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Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Ten: “Monstrous”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • I feel like these Buddhist werewolves have maybe sublimated not only their violent tendencies, but also their self-preservation tendencies.
  • Liam might be the smartest werewolf of all.
  • Oddly enough, a hospital might be one of the last places you’d find a cassette player, since no one wants to bring their nice players to get ripped off there.
  • So Kira flew back from wherever they took her Mom, and immediately went in the pouring rain to go check out Beacon Hill High’s sport’s stadium in case there were werewolves in peril?
  • Argent looks like he’s raiding the Land Pavilion at EPCOT.
  • So far, losing all his superpowers seems to be the best thing that ever happened to Derek.
  • This is why people should have private hospital rooms.
  • The Desert Wolf!  Thank God Peter wasn’t sharing all his thoughts about her.
  • Oh Lydia’s Mom is never gonna get to sell this house now.
  • Peter loses some of his intimidation prowess without his v-necks.
  • Sad that Sheriff Stalinski wasn’t stationed in some other American towns, where apparently anybody can shoot anyone without thinking twice about it.
  • This girl has the worst survival instincts of any werewolf ever.
  • Oh Peter.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode One: “The Dark Moon”



  • I like how these kids can haul off to some rural Mexican town and still somehow stumble into a full-out Rave.
  • Pretty long dance scene between Malia and Kira, likely punctuated by the shrieks of a thousand shippers, crying out with joy.
  • Those light-up nunchuks make you think that either a) Kira made them by cutting apart a lightsaber, or b) Arden Cho needed some light ones to prevent her from getting a concussion while using them.
  • I’m not sure I’d be all that reassured by having Malia on my team, what with the leaving people behind for dead and all.
  • Why doesn’t Kira just suck all the electricity out of the panel?
  • I kind of don’t buy the explanation for why they needed to torture Scott.  I think if they had just told him Kate was alive, he would have been cool with it.
  • Poor Stile’s jeep is the unsung martyr of Teen Wolf.
  • Well if it’s a season premiere, it must be time for Braeden to show up.
  • Why on Earth is Stiles digging around inside the engine, when apparently the problem was a huge claw in the wheel well?
  • I feel like this is not the conversation Scott had planned to have in the basement of the Aztec Temple.
  • Whelp, I guess this is the week Tyler Hoechlin got to sleep in.
  • Nice to know after three seasons, it still sucks to be Derek.