’t sit there and see if the mushroom actually burnt?
  • Henry is also one of the smartest people in this town.
  • “Hi, this is Merlin.  My message box is full right now…”

Once Upon A Time, S5E1: “The Dark Swan”

Photo from http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_Wiki
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Well that worked differently than in “Sword in the Stone.”
  • Robin Hood still trying to wrap his mind around how quickly people change sides here.
  • Wow, I thought he was dead.
  • Oh, a dud.
  • Well, I might argue that you don’t owe anyone for something you didn’t ask for, but I might be evil.
  • Kind of a jerky peasant.
  • Maybe it would have been more meaningful if Robin Hood had jerked her hand away.
  • Rumple is so much more fun as Rumple.
  • I feel like maybe Zelena is not so reliable.
  • Oh Hook, you are such a dupe.
  • Merida doesn’t have the best judgement.
  • Bringing the Dark One home might not be the best move.
  • Breaking the Wicked Witch out might not be the best move either.
  • Wow, that did not go well at all.
  • How could anyone ever believe anyone is who they look like now?
  • There are a lot of conflicted feelings about mothers and children in this show.
  • I’m not sure having a kid is a guarantee they’ll love you forever.  Just sayin’.
  • Yay Regina!  Always nice when going good doesn’t mean going stupid.
  • Not that we’re looking at you, Hook, but…
  • Hard to blame Merida.  You pick up a hitchhiker that starts talking to themselves about killing you, you’re going to drop that sucker like a hot potato.
  • Maybe you shouldn’t take the kids and babies on the certain death adventure?
  • Merida is kind of an idiot.
  • Gosh, I didn’t think they were going to get there that fast.  I figured they were going to turn out to be good voices in her head, to combat Rumple.
  • At least Merida’s poor judgement is consistent.
  • I think Merida was pretty forgiving, considering how she reacted to Emma just saying she was going to kill her, versus actually trying to kill her.
  • They brought their own fast-food restaurant to Camelot.
  • Because you never know if you’re going to like the food when you travel.
  • That castle looks a mite familiar.
  • Everyone’s back!  And they stopped at a Renaissance Fair on the way back!
  • You know, the number of times these guys have had amnesia, they should probably all get MRIs.