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Dragon Age 2: Post-Game Thoughts

Our quest to revisit Dragon Age in its entirety continues here, with Dragon Age 2.

Spoiler Ending Thoughts:

  • I have to say, this is one game, along with KotOR: Sith Lords that really improved with repeated play.
  • The repeated environments didn’t really bother me as much this time around, although the part where they would use the same map and then just randomly block off certain passageways after I walked all the way over to the entryway was kind of a bummer.
  • There is a lot of talking in this one.  More than I remembered.
  • While I love the characters of DAO, I think your BFFs in DA2 are a little more fleshed out.
  • Alistair is still my overall favorite, but I find Isabella a more interesting character in DA2 than Leliana in DAO.
  • What I think is the main downside of the game, besides the reused areas, is the way the game eventually boxes you into doing missions that you know aren’t on the up-and-up.
  • I mean, if you really thought Anders was making you find him poop to free him from Justice, you possess a lot more hope than I did, at that point.
  • Plus, poor Trask–I still don’t know why we ended up killing all the templars and mages who actually wanted to work together for peace.
  • It took me until this time around to actually notice that Orsinio was in cahoots with Quentin, the crazy mother-killer.  Given that, and his weird sudden turn to blood magic right after we killed all the templars, it’s no wonder Justinia didn’t send in the troops to rescue the downtrodden mages.  He made them all seem wacked.
  • Out of all the followers, I think I found Merrill the least compelling.  Her story was sort of a light analogue of Ander’s, where you ended up helping her do stuff that you were pretty sure wasn’t going to work out well in the end, but you did it anyway because otherwise there’s no game.
  • Both the DLC I thought were far better than any of DAO’s DLC, except Awakening, and maybe even that.  They were visually great, and had interesting plotting and good variations on activities–it’s too bad that everyone I know was so burnt out on the whole game by the time they finished, that they never got around to them.
  • I’ll always be sad that they axed the third DLC, because I suspect we would have gotten more Fenris (HEART) but on the other hand, that probably means he would have met some horrible fate by the end of it.
  • Alright, off to DAI!

Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, The Last Straw

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok. Time for The Last Straw.
  • Nothing like the Battling Bickersons to start off the day.
  • Anders, you goober.
  • Look Meredith. I’m not going to support a side that wants to kill my last sibling.
  • Just cool your jets Sebastian. You’re not helping.
  • Varric always did have the best grasp on any situation.
  • Sorry Anders. You’re a killer. And killers have to pay.
  • Wait, we were at the Gallows. Why are we now trying to get to the Gallows through Lowtown?
  • Varric is basically Max from “Sound of Music.”
  • I feel like everyone should have different conversational replies at this time. Merrill saying “it’s a pretty evening” while we’re fighting our way out of a burning Kirkwall doesn’t seem appropriate.
  • Well OK now you’re just being a jerk, Meredith.
  • Cullen? Did you have anything to say?
  • Last chance to talk! These are always heartbreaking.
  • Emile de Launcet is always totally nonplussed as long as he has the prospect of some action.
  • I’m glad at this last few moments, we were left a chest with a small, wet pouch of incense.
  • And a complex chest I can’t open.
  • I’m pretty sure Mom would not have enjoyed being here to see this, Bethany.
  • Oh Fenris.
  • Alright Orsino. Lets get this show on the road.
  • Hm. Orsino seems a little depressed.
  • Bringing up Quentin’s research is not winning any points with me, Orsino.
  • Orsino, you goober.
  • Hm. I don’t see Isabela now that the fight is over.
  • Sebastian is still asking me if Anders ever told me what he wanted with the Chantry. I think he did. I think he told all of us, Sebastian.
  • Sandal. Because of course, Sandal.
  • Holy Moly, these fire traps startled me.
  • See Cullen? Was that so hard?
  • Sometimes, Meredith, you should just buy your swords off the rack.
  • Apparently red lyrium gives you the power of backflips.
  • Oh Isabela’s back. Glad you didn’t die!
  • I’m glad everyone else relaxed and put their weapons away while Meredith did another flip and landed with her sword in my head.
  • Hey, Zevran.
  • It’s like old home week.
  • Ooh. Not a good look for you, Meredith.
  • So… I guess we’ll just go, then.
  • Don’t listen to him, Cassandra! He does too know!
  • “Well it’s in the hands of The Maker now. Maybe we should hold a big summit meeting and invite every reasonable-minded person to Haven.”


Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 6

Spoiler Thoughts (“Mark of the Assassin”):

  • Say, this wyvern is not doing me any favors.
  • Ok, managed to get him down with a handful of health to spare. On to the Chateau Haine!
  • I always like any mission that makes us change clothes.
  • Did…Did the Duke just say “BUT THE PRIZE…?”
  • Teeeeaaagan.
  • …And Isolde. Made only slightly more bearable by her having to do the “WHO IS THEESE WOMAN, TEAGAN!” line again.
  • I’m not sure I would stock up on the Ham of Despair.
  • Isolde and Dulci de Launcet are two peas in a crappy pod.
  • Oh Leilana. She doesn’t seem so glad to see us, however.
  • Well, lets try sucking at stealth instead of combat for awhile.
  • I just think if you knock someone out, that should probably raise an alarm somewhere.
  • “HURRY, GET TO THE VAULT BEFORE THE DUKE’S MEN SPOT US!” ” Oh hey, Bethany would totes love this painting…”
  • Hurg. Standing-on-switches puzzles always thwart me.
  • I feel like I don’t even know who you are, Tallis.
  • Oh, I don’t think I knew you could go back into the castle, vs. just leaving straightaway.
  • Tallis requires a lot of help for someone with pretty vague explanations.
  • Well it can’t be right to leave Felicia Day.
  • You know, Tallis, we are killing a lot of Qunari, for a group of people trying to save Qunari.
  • I am still not totally clear on why Tallis’ friend decided to betray the Qunari.
  • I’ll say this for the Duke–nobody else in Thedas seems to have capitalized on the wyvern-bait-shotgun.
  • Ok I get it Tallis. There are innocent Qunari.
  • “I’m sure we’ll see Tallis again someday.” Don’t get your hopes up, Varric.



Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 5

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • This quest always boggled me. As if Kirkwall didn’t have enough problems, now it seems like we’re systematically hunting down all the remaining reasonable mages and templars left, and killing them.
  • There’s not even any option to talk to them first. As soon as you clap eyes on them, it’s all “Kill Pussycat! Kill!”
  • Grace, you rat-bastard.
  • Trask needed to use his magic-sucking powers a little quicker there.
  • Thanks for showing up after the party’s over, Cullen.
  • I feel as though, if you reinstate Samson, a lot of subsequent events should go differently.
  • Little too late to be sorry now, Orsino.
  • “There’s this fantastic thing called ‘moving on.’  You should try it sometime.”
  • Isabela has no interest in indulging Anders.
  • Ok. Time for “Mark of the Assassin.”
  • You know, I have nothing against Felicia Day, but I always think these in-game representatives of real people come off weird.
  • Almost as if you’re playing something someone made for someone else as a gift.
  • Ok Anders. You are the last one to talk about someone only offering help with a catch.
  • I don’t know why it is, that I inevitably find the crucial part of a quest long before I find the guy who’s supposed to give me the quest.
  • This DLC really is pretty. I wish the main game had been as attractive.
  • There is approximately 100% more poop-related quests in DA2 as DAO.

Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 4

Spoiler Thoughts (Legacy DLC:)

  • Oh look–a key blade…which is not apparently as good as the sword I was using…
  • Storage chest: I get the feeling this is last chance to stash.
  • I feel as though, if our Dad set it up so that some supreme evil is locked in here, and only we can unlock it, maybe we shouldn’t unlock it.
  • Surely it’d be worth it to try to find some other way out before releasing this ancient evil on the world.
  • …Or we could just follow the crazy tainted guy downstairs to free Corypheus.
  • “This is a strange business. I do not like it.” –Fenris, getting straight to the core of the apple.
  • When you start finding random health potions lying about in the street, is when you know you’re in a good part of town.
  • Ok, I get that we’re choosing to set free this awful thing to get out of this place, but remind me why we’re going to such lengths to free the random demons our Dad used his own blood to trap?
  • I don’t care what you get in return, there’s no way making sacrifices at Dumat’s altar is the good choice.
  • Varric isn’t much of a sentimentalist when it comes to his ancestors.
  • You know, I am not so sure Janeka is going to be able to bind and control Corypheus.
  • Wow, this Helm of the Fortress is the silliest helmet ever. You could barely get through a doorway with that on.
  • “Nothing personal, but you’re kind of crazy. And a bitch. Wait, I guess that was personal.”
  • I might not be playing the diplomatic Hawke.
  • Wow, Larius seems to have some hidden anger issues.
  • I am not a huge fan of plots where evil people tell you to do something/free something, and you go ahead and do it.
  • Larius and Hawke are having this whole conversation, and Corypheus is probably all “I’M RIGHT HERE.”
  • I don’t remember Corypheus sounding like this in DAI.
  • The quest description changes at this point to “Corypheus is free. Kill him.”
  • Oh, Bethany and Varric really did not dodge those rocks very well.
  • Ok Fenris. It’s just you and me.
  • You’re welcome for your freedom Larius…wait…
  • Oh hey Leandra.
  • No, it’s ok. I just…have something in my eye…SOB.




Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 3

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ooo…Alistair.
  • So I’m already anti-Meredith just from the point where she yells at Alistair.
  • One of my favorite things I discovered this playthrough is stopping to chat with Seneschal Bran every once in awhile. He is just so done with everything.
  • GAAH. I hate that sound the spiders make as they drop down. It always startles me.
  • Yes Fenris. I believe we all understand that you are not “pro” on Merrill summoning the demon.
  • In retrospect, maybe we should have been more suspicious that Merrill prays to Mythal at the same-looking shrine that we used to free Flemeth.
  • Merrill and her Keeper really should have sat down to talk more.
  • No one seems all that happy to see Merrill again.
  • Well look on the bright side Merrill. At least we didn’t have to kill your whole clan, like last time.
  • Ok, maybe it’s time to tackle Legacy: The DLC I bet sold a lot more copies after DAI came out.
  • You know Varric, I think Cassandra may be very interested in this expedition.
  • Hey, Bethany’s back.
  • Malvernis the Defiler has an orb. It seems like that might be important, someday…
  • Man, this is a lot of dwarves. The whole Carta must be here trying to kill me.
  • I hope we find an exit home sometime. My backpack is almost full of torn trousers and stale biscuits.
  • Oh, hey, an orb. You don’t think…
  • Pretty sure obelisks aren’t supposed to be pulsing.
  • Why would we activate something like this anyway?
  • Well hi Malvernis.
  • This is a considerable amount of defiling Malvernis is trying to accomplish. Like I think we might die.
  • Sorry Varric…Er…walk it off?
  • Well nice to know my assassination attempts are getting you back in touch with old friends, Varric.
  • Ok, that’s pretty personal, Varric.
  • Ugh. I can’t pick up anything more.
  • Oh, thank goodness. A magical Return to Kirkwall statue.
  • This is the least used Chanter’s Board ever.
  • I think these dwarves have cataracts.
  • Say, this Corypheus fellow seems like a troublemaker.



Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • People can say what they like about Gamlen, but he certainly expresses more care for Hawke and Leandra than Leandra did for him or Hawke.
  • With all the money and acclaim Hawke has by now, you’d think she could help Gamlen out a little. At least get him a small place in Hightown or something.
  • Well, if we didn’t do anything else of real benefit in this town, we did get Gamlen and Charade together.
  • Oh Gamlen. Almost a nice moment.
  • Hey Zevran! Looks like you’ve had a little work done.
  • Oh, ok Fenris. Lets talk about it now, since you’ve had three years to mull it over.
  • You’re forgiven Fenris. Just…can you just do something about these bodies sometime?
  • And maybe get rid of some of that creepy art standing around? Danarius was a poor interior decorator.
  • I like how, no matter who you take on her mission with you, everyone wants to take a smack at Isabela.
  • For someone who later gets in trouble for not delivering a shipment of slaves, Isabela seems pretty ok with Castillon staying in business.
  • Wow, that guy that Varric decked six years ago still has a black eye. When Varric decks you, you stay decked.
  • Isabela finally said something so lurid to Aveline that even Anders was repulsed.
  • Man, we did a pretty piss-poor job of protecting Nyssa, like we promised.
  • Those are some lousy Templars if they couldn’t find the one escaped Mage that just left to hang out in bars and brothels, telling everyone who he was.
  • You know, Varric–rather than fight our way through a haunted house to get a cursed idol, maybe you could consider burning it to the ground first.
  • NO Varric. You cannot keep the crazy-making idol.