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Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • People can say what they like about Gamlen, but he certainly expresses more care for Hawke and Leandra than Leandra did for him or Hawke.
  • With all the money and acclaim Hawke has by now, you’d think she could help Gamlen out a little. At least get him a small place in Hightown or something.
  • Well, if we didn’t do anything else of real benefit in this town, we did get Gamlen and Charade together.
  • Oh Gamlen. Almost a nice moment.
  • Hey Zevran! Looks like you’ve had a little work done.
  • Oh, ok Fenris. Lets talk about it now, since you’ve had three years to mull it over.
  • You’re forgiven Fenris. Just…can you just do something about these bodies sometime?
  • And maybe get rid of some of that creepy art standing around? Danarius was a poor interior decorator.
  • I like how, no matter who you take on her mission with you, everyone wants to take a smack at Isabela.
  • For someone who later gets in trouble for not delivering a shipment of slaves, Isabela seems pretty ok with Castillon staying in business.
  • Wow, that guy that Varric decked six years ago still has a black eye. When Varric decks you, you stay decked.
  • Isabela finally said something so lurid to Aveline that even Anders was repulsed.
  • Man, we did a pretty piss-poor job of protecting Nyssa, like we promised.
  • Those are some lousy Templars if they couldn’t find the one escaped Mage that just left to hang out in bars and brothels, telling everyone who he was.
  • You know, Varric–rather than fight our way through a haunted house to get a cursed idol, maybe you could consider burning it to the ground first.
  • NO Varric. You cannot keep the crazy-making idol.