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Once Upon A Time, S6E20: “The Song In Your Heart”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Musical episode!  I do love a good musical.
  • I feel like the song Emma’s humming was a variant of “When You Wish Upon A Star,” but maybe it’s some contemporary song of which I know naught.
  • This is a remarkably philosophical youth group home.
  • Snow is all DON’T YOU WANT TO WEAR MY WEDDING DRESS and Emma is all “…k?”
  • I guess when Emma said they were going to wait to get married until the Black Fairy was taken care of, I thought that they were going to take a normal amount of time, like months-to-a-year, instead of the next day.
  • Dallas, getting a last shot at dress prince attire.
  • Actually, I’m not sure why he’s all dressed up, and Snow looks like she’s in a nightgown.  I guess you’d have to go back and watch the episode where they go talk to Rumple to see if it’s all in continuity.
  • Wow, Dallas has some pipes.
  • “Zootopia 2:  Frantic Pig Sings!”
  • Man, I love “Powerful Magic.”  I think Disney and musicals match so well with benign self-aware corn.
  • Hm.  I think that might have been a crappy dry cleaner.
  • Now, is there some reason why everyone can’t just pile in one of Regina’s station wagons and hightail it to New York where the curse wouldn’t work?
  • Hey they brought the mirror back!  And all the dwarfs and Geppetto!  Looking a little like a wrap-up when all the once-regulars start showing up.
  • Parilla is so game.
  • Emma, still not that good with the truthful part of her relationships.
  • Smee!  That’s a pretty deep cut.
  • Let’s us be real here.  I’m not sure there’s any particularly good reason for Snow and Charming to search out Hook, but it’s not like they’re going to have a big episode like this and not give O’Donoghue a number.
  • I feel like Hook should have his evil guyliner on for this.
  • I think O’Donoghue said he broke his foot standing on the chair in the beginning of this, which is pretty ouch.
  • I wonder if they were going to have him do more dancing, but after he broke his foot, just went for the lazy susan.
  • A fun number, but “Revenge” so far sounds a little more looped in afterwards than the others.
  • Hook never gets a break.
  • Henry doesn’t really get much of a part anymore.
  • Emma kept dragging that tape recorder around her entire life, and never once played that tape from childhood.
  • Love Robert Carlyle.  “You think the Dark One sings?  I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork.”
  • Never was a huge fan of Zelina, but you have to admit that Bex Mader always gives it all she’s got.
  • Is there some reason Regina hasn’t placed protection spells over all their houses by now?
  • How did Emma know the Black Fairy was at Regina’s?
  • I guess it was nice that the Black Fairy just froze Hook instead of killing him.
  • Meanwhile, Henry is just kicking it at the office by himself.  “Yeah mom, tell me about how alone you are.”
  • There is nothing greater than the Evil Queen’s face when Snow and Charming start singing at her.
  • Lol.  The three of them look like they are trying desperately not to crack up.
  • Charming, who has the chance to kill Regina for the ninetieth time, but still just stands there and lets her do whatever to get out of it.
  • Nooo, not the voice-sucking machine!
  • If you didn’t need the big Zelina number, it would have made more sense that she got it from Ursula, but musical license.
  • I guess the Evil Queen didn’t want to just kill them while they were right there and defenseless.
  • I would put a protection spell on my heart, actually.
  • Ok, fun fact:  In real life, it’s not that good to drop someone’s heart on the floor.
  • I guess this is supposed to mirror the episode where Cora tried to rip out Emma’s heart yelling “LOVE IS WEAKNESS” and couldn’t do it because Emma countered “LOVE IS STRENGTH.”
  • The Black Fairy is all “I’m getting beat and I have to stand here and get sang at.”
  • I think it might have been more consistent if Emma had punctuated her first musical revelation with a right cross to the Black Fairy, but maybe they didn’t want to interrupt the song.
  • Zelina and Regina are all “I’ll just stand over here, then.”
  • Doctor Hopper is the most underpaid guy in town, for all the work he does.
  • I guess Emma didn’t want to wear Snow’s Black Swan wedding dress.
  • Surely they will be Happy Forever After, getting married by Carth/Kaiden.
  • Whenever Hook picks her up, and they shoot from the back, I assume it’s a stand-in who doesn’t have a broken foot.
  • So here’s a thought:  Maybe, instead of getting married, they could have made another batch of the time-freezing potion and dropped it off on the watchtower?
  • HOLY CRAP, I just realized the song Emma’s singing/humming all the time is the Once Upon A Time theme song!

Disney Legends and Movie Stars: Everyone Comes to D23 Expo.

My report on the next couple of days I spent at D23 Expo 2015 is up now on http://AllEars.Net.

The first full day, I saw the Disney Legends Ceremony, tried to catch the big Animation panel, and heard about 60  years worth of Imagineering:


Photo courtesy of Disney.

The second day, I checked out next year’s slate of Disney live-action films, heard about the upcoming projects for Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, heard from “Once Upon A Time’s” Snow White and Evil Queen, and much more:


One more day to come!