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Teen Wolf, S6E1: “Memory Lost”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, I was out of town when the season started, so running a little behind.  Still mopping up tears from this being the last season.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how they work in O’Brien’s absences for “Maze Runner” and his injury, although it kind of sounds like he disappears right after the beginning for who knows how long.
  • If there’s one thing you can depend on in “Teen Wolf,”, it’s that everyone but Mason has a crappy car.
  • Northern lights?  For some reason I thought Beacon Hills was in SoCal.
  • I feel like Hayden has been around Beacon Hills long enough to know strangers are always bad news.


  • That’s a pretty big assumption to make, Scott, considering it was probably a couple months ago you saved everyone in town from getting killed by chimeras and the Beast.
  • Wow, Sheriff Stalinski really has embraced the whole supernatural methodology.  Wasn’t it a thing that the nails-into-the-neck thing could give you brain damage or something?
  • Yeah, it seems like if you’re in a car, you shouldn’t worry so much about outrunning a guy on a horse.
  • Last title sequence! So sad.
  • Oh, the parents got front billing!  Yay!
  • Kinda unfortunate that no one seems able to hang onto both parents tho, if you think about it.
  • I guess everyone’s pretty used to seeing Malia naked?
  • I think I’ve seen bullet holes in windshields before, and they didn’t look like a cannon ball went through them.

  • Poor disbelieved Stiles.
  • While I love me some Stiles, I’m never a fan of these segments where he’s so goofy, he looks like a complete idiot.
  • It’s like it’s been so long since Stiles got to be Fun!Stiles! They occasionally forget how to do him.
  • Liam a little busy for Scooby activities.
  • New Physics teacher!  I trust him.
  • Man, Lydia always gets beat up.
  • Fell right on the hole in her skull, even.
  • How did they come across this house, from the car with the magic bullet again?
  • The captions aren’t working on this episode, which is killing me.
  • Oh it’s the kid’s house…where he was apparently living on his own with ghosts?
  • Ask not for whom the ghost cowboy comes Stiles–he comes for thee.


  • Ok, if all the compasses were doing it, why did you have to steal the teacher’s?
  • Liam, I’m not sure popular vote is how one becomes the alpha.
  • Poor helium thief guy. We hardly knew ye.
  • Man, that scene with his dad was a heartbreaker.
  • Oh Stiles.