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Teen Wolf, S6E9: “Memory Found”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Sheriff, this seems like it would be more surprising if we hadn’t already verified that everyone in Beacon Hills had been taken last week?
  • How, In All That Is Holy, is Theo going to help them against the Ghost Riders?
  • What makes anyone think they can possibly stop Theo with bullets when he inevitably goes rogue?
  • A whole roomful of you couldn’t deal with one Ghost Rider.  I think you might be a little optimistic, Liam.
  • Well that could have gone better.
  • I feel like taking yourself to the brink of death to solve your problems is starting to be a habit with them.
  • Oh, no wonder Theo wasn’t a fan of going back to the hospital.
  • It sounds weird for Lydia to refer to their school as “the high school.”
  • Virtually every high school student would, I think, refer to their school either by name or just as “school.”
  • This heart-to-heart with Liam is making Theo nostalgic for his looping Ringu Vine again.
  • Ok, there’s a lot I’m not understanding about this remembering process.
  • For one thing, if Scott’s too cold, why don’t they just back off the temperature dials some on that refrigerator coffin?
  • For another, it seems like they all remember Stiles pretty well now, given that they can all quote stuff he said recently, so maybe that’s not the issue?
  • Pretty harsh for Malia to have one of her handful of memories be Stiles in love with someone else.
  • Lydia hypnotizes pretty easy.
  • Wait, you can hatchet the Ghost Riders but not shoot them?
  • Ok, I believe I asked a couple weeks ago why we didn’t think their own guns would work against them.
  • Hope Theo’s prepared for the warm reception he’ll probably get from Stiles and everyone else in the train station.
  • Look!  It’s Jesus!  Or possibly Stiles!