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Dragon Age Origins: “Awakening” Second Half Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Auggghhh. I forgot about the Silverite Mine bug.
  • Oh, and apparently I haven’t done a real save in like five days.
  • Choices now: Redo everything since Amaranthine vs. lose everything I had equipped.
  • Making a save point now. Calling it “Lost All My Damn Stuff.”
  • Wow. Nida is stone cold.
  • “Hi. Your husband died fighting the Darkspawn and saving the world for everyone.” “Hey lover–can you hang outside for a mo while the Warden and I chat?”
  • Ugh. Didn’t upgrade anyone high enough to make the runes or potions needed to complete the “make the rare armor/weapons” quest.
  • “You’re a terrible person. And your ears are clownish.”  Nathaniel don’t play.
  • Oh and Sigrun’s quest won’t activate apparently because I already did the law and order quest. I had forgotten how touchy this game was.
  • I found it incredibly difficult to get approval with some of the characters.  It seemed like Anders had a jillion gifts to raise approval where I didn’t even need the last three to get to 100%, but I funneled every last bit of alcohol into Ogren that I could find, and I still couldn’t get him high enough to chat about Felsi.
  • Amaranthine or the Keep?  I usually feel like at least the Keep has a chance of defending itself, while you’re actually burning the survivors alive if you ditch the town.
  • Live Architect or dead Architect?  I can’t get over his plan in The Calling, where he wanted to turn everyone into modified Darkspawn, so I usually turn down the deal.
  • I will say that, just considering what he says in the game, he sounds pretty reasonable.  Deciding whether to back him or not is, I think, one of the harder decisions Dragon Age asks you to make.
  • Man, the Mother is just horrifying.  Then, when you think you might be able to get over the jillion nipples, her face flays open.  Ugh.
  • The epilogue here was pretty interesting, although some of it seems inconsistent with subsequent happenings.
  • It seems clear that Anders did not stay with the Wardens and live happily ever after, like they said.
  • Poor Ogren.  I tried to help you buddy, but you wouldn’t open up.
  • They say the story of the Warden wasn’t over, but I guess this was the first expansion?  I guess you could argue that she went on to Witch Hunt at least afterwards.
  • It doesn’t sound like the Warden’s likely to make a comeback in any future games, but you never know when BioWare will drag a character back for a tragic demise.
  • I feel a little poorly that Velanna never got closure with her sister, but she was just so abrasive I rarely felt like bringing her along.
  • Also sad to think that this is the last time we’ll see Justice before sharing a skull with Anders drives him totally crazy.
  • Alright.  Next stop:  Kirkwall.  The town where the phrase “what a wonderful city!  I’m so glad I came!” was said by nobody ever.

Dragon Age Origins: “Awakening” Half-Way Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I like how the soldiers say “oh, there’s probably dark spawn in the basements. Well, we’ll be over here, then.”
  • Love Wade and Herren. I wonder why they never reappeared?
  • Wow, I totally forgot about the guy who wound up hanging himself because he couldn’t fix up a house for his wife.
  • People go hard in Amaranthine.
  • One disadvantage of playing these games in rapid succession is that the quests start to blur a little. Having the description change in the “Finished Quests” list is a huge help, and something I really wish they’d bring back.
  • Also the ability to read over the last few dialogues. I need that back too.
  • The one thing I find a little disturbing is when we walk up to people, they get agitated, and we end up killing them, without much of a reason why.
  • “Hi!  Do you know…”  “AUGGGHH!”  “Oh well.”  [draws sword]
  • The worst part of any DA game is when you’re walking along and suddenly a dozen spiders fall on you with a deafening “HIIISSSSS!”
  • It’s kind of extra-sad to see Spunky!Anders! when you know what’s waiting for him down the line.
  • Ok, who among us really thought it was a good idea to reassemble the dragon bones in the creepy haunted village?
  • Peasant uprising went poorly.  Thought of going back and trying again, but the last save I made was apparently before the dragon fight, so we’re just gonna have to deal with a few dead peasants.

Dragon Age Origins: Post-Game Thoughts

Ok, our quest to revisit Dragon Age in its entirety begins here, with Dragon Age Origins.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • The mechanics of this game are so smooth to me–it’s so much easier to walk around, pick up loot, interact with stuff than some of the sequels, it makes me wonder why they changed it.
  • Oh Alistair.  You’re my favorite.
  • The one quest that has always eluded me through all my playthroughs is that one where you have to find all the love letters.  I think at best, I’ve gotten 10/12.
  • The problem is that even after I upgrade Leliana and Zev’s lockpicking skills all the way, they still have insufficient skill to open some of the chests.  What’s that about?
  • For that matter, I wonder why I can’t just hammer on a container to get it to open, like in KotOR?
  • I know a lot of people don’t seem to be overly fond of the Fade, but I kinda like it.  Getting to use all the different powers instead of the same 3 attacks I usually have, is a kick.
  • I’m not crazy about Anora, but man oh man, I loathe Isolde way more.
  • I was all “wow, the characters talk a bunch more in DAO than DAI,” but then I realized I think I installed a mod that makes everyone blurt out thoughts all the time.
  • I still hope Jowan, the perpetually-screwing-up-mage, made it out ok.  At least we know if he was tranquilized, he could get better now.
  • My favorite rando character is Carroll.  Lyrium addition and all, anyone who likes cookies and says things like “by the Maker’s shiny gold cutlery!” is ok in my book.
  • While I don’t find the werewolf story to be as exciting as some of the other segments, my least favorite is Orzammar.  In the first place, you have all those weird politically-based fetch-and-carry missions, and in the second place, you end up in the deep roads forever and have to listen to that disturbing poem.
  • Plus the broodmother, which has to be one of the most ick enemies ever.  I remember the first time I played it, I must have died half a dozen times probably because I was so traumatized at having to look at her.
  • The Bhelen/Harrowmount choices is a perfect example of the typical BioWare “everything is terrible” choice.
  • Tim Russ always sounds like he’s still doing Tuvok to me.
  • Dwight Schultz is so good.  I wonder why they didn’t use him again for DAI?
  • Such a good game.  The writing is really fine and the plot is well-paced.  Plus, I have probably never been as traumatized by anything in a game as the first time I played it, when Alistair dumped my poor mage’s ass right after he had done the whole “I don’t want anyone but you even for pretend” speech, and she had made him king.
  • From the Dragon Age Keep, I’m guessing the only after-game DLC of consequence were Awakenings and Witch Hunt…so maybe Witch Hunt next, while we start up with Gaider’s “Stolen Throne.”