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Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapter 16 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen
  • “Someone’s slicing our communications?”  “Who?”  Are you not even paying attention?!
  • Ha ha. It’s been so long, I don’t remember who all the later additions are.
  • Oh wow, the game suddenly remembered we were supposed to be romancing Theron.
  • Theron likes you, but not enough to want to go meet Arcann with you.
  • This seems like everyone is coming around to say bye. We must be nearing the end.
  • Great. I’ve been playing the Imperial Agent for the last month and barely remember how Consular fights anymore.
  • What…Koth has an anti-SCORPIO button?  Why have we not used that before?
  • Man, you really have to get a lot closer to fight as a Jedi than an agent.
  • Well that was a lot of dying, but the Harry Potter magical shield of need really came in handy.
  • I’m not so sure I’d count Arcann out until I saw a body.
  • Senya…
  • Vaylin never gets a break.
  • How did Senya take so long to get here, she missed the whole fight?
  • Koth better not be right about you, Senya. I’ve already had one betrayal this story.
  • Oh hi Valkorian. Did you not hear when Arcann was mopping up the floor with me to get your attention?
  • Nice of you to show up now.
  • Wow, I really don’t get SCORPIO’s deal. Why couldn’t she have accomplished this working with us?
  • Why would she give up all the power once she had it?  So confused.
  • This quest with the TC-93 droid is hilarious. “TC = remembers Carina // Carina = obsessive + lonely + creepy”
  • These poor lonely women and their even poorer droids.
  • So I guess that’s the end of the “Fallen Empire” storyline.
  • On the whole, it was pretty entertaining and doable as a solo, which was my main concern when I started this whole thing.
  • The first nine chapters I thought were really engrossing, but then it seems kind of evident that the subsequent chapters didn’t get the same amount of funding or time and were kind of shallow.
  • The other thing that you notice is how all the class storyline missions were fully voiced and the worlds fully rendered, while most of the expansions your character was silent and transportation was handled as a “fade to black” and then reappearance at your destination.
  • Once I caught up with the chapters however, the game really weakened for me, since all the interchapter grinding involved the heroic flashpoints which I proved totally incapable of finishing.
  • At that point, there wasn’t really anything interesting for the whole month until the new chapter came out.
  • Additionally, the early entry into the chapters for the subscribers wasn’t a huge advantage, because a) the chapters started out totally buggy and needed patching to be easily playable, and b) the areas were so crowded initially, you could hardly find non-timed out objectives.
  • Like sometimes you’d have to just stand around in some enemy compound waiting for a Big Bad to respawn and then try not to accidentally poach someone else’s turn who had been waiting for it earlier.
  • The next segment will evidently deal with Vaylin, who was probably a much more interesting character than Arcann, anyway.
  • Unfortunately it also deals with SCORPIO who I think was one of the weaker characters–pretty one-note, and one of those who makes your character look like kind of an idiot for constantly helping them even when they flat out say they’ll betray you at the first opportunity.
  • All the new characters were pretty interesting, but after the first nine chapters they were mostly done talking at length to you.
  • The chance to romance either Theron, Lana, or Koth was nice, but having to lock it in with one of them right in front of the other two was a little awkward.
  • Plus it wasn’t like the other person ever mentioned it again until the very end, so it made virtually no difference.  I liked how Dragon Age Origins made it so the characters at least changed how they routinely addressed you by how much they liked you.
  • Although it’s not very supportive of the game, if all you’re interested in is the new stuff, I’d probably hold off subscribing until all the chapters are out, because I found the time between them kind of tedious.
  • Part of it could also have been the Jedi Consular itself, because after starting an Imperial Agent character, I found that storyline to be much more interesting.
  • Even though the basic class stories are free, if you suck at combat as I do, it’s a huge advantage to subscribe and be able to have unlimited medical probes.  Otherwise, you wind up constantly having to march all the way through a level every time you die in a boss fight.
  • Alright.  On to Imperial Agent.



Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapter 15 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
Chapter XV: The Gemini Deception
  • Ok, here we go with the next chapter.
  • It feels like it’s been so long, I hope I remember what we were doing. Something about the Eternal Fleet.
  • Oh, ok. I guess a whole bunch of you are coming along on this one.
  • Whatever we were supposed to do to keep them from shooting us doesn’t seem to be working that great.
  • Lol. Lana actually said “let it go.”
  • It’s quiet. Too quiet.
  • I feel like maybe Scorpio and Gemini could have this chat without killing the rest of us.
  • Scorpio pretty unconcerned about Lana, Senya, and Theron all stuck behind that door.
  • Oh ambush.
  • Dead.
  • Dead again.
  • Ok, finally wore them down by attrition.
  • Hm. My pole saber or whatever is wearing out.
  • Oh I’m glad I went on this expedition with spare equipment that was worse than what I had on.
  • Alas for Scorpio.
  • Man, not even a body left. Cold.
  • Ha ha. I have no idea how to get out of the supply area.
  • This Skytroopers Constructor is pretty vicious.
  • He keeps activating a never-ending supply of droids to help him.
  • Oh look, dead again.
  • And again.
  • I might have to continue this fight tomorrow.
  • Dead.
  • Ha ha. I just changed these boots and now they’re almost toast.
  • I might have to go back to the ship for more clothes.
  • Dead.
  • Ok, at least if you leave to go get a change of clothes, you can come back to where you left off.
  • Dead again. This is becoming tedious.
  • Dead.
  • Dead.
  • Wait, maybe I can do something to the activating panels while he’s messing with them.
  • Well I can interrupt them, but he’s still killing me.
  • Dead.
  • Even if I get a medical probe, he regains all his health every time I die, so I can’t whittle him down that way.
  • Dead.
  • Well it seems like every panel I break stays broken even after I die, so that’s something, at least.
  • FINALLY killed him.
  • Ok, found Theron and Lana at last.
  • Oh, are you kidding me? Now we have to go all the way back in the opposite direction again?
  • You are worst mapped level.
  • That was weird. It said there was useful tech in that one room, but the door slammed shut as I got near.
  • Man that final fight was nowhere near as tough as the constructor one.
  • Oh dammit, Scorpio.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 13-14 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder
  • Ok, back to the Spire mission. Kaliyo and Jorgan screwing up again.
  • I like the animation on Gault. Lana still looks like an action figure from the 70s.
  • This is apparently going to be Team-Who-Could-Benefit-From-Minor-Cosmetic-Surgery.
  • Isn’t it time we got some Cullen look-alikes on board here?
  • Oh please let our contact be Salacious Crumb.
  • “Ocean’s Jedi.”
  • How did Vaylin get here so fast?
  • Not sure Senya should expect too much for Mother’s Day.
  • Well that was a pretty happy ending.
  • Being BioWare however, that usually means your dog dies in the next scene.
  • That seemed short, but Gault was a more interesting character than most.
  • Everybody likes a good heist once in awhile.


  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge
  • Androids get so testy when they find copies of themselves.
  • Scorpio should talk to HK-47 about the droid planet he found in KotOR 2. OH WAIT THEY CUT THAT PART.
  • The secrecy of who our allies will be would be more effective if this chapter wasn’t essentially called FIGHT WITH THE MANDALORIANS.
  • Oh man, these emails from Avus Dayne are hilarious. He needs to take poetry lessons from the Blue Rose of Illium Krogan.
  • Ok, rearranged our inventory, like we’ve been forgetting to do for the last few chapters.
  • Great. This new chapter is so busy, I can’t find a non-destroyed walker to destroy.
  • Ok, reprogramming the guns.
  • Man, am I glad for Quick Travel.
  • Arcann suddenly lost interest in defeating everyone?
  • He went from “I’ll kill you and everyone remotely associated to you” to “eh.  I’ll just watch it all on TV.”
  • We’re…going to a Mandalorian party?
  • Oh, pretty much like New Year’s in LA.
  • Man, there are a lot of droids in this armory.
  • Lana wants us to sterilize the Krogans, I see.
  • Every time they stick us with a non-optional new companion, I feel like they couldn’t get the usual voice actors back for another chapter.
  • Oh ugh. The Mandalorian dude left us. I get into a fight, I’m gonna die.
  • Thank goodness we didn’t have to drag that thing all the way back to camp.
  • Khomo is kind of an ass.
  • Welcome aboard, Torian.
  • Scorpio is a bit of a creeper.
  • Well, hard not to think that we’ve been kind of treading water for the last couple of chapters.  I don’t feel like we’ve found out anything new or made huge progress–mostly just continuing to try to get a handle on the Eternal Fleet problem.
  • Hopefully this Genesis droid will actually let us do something, like all the other things we’ve found so far haven’t.



Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 11-12 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter XI:  Disavowed
  • Oh, I guess we don’t have an option of starting it or not. Just straight on into the breach.
  • Havok Squad sounds familiar.
  • Major Jorgan apparently likes to gang out in the swamp in his tighty whities.
  • Oh, and shooting with an imaginary gun. I think there might be a glitch here.
  • Ok, should that Jorgan guy be with me? Because he is nowhere around while these swamp things are beating on me.
  • Well I feel like he is supposed to be here, because now it says to talk to him.
  • Ok, resetting.
  • Oh look, he has clothes now.
  • Back through the swamp. At least I get to watch everyone else go through the same thing in the chat window.
  • They are really not investing too much in the mission descriptions anymore.
  • The worst part of any game is trying to fiddle with the graphics setting so the resolution is high enough to distinguish something, but low enough so I can walk around without jerking in different directions.
  • Man, Jorgan is gone again.
  • You know, I think he fell through the floor, because I can still hear him, and everybody keeps shooting at the ground instead of me.
  • This chapter maybe needed some more debugging.
  • Damn it, this battle droid Atherna is kicking my ass.
  • Part of it seems to be that for all his talk, Jorgan has pretty poor survival instincts.
  • You would think, if a huge machine is going to plop down in one spot and keep firing at you, you would…I don’t know…MOVE?!
  • Argh. Still dying.
  • Took a break for a day. Still dying.
  • FINALLY killed it. I have no idea what made the difference, besides killing the turrets and knights faster.
  • Glad these citizens had better firepower than all these military guys.
  • Again, I don’t know why everyone looks pretty good except Lana who always looks under-rendered.
  • Oh man, Koth just administered a sick burn to Senya.
  • Nobody likes Scorpio.
  • That was kind of weird. We just went to sit in the cantina and watch people get beat up.
  • Well I guess that was the end? These end kind of abruptly.
  • This was the first one I did as an early access subscriber, and I’d have to say that it was a little buggy.


  • Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark
  • Oh already with the tough decisions. Use the fleet? Or destroy it?
  • Frankly, I’m not sure either Kaliyo or Jorgan is my top pick.
  • There must be people who make these decisions on a snap. I usually have to think so long, the game has to check if I’m still alive.
  • Ok Jorgan. You’re up.
  • Why is it every time Valkorion wants to talk to me, he can barge in while people are throwing napalm at me, but when I want to talk to him, I have to go camping under a waterfall?
  • Well that wasn’t that helpful.
  • Hey, we checked all the exits and they were all no good.
  • I feel like we didn’t come off too well in that fight.
  • Oh look, our maybe-future-MIL.
  • “Don’t take this personally, but you’ve gotten…strange.”
  • Theron’s Mom has maybe been alone too long.
  • Oh, I guess she wasn’t alone after all.
  • Seems disturbing.
  • Wow, talk about strange bedfellows.
  • Oh dudes. You can’t just tell me the secrets? There’s a war going on, if you weren’t aware.
  • Morality is a weakness?
  • Accumulating all these secrets and I have no idea what they are.
  • I’m not so sure you guys are helping.
  • I made a thing! That will probably last about five fights before I have to throw it in the garbage.
  • …What.
  • They just…left?
  • GDI
  • Wow, I can’t climb this climbing wall for anything.
  • There is no way I can make any of these jumps and none of the ledges connect.
  • Ok, taking a leap and just yelling for help.
  • OMG. All you had to do was click a rock. Hate you BioWare.
  • Glad in all the time I was hunting weird crap in the jungle, everyone continued with the same argument as when I left.


  • Oh, got another mission from the Hutt guy.  Reclaimed Treasure.
  • Sith artifacts are never good news for anyone.
  • Ok, unlocked the artifact, fixed the amulet, found the Hidden Hallow and…nothing.
  • Absolutely nothing. This may be a bug.
  • Yep, a bug. Had to restart the mission. Ugh.
  • Hm. If we recruit this guy, it will be the first dark side move we’ve made
  • Well, we all have to sacrifice for the Alliance.



Star Wars: The Old Republic Not-Live Blog. Children of the Emperor

Spoiler Thoughts:

So here’s the thing.  For whatever reason, I lost the notes I made on a huge swath of gameplay, so we’ll just hit the high points of whatever I remember.  On the upside, after this, I think I figured out where the screenshots were saved.

