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Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Fifteen: “Amplification”

Screenshot (22)
Do you know the way to San Jose?

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • I’m glad they all let Lydia just hang out all safe and all in Arkam Asylum all this time.
    • If I was even remotely close to critical, I’d have a living will made out demanding I be taken to Hill Valley Hospital.
    • “Put my body out on the street before you take me to Beacon Memorial.”
    • I feel like Melissa has enough experience by now to not hang around when a creepy elevator gets to her floor.
    • Somebody take up a collection and buy poor Parrish a shirt.
    • I’m not so sure I think drilling a hole in someone’s head is going to release anything but cerebrospinal fluid.
    • If you are in this pack, and you are still questioning Stiles’ plans like they have a chance of success, you might have already got a hole drilled into your head.
    • Well I guess we’d feel worse for that orderly, but she was kind of a bitch to Lydia, so…good luck.
    • Liam, surprised that Scott’s Mom is still mad at him for almost killing him.
    • I wish Kira wasn’t always the weak link.
Screenshot (23)
You gotta win one for the Asians, Kira.
    • No one thinks she can do this Scott. Her results are not confidence-inspiring.
    • Why don’t they just knock this dude out and take his keycard?
    • Who’d notice outside? It’s not like Eichen House spends on outside lighting.
    • This Eichen House guard is the only person in Beacon Hills trying to do his job right.
    • Poor naked Nelson.
    • Poor naked electrified Nelson.
    • Did Kira and Malia really think short shorts were the best break-in outfits?
    • Maybe they would have had a better chance of blending if they stole some scrubs too.
Screenshot (26)
    • Dead.
    • Wow, Kira is producing sub-optimal results with this standing-and-doing-nothing method.
    • Deucalion! So good.
Screenshot (27)
I am badder than thou.
  • I’m not sure they have time for a brawl at this point.
  • This would have been a more suspenseful episode if we didn’t already know Theo and his gang end up walking out with Lydia.
  • Mrs. Martin should probably go home.
  • Everyone seems a little more surprised at the naked man on fire than you’d think, considering they were expecting him.
  • These fights are always the ones where I wonder why everyone suddenly forgot they could change into super powerful creatures.
  • I guess Mountain Ash, but they did just break apart a steel door.
  • This wasn’t enough to make Liam angry?
  • Can’t help thinking Posey just got tired of putting on the makeup. Now, a werewolf transformation consists of contacts and a couple of dental caps.

Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • People can say what they like about Gamlen, but he certainly expresses more care for Hawke and Leandra than Leandra did for him or Hawke.
  • With all the money and acclaim Hawke has by now, you’d think she could help Gamlen out a little. At least get him a small place in Hightown or something.
  • Well, if we didn’t do anything else of real benefit in this town, we did get Gamlen and Charade together.
  • Oh Gamlen. Almost a nice moment.
  • Hey Zevran! Looks like you’ve had a little work done.
  • Oh, ok Fenris. Lets talk about it now, since you’ve had three years to mull it over.
  • You’re forgiven Fenris. Just…can you just do something about these bodies sometime?
  • And maybe get rid of some of that creepy art standing around? Danarius was a poor interior decorator.
  • I like how, no matter who you take on her mission with you, everyone wants to take a smack at Isabela.
  • For someone who later gets in trouble for not delivering a shipment of slaves, Isabela seems pretty ok with Castillon staying in business.
  • Wow, that guy that Varric decked six years ago still has a black eye. When Varric decks you, you stay decked.
  • Isabela finally said something so lurid to Aveline that even Anders was repulsed.
  • Man, we did a pretty piss-poor job of protecting Nyssa, like we promised.
  • Those are some lousy Templars if they couldn’t find the one escaped Mage that just left to hang out in bars and brothels, telling everyone who he was.
  • You know, Varric–rather than fight our way through a haunted house to get a cursed idol, maybe you could consider burning it to the ground first.
  • NO Varric. You cannot keep the crazy-making idol.


Dragon Age 2: Act 2 Thoughts, Part 1

Spoiler thoughts:

  • You would think, with all of Hawke’s new-found fortune, she’d spring for a decent haircut.
  • Three years, Fenris. Are you even dusting the dead bodies?
  • It took Sebastian three years to figure out that one of the neighbors killed his whole family.
  • Poor Barlin. Still trying to get poison for his traps.
  • Ah Sebastian’s long day’s journey into night at the Harrowman Estate. Home of the most embarrassing Desire Demon victims ever.
  • Merrill’s turn to betray me in the Fade. Fenris and Anders did ok though–I thought it turned everyone but Anders against me last time.
  • Well you have to give Emeric points for persistence, since he’s been pursuing this ladykiller for like four years with no help.
  • Hubert is the worst boss ever. Plus it’s always amazing that you just stand there while he makes all these racist anti-Ferelden comments.
  • I never know what to think about Fenris crushing Hadriana’s heart after he said he wouldn’t. On the one hand, I feel like I’m supposed to be horrified that he broke his word, and on the other hand…slavery, man.
  • But he seems kind of sorry she was so awful he had to kill her. Oh, who are we kidding. Gideon Emery’s voice comes out a character, they could commit genocide and I’d still give them a pass.
  • Anders and Aveline seem to have kind of an ambivalent relationship. All their dialogue is one or the other of them trying to be friendly and getting shut down.
  • Hard to look good, DuPuis, when the woman is standing right there saying you hurt and bled her.
  • Alas for Emeric. The only guy in Kirkwall who was actually trying to unselfishly do good, and everyone thought he was nuts.
  • On the other hand, if you honestly think you can do good in Kirkwall, you might be a little nuts.
  • Why Fenris, this is so sudden. Assuming you consider four years sudden.

Dragon Age 2: Act 1 Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Varric!  Long time no see, buddy.
  • I must say, if it hadn’t been for Tumblr, I would probably never have noticed the guy Varric punches out hanging around the bar.
  • So Bartrand has no maps and no money.  Maybe we should have suspected from the outset that this was not a well-thought-out plan.
  • Poor angry Sebastian.  First he gets exiled to the Chantry, and now he gets to be the bad guy because he wants to get back at the people who slaughtered his whole family.
  • Ah, I had forgotten about the thugs that drop out of the air, even when there is clearly nothing around for them to drop from.
  • Aveline liiikes Donnic…
  • Merrill is such a sweet soul, for being so universally reviled in her clan.
  • Flemeth clearly had some work done from DAO.  Either that, or this fragment was better preserved.
  • Anders!  It’s like old home week.  If your old home was filled with demon-possessed magical people.
  • I still think Bethany is a little hard on Gamlin.  It’s true that Leandra had no intention of coming back to see her parents or claim her inheritance until the Blight, and they have stayed with him apparently without paying for rent or food for a year.
  • Plus I think it’s crappy that their parents left like nothing to Gamlin after he had to take care of them for so long.  Harsh parenting apparently runs in the Amell line.
  • Also I like how they’ve been living there a year, and are all “GAMLIN IS THE WORST.  THIS CHEESE HAS BEEN SITTING HERE FOR A YEAR.  LOL.”  Maybe toss it yourself, Hawke?
  • While I understand people thought the whole leveling up process got oversimplified, I kind of like it, because I’m the world’s worst at managing things like that.
  • I love that they out and out tell you what loot is junk so you can unload it at the next merchant.  Otherwise I end up carting around wheelbarrows full of stuff no one ever needs.
  • Oh Fenris.
  • Gideon Emery really does a wonderful job with Fenris, who could easily have just been some creepy barefoot alcoholic squatter.
  • Ok Anders.  We’ll go get Karl.  I just don’t think this will end up as satisfying as you imagine.
  • Look, I don’t want to say “I told you so,” Anders…
  • Bodahn and Sandal.  So reassuring.
  • …And Isabella, whom we always meet dueling mashers in a bar.
  • Another thing I have to thank Tumblr for, is the knowledge that Isabella never wears pants.  I guess I just always assumed she had shorts on under her tunic.
  • The difficult part of this game, is trying to balance everyone’s approval.
  • I must have had to do the part with Feynriel a couple times to try to get the right party combination so everyone wouldn’t disapprove.
  • (I’m looking at you, Fenris.)
  • Oh hey, here’s where we first meet Samson, that bum.
  • Petrice is the worst.
  • I’m going to agree with the Arishok that Jaravis doesn’t seem like the most responsible person to have a gunpowder franchise.
  • Grace is also the worst.  Don’t take it out on me, because you can’t get over your blood mage boyfriend.
  • I would have to say, the dragon in the the bone pit is a world easier than any of the DAI dragons.
  • Man, Trask is the poster child for Bad Things Happening to Good Templars.
  • Fenris is actually a lot funnier than I remember him.  He and Varric have good times.
  • Hey thanks Anders, for almost letting the prostitute make me slit my own throat if I hadn’t mentioned it.
  • Creepy elf-kid killer is the worst.  Maybe some playthrough I’ll earn the favor of the magistrate, but this will not be the one.