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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 106: “Game Over”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Kind of a pugilistic episode, apparently.
  • Ew. I hope they don’t reuse those restraining devices.
  • Man, Ren is the guy in the coffee shop that sits there all day with one cup of coffee, playing his computer loudly and yelling into his earphones.
  • Zachary isn’t that good with voice mail.
  • Yeah, Zachary isn’t helping the EVOs seem less creepy.
  • Ok Miko. In the US, people take a dim view on getting their stuff took.
  • Renautas is at 88 HILL VALLEY ROAD.
  • When this goes into syndication, no one will ever understand the significance of that and the original air date week.
  • Wow, that seems like a poorly designed device when it’s that obvious.
  • It is a good thing Ren’s computer turns on, logs onto the game, and picks up a wifi signal instantaneously.
  • …But even Ren’s supercomputer succumbs to crappy battery life.
  • Ok, actually, I don’t know why Ren doesn’t just run around the block to the nearest Starbucks to plug in. It doesn’t seem like he needs to physically be there, like Katana Girl.
  • Wait, serious? That whole scene was nothing but her not finding Francis and crying?
  • That was like a stub of a scene.
  • Tommy is basically breaking and entering at this point. No wonder they don’t trust EVOs.
  • Wow, this girl is the least stealthy with her powers ever. She may not make it without the also-not-that-stealthy invisible girl.
  • This is the week for all the EVO’s to abuse their powers. How can we trust them if they can’t even be trusted to hold to the compact of the vending machine?
  • Emily is becoming too good to be true. I think she just said “Gosh!” Unironically.
  • Why on Earth would Miko start beating on HRG and Quentin, when she knows the clone guy is evil?
  • Good thing HRG still has his Japanese from when George Takei was in charge.
  • Well if you wanted to blow your cover, that was a pretty effective way to do it.
  • Oh that was surprisingly unsubtle for HRG.
  • OMG. Why are they all just standing there, when they know everyone on the planet has been alerted to their presence?
  • And why wouldn’t they keep the programmer as hostage? Wouldn’t he be their only leverage?
  • Nice callback to the artist who could only draw when he was on heroin or something.
  • Wait. So you’re telling me clone guy sat there and shot at bulletproof glass forever when you can walk around it?
  • So this is great until Quentin talks Phoebe down and all these bits of clones regenerate into an army.
  • Poor Ren. Got “I know’d.”
  • Oh man! Quentin bought it! From Phoebe!
  • What’s this…?
  • Aw, he lost his accent.
  • Oops. Taylor’s got a half-EVO bun in her oven.
  • I don’t know that I would drink anything Evil Cop gave me.
  • Wow, I can’t believe these guys are just going to hang out after everyone just saw she has powers and probably called the cops.
  • …That tracker was pretty close to some important vessels. I don’t know if I’d want some teenager digging around in my wrist like that.
  • If Emily turns out to be evil, I’ll be sad now.