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Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 4

Spoiler Thoughts (Legacy DLC:)

  • Oh look–a key blade…which is not apparently as good as the sword I was using…
  • Storage chest: I get the feeling this is last chance to stash.
  • I feel as though, if our Dad set it up so that some supreme evil is locked in here, and only we can unlock it, maybe we shouldn’t unlock it.
  • Surely it’d be worth it to try to find some other way out before releasing this ancient evil on the world.
  • …Or we could just follow the crazy tainted guy downstairs to free Corypheus.
  • “This is a strange business. I do not like it.” –Fenris, getting straight to the core of the apple.
  • When you start finding random health potions lying about in the street, is when you know you’re in a good part of town.
  • Ok, I get that we’re choosing to set free this awful thing to get out of this place, but remind me why we’re going to such lengths to free the random demons our Dad used his own blood to trap?
  • I don’t care what you get in return, there’s no way making sacrifices at Dumat’s altar is the good choice.
  • Varric isn’t much of a sentimentalist when it comes to his ancestors.
  • You know, I am not so sure Janeka is going to be able to bind and control Corypheus.
  • Wow, this Helm of the Fortress is the silliest helmet ever. You could barely get through a doorway with that on.
  • “Nothing personal, but you’re kind of crazy. And a bitch. Wait, I guess that was personal.”
  • I might not be playing the diplomatic Hawke.
  • Wow, Larius seems to have some hidden anger issues.
  • I am not a huge fan of plots where evil people tell you to do something/free something, and you go ahead and do it.
  • Larius and Hawke are having this whole conversation, and Corypheus is probably all “I’M RIGHT HERE.”
  • I don’t remember Corypheus sounding like this in DAI.
  • The quest description changes at this point to “Corypheus is free. Kill him.”
  • Oh, Bethany and Varric really did not dodge those rocks very well.
  • Ok Fenris. It’s just you and me.
  • You’re welcome for your freedom Larius…wait…
  • Oh hey Leandra.
  • No, it’s ok. I just…have something in my eye…SOB.




Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 3

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ooo…Alistair.
  • So I’m already anti-Meredith just from the point where she yells at Alistair.
  • One of my favorite things I discovered this playthrough is stopping to chat with Seneschal Bran every once in awhile. He is just so done with everything.
  • GAAH. I hate that sound the spiders make as they drop down. It always startles me.
  • Yes Fenris. I believe we all understand that you are not “pro” on Merrill summoning the demon.
  • In retrospect, maybe we should have been more suspicious that Merrill prays to Mythal at the same-looking shrine that we used to free Flemeth.
  • Merrill and her Keeper really should have sat down to talk more.
  • No one seems all that happy to see Merrill again.
  • Well look on the bright side Merrill. At least we didn’t have to kill your whole clan, like last time.
  • Ok, maybe it’s time to tackle Legacy: The DLC I bet sold a lot more copies after DAI came out.
  • You know Varric, I think Cassandra may be very interested in this expedition.
  • Hey, Bethany’s back.
  • Malvernis the Defiler has an orb. It seems like that might be important, someday…
  • Man, this is a lot of dwarves. The whole Carta must be here trying to kill me.
  • I hope we find an exit home sometime. My backpack is almost full of torn trousers and stale biscuits.
  • Oh, hey, an orb. You don’t think…
  • Pretty sure obelisks aren’t supposed to be pulsing.
  • Why would we activate something like this anyway?
  • Well hi Malvernis.
  • This is a considerable amount of defiling Malvernis is trying to accomplish. Like I think we might die.
  • Sorry Varric…Er…walk it off?
  • Well nice to know my assassination attempts are getting you back in touch with old friends, Varric.
  • Ok, that’s pretty personal, Varric.
  • Ugh. I can’t pick up anything more.
  • Oh, thank goodness. A magical Return to Kirkwall statue.
  • This is the least used Chanter’s Board ever.
  • I think these dwarves have cataracts.
  • Say, this Corypheus fellow seems like a troublemaker.