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Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 6

Spoiler Thoughts (“Mark of the Assassin”):

  • Say, this wyvern is not doing me any favors.
  • Ok, managed to get him down with a handful of health to spare. On to the Chateau Haine!
  • I always like any mission that makes us change clothes.
  • Did…Did the Duke just say “BUT THE PRIZE…?”
  • Teeeeaaagan.
  • …And Isolde. Made only slightly more bearable by her having to do the “WHO IS THEESE WOMAN, TEAGAN!” line again.
  • I’m not sure I would stock up on the Ham of Despair.
  • Isolde and Dulci de Launcet are two peas in a crappy pod.
  • Oh Leilana. She doesn’t seem so glad to see us, however.
  • Well, lets try sucking at stealth instead of combat for awhile.
  • I just think if you knock someone out, that should probably raise an alarm somewhere.
  • “HURRY, GET TO THE VAULT BEFORE THE DUKE’S MEN SPOT US!” ” Oh hey, Bethany would totes love this painting…”
  • Hurg. Standing-on-switches puzzles always thwart me.
  • I feel like I don’t even know who you are, Tallis.
  • Oh, I don’t think I knew you could go back into the castle, vs. just leaving straightaway.
  • Tallis requires a lot of help for someone with pretty vague explanations.
  • Well it can’t be right to leave Felicia Day.
  • You know, Tallis, we are killing a lot of Qunari, for a group of people trying to save Qunari.
  • I am still not totally clear on why Tallis’ friend decided to betray the Qunari.
  • I’ll say this for the Duke–nobody else in Thedas seems to have capitalized on the wyvern-bait-shotgun.
  • Ok I get it Tallis. There are innocent Qunari.
  • “I’m sure we’ll see Tallis again someday.” Don’t get your hopes up, Varric.



Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 5

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • This quest always boggled me. As if Kirkwall didn’t have enough problems, now it seems like we’re systematically hunting down all the remaining reasonable mages and templars left, and killing them.
  • There’s not even any option to talk to them first. As soon as you clap eyes on them, it’s all “Kill Pussycat! Kill!”
  • Grace, you rat-bastard.
  • Trask needed to use his magic-sucking powers a little quicker there.
  • Thanks for showing up after the party’s over, Cullen.
  • I feel as though, if you reinstate Samson, a lot of subsequent events should go differently.
  • Little too late to be sorry now, Orsino.
  • “There’s this fantastic thing called ‘moving on.’  You should try it sometime.”
  • Isabela has no interest in indulging Anders.
  • Ok. Time for “Mark of the Assassin.”
  • You know, I have nothing against Felicia Day, but I always think these in-game representatives of real people come off weird.
  • Almost as if you’re playing something someone made for someone else as a gift.
  • Ok Anders. You are the last one to talk about someone only offering help with a catch.
  • I don’t know why it is, that I inevitably find the crucial part of a quest long before I find the guy who’s supposed to give me the quest.
  • This DLC really is pretty. I wish the main game had been as attractive.
  • There is approximately 100% more poop-related quests in DA2 as DAO.