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Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Twelve: “Damnatio Memoriae”

Screenshot (1)

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I wouldn’t be a Beacon Hills deputy for all the tea in China.
  • Ugh. I am totally watching poor Hayden’s sister walking around this murder building with my eyes partly closed so I don’t have to see her getting eaten.
  • Lol. I can’t tell whether that thing looks more like the police officer that was after Stitch, or the dog-demon thing in Ghostbusters.
  • I think she’s already running, ma’am.
  • Liam, I’m not sure Hayden’s all that into you.
  • Chimera girl has some unresolved Dad issues.
  • “You know what it is, don’t you?” Maybe you, Parrish?
  • Also, what the Hell happened to Parrish, after he melted out the gate at Eichen House?  He never seems that fazed about his alternate personality jaunts.
  • You’d think he’d at least start running out of shirts.
  • Although I guess you’d think they’d all start running out of shirts by now.
  • Glad Scott figured out what every teenage girl figures out eventually, and wore a red shirt.
  • Scott is not so much with the string theory.
  • Argent may not actually understand what a safe is for.
  • Good Lord, Stiles. Why would you go down into the basement?
  • Why is the whole hospital empty, if this isn’t a dream?
  • Well a) I do feel Stiles is smart enough to have appreciated this distinction a long time ago, and b) Sheriff Stalinski might be on morally grey ground here.
  • Although, let’s face it:  Who among us would not shred evidence for Stiles?
  • Aw. Stiles metaphorically had his eyes turned, like Derek.
  • Oh Derek. Where art thou?
  • Theo is kind of running a hedonistic pack.
  • Man, for a minute, I thought Scott was hearing heartbeats in Malia. Like she was having twins.
  • Deaton! I had totally forgotten what had happened to him.
  • Mason is the best.
  • Lydia’s situation doesn’t seem to have improved.
  • Oh ugh. It’s the bathtub where Lydia got traumatized by her grandma’s trepanning.
  • Oh we are going all Crimson Peak up in here.
  • Fun fact:  You grab someone’s arm and tell them “this isn’t a threat,” it’s pretty much a threat.
  • Scott is not a whiz at bandaging.
  • No touchee, Theo.
  • Oh hey, this is sounding more and more threat-y.
  • Mason is Liam’s Stiles.
  • Not to be too picky Lydia, since she seems like the only one who’s helping you, but wasn’t curly haired girl evil before?
  • I’m not so sure this little test would convince me that Theo and I were on the same side.
  • Liam, King of the Screwed Up.
  • I would maybe not totally trust undead evil Hayden.
  • OMG. How is Gerard STILL alive?
  • Wow.
  • Does…this facility not serve salads?
  • Some discreet product placement.
  • Pretty elaborately done hair, for girls who were buried in the ground.