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Once Upon A Time, S4E22: “Operation Mongoose, Part 1 and 2”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Walt Disney died December 15, 1966, making it pretty clear that he was The Author that predated Isaac Heller.
  • Maybe The Apprentice and The Sorcerer should vet their recruitment process a little more.
  • He may be a hack, but wow, Isaac is a fast writer.
  • Did Isaac follow him in?  Or did he get sucked in?
  • I love that they even gave Rumple HERO TEETH.
  • Poor Regina cannot catch a break for anything.  No happy ending as a villain or a hero.
  • Ok, we might have needed that book, Regina.
  • So was Charming not actually turned evil?  He would have been a hero if Snow didn’t have his heart?
  • How did Regina manage to get James killed as a little girl?  He was a prince, not a vulnerable stable boy.
  • Robin Hood:  A sucker in any reality.
  • Actually, how do people like Henry and Isaac get around so easily in the Enchanted Forest?  It’s not like they have horses, or carriages, and yet they move from town to port to castle like it’s nothing.
  • Things must be pretty close if you can get from some inland village to Hook’s ship that day by just jogging.
  • You can put the hero in the villain, but apparently you can’t take the villain out of the villain.
  • Henry is kind of badass in this episode.  I guess he got a lot of rest from not being in most of the rest of the season.
  • For a prison that was supposed to be impossible to find or enter, a kid and a quivering deckhand did both pretty nonchalantly.
  • Good thing Emma knows every pirate ship keeps cannonballs connected to a large chain net around for emergencies.
  • I guess now that dwarf is known as “Deady.”
  • Just a thought, but maybe Emma and Henry should start running about now.
  • Oh ouch.
  • So…Did Zelena know all the time?  Why was The Author so nice to her, and so crappy to Regina?  They were both kinda evil.
  • Why is Isaac so happy?  The book is over, but isn’t he now stuck in this world with no health or dental care just like everyone else?
  • Oh Emma.  So close to a nice moment.
  • I feel like it’s kind of a jump to go from your resentment at your TV salesman boss to hating all heroes.
  • It seems like you could bring someone back from the dead by just writing that it never happened.  Like it was their evil twin or something.
  • Well great:  Now how are you going to be The Author without a pen?
  • Oh Belle.  Still such a sap.
  • Ok, the person that is making out like a bandit?  Granny.  Every time they have a celebration, she must rake in dough for catering.
  • I’m sure Maleficent is happy that Lily is telling everyone around town she doesn’t know who the father is.
  • There must be like 5 people in town who can’t rip people’s hearts out.
  • Why did the Black Evil kill the Apprentice, but not Regina?
  • Why didn’t Emma do her magical exorcism on Regina, like she did for the Apprentice?
  • Well, I guess it didn’t work out all that well for him, in retrospect.
  • Maybe the Apprentice could have just left, like, half the evil in Rumple’s heart, and then kept the rest in the magical Tupperware.
  • I feel like we could have picked a less powerful person to contain the evil.  Or Pongo.