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Once Upon A Time, S5E14: “Devil’s Due”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • “Keep all arms and hand inside the boat.”  Insult to injury. 
  • For all the terrible things Gold does, you can’t say that he doesn’t get swift and brutal karmic retribution most of the time. 
  • Man, Bae didn’t really have great survival instincts. 
  • Mila is the worst, but Gold is doing a pretty fast dive to the bottom as well here. 
  • Gold just loves the humiliation. 
  • This healer isn’t all that altruistic. 
  • Apparently he doesn’t take HMO. 
  • Rumple, feeling the disquiet when your ex becomes friends with your associates. 
  • How’s Mila thinking she’s going to shout out before Rumple silences her?
  • Lady Macbeth has nothing on Mila. 
  • Wow, Killian really improved in this flashback. He was a pretty common sleeze in the first time we checked this story. Now he’s a total white knight. 
  • Convenient that the road from the boat led directly to Hook. 
  • You would think Emma would have learned to wear rubber soled shoes on these missions by now. 
  • Actually, if Hook just swung a couple degrees while he was getting lowered down, he could have freed himself. 
  • I just feel like we could have bargained more with the healer instead of going immediately to homicide. 
  • I’m not sure I would be sitting down to tea with the guy who just tried to kill me. 
  • I wouldn’t be standing that close to the river of the damned. 
  • Rumple’s life is just a series of increasingly horrible deals. 
  • Regina is getting closure all over the place this season. 
  • This actually doesn’t seem like the worst deal Rumple could have made, but maybe he should have tried to put time limits on it. 
  • I’m not so sure why Mila’s so bent out of shape about this. He only sold his next kid, not hers. 
  • Rumple, you goober. 
  • I don’t really remember when Regina’s magic left. 
  • “She made me who I am.”  Carlyle is so good. 
  • Well remember Cora couldn’t grab Emma’s heart either. 
  • It must be such a relief to play full-blown Dark Rumple after having to be all angsty the rest of the episode. 
  • Ugh. I didn’t need to know what he and Belle were doing right before he left. 
  • Man, you would think, after all this time, Rumple would know how to construct a deal.