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Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Nine: “Perishable”


  • Man, unless you are a supernatural animal, