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Spoiler Thoughts on “The Maze Runner”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Sitting in the second row makes following all the quick camera movement a little disorienting.
  • If they all know everyone who arrives has amnesia, maybe their welcoming ceremony shouldn’t include pummeling.
  • It’s like “Lord of the Flies,” except if everyone had their own stylist.
  • Thank goodness Thomas doesn’t bruise easily, or he would be one big hematoma by now.
  • I’m going to guess that Thomas remembers stuff subconsciously about their situation, because if I couldn’t remember anything, I think I’d be ok with just getting the lay of the land for awhile.
  • Hey, the kid from “Nanny McFee!”
  • Hey, Asian guy!
  • Ok, this seems like it would have been more effective if a bunch of them had run in immediately and tried to drag them out.
  • Poor Minho–he gets stuck with every undesirable task.
  • Well it’s a good thing we already established all these guys are swell people, otherwise an unconscious girl in a camp with nothing but teenage guys would be pre-tty creepy.
  • Their penal system leaves a little to be desired.
  • So does their medical care.
  • I wonder which kid showed up and said “I’ll take care of the haircuts.”
  • Watching Thomas and Minho run through the maze makes me think this is one film it would have actually killed me to be in. #ShouldGoTreadmilling
  • If you can climb to the top of the maze walls, and you have an actual map of the maze, it seems like you should be able to see outside the maze.
  • Given that the whole story hinges on no one remembering, I’m a little worried for anyone who gets their memory back and isn’t O’Brien
  • Unimpressed with the contributions made by the Lone Girl.
  • Yeah, maybe we should save the antidote for if someone actually needs it…oh…never mind.
  • Interesting how all the smaller/ethnic kids decide to take a powder, and mostly the big white dudebros are the ones who like the status quo.
  • Ok, somebody better save Minho, because ain’t no one gonna get out without him.
  • If Thomas got his memory back, it seems as though this part shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to him.
  • I am really not clear on Gally’s motivation right here.
  • Minho:  Maze Runner MVP.
  • Oh, what the what?
  • Man, if they don’t make a sequel, I’m going to be pretty irked.  Like “The Golden Compass” irked.


  • Dylan O’Brien (obv.)
  • Asian guy (Ki Hong Lee) gets a big part in a movie!  Where he’s not a nerd or a ninja!
  • All the sequences shot in the maze.


  • What was the girl even there for?
  • Patrick McGoohan wants his ending back.


  • Predictable sequences shot outside the maze.
  • Dystopian teen survivalist stories beginning to feel a little old hat.


Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Three: “Muted”


  • In retrospect, why was this guy so alarmed at his cat being all bloody, when he had an abattoir underneath the stairs?
  • Derek seems oddly uncomfortable with having his innocent eyes back.
  • I find it hilarious that the only Asian family took one look at Beacon Hills and despite having their own superpowers, said “NOPE” and tried to head back to civilization where whole families don’t get burnt or axed or eaten every other minute.
  • Do none of the teachers in Beacon Hills High notice that Malia can barely speak English, much less do algebra?  This is the worst school ever.
  • That was the most over-the-top exercise intolerance performance ever, by O’Brien.  It’s like, after all that running he did in “Maze Runner,” he forgot what it was like to be unfit.
  • Liam really picked a crappy time at which to try to Lacrosse.
  • This just doesn’t seem like the only course of action open to Scott.  He didn’t look like he was trying all that hard to get away from the Wendigo before munching down.
  • I’m going to guess that Liam had some terminal disease or something that the bite is going to cure.  On the other hand, hopefully he didn’t have Hepatitis or something, given that Scott just got a mouthful of his blood.  Ick.