Chapter 3:  Children of the Emperor
  • I’m glad we’re going to all this trouble to break out the Esh-Ka and recruit them for our army, when most of our troubles in the past have stemmed from trying to shove the Esh-Ka back in the slammer.
  • I’m not so sure I feel like the Rakata are so much more desirable than the Children of the Emperor, but I guess.
  • Good thing this ship must have more bedrooms than I can see, or the Rift Ambassadors are going to start having to double up.
  • Poor Senator Grell.  Good thing he just updated his will with the Jedi Council.
  • Welcome aboard Nadia.  I guess those AP courses you took let you bypass the whole eternity I spent on Tython with the Flesh Traders or whatever.
  • On to Voss.  I would have to say, I think the Voss is one of the must frustrating races.  They say they want to be totally neutral, but immediately seem to back the Sith whenever you turn around.
  • Then, when you save their bacon, they’re all “huh.  That’s weird.”  And then happily go on playing both sides until the Sith dupe them again.
  • The Voss might be a) self-absorbed and b) not that bright, is what I’m saying.
  • I’m glad no one in the history of the Old Republic has ever been able to figure out when something is just a trap.
  • Where is Ackbar when I need him.
  • At the end of the exploding ship trap, our kind-of romance interest Iresso escape podded it down to war-torn Corellia.
  • On the one hand, that’s a pity, and on the other hand, maybe it’s a good chance to break it off.
  • I feel like Nathan Fillion would have been a good choice to voice this freedom fighter guy that’s going to help us get Iresso.
  • But then again, I usually feel Nathan Fillion would be a good choice for a voice.
  • The big twist for this would probably have been more surprising if they hadn’t already shown us the big reveal in an earlier vision.
  • I never get that.  Like with “The Prestige,” when I felt we were supposed to be all shocked and horrified at the end–but we SAW how the machine worked earlier in the film!  Was everyone just supposed to forget about that by the end?
  • Well anyway, saved all the sleeper agents, including the infamous First Son.
  • The ending is a little bizarre, with a big ceremony after you liberate Corellia, and then you still have to sneak out past all these dudes that still are hanging around waiting to kill you.
  • Apparently they didn’t get the Big Fat Hero memo.
  • So that’s the end of the Jedi Consular class storyline, I guess?
  • While it wasn’t always riveting, and seemed like a lot of fetch and carry/fight missions, it did have a lot more story than I thought it would, and certainly was way better than I found it during the initial beta test.
  • It was interesting enough to make me want to go back and play the other class storylines as well.
  • The one bizarre thing was that it always seemed like such an ordeal to come back to the ship that I inevitably only did so between finishing planets.
  • Consequently, a lot of the companion content just came in a big bolus when I’d come back after liberating a planet, and then…nothing.
  • I don’t know if that’s how it was supposed to be, or if I just ended up making it that way because I didn’t get a chance to visit them regularly.
  • So then we did the intermediary missions “Crystal Ball” and “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” which were so exciting I honestly don’t even remember what the deal was with “Crystal Ball.”
  • Mostly I remember hating the fact that you would periodically get stuck doing Flashpoint missions or you couldn’t advance in the story.
  • I hate Flashpoint missions, even though they made them so you can solo them, because there’s no way to save and if you have to leave in the middle, or in fact, right near the end, it makes you do the whole thing again.
  • Plus, they seem buggy as all get out.  A few times, after I died, my robot pal and my companion would periodically not resuscitate with me, or would start blinking out in inopportune times during the fight.  Alternatively, the bosses would reset after I had almost defeated them and would keep abruptly reappearing with full health again.
  • Of course, these were always the boss fights, which means if I quit and restarted, I’d have to go through the entire Flashpoint again.
  • So neg on that.
  • Plus, I thought you could really tell that the budget for these was clearly a lot smaller than for the main class missions, since the planets were not fully rendered, but had sort of islands of territory you had to transport between.
  • Also the animation on some of the characters was pretty rough.  Lana in particular always looked like they skimped on her face development a little.
  • I actually think there was another mission you could do before Shadow of Revan, but after starting it and realizing it was going to be another half-dozen missions before a bunch of flashpoints, I bagged it and moved on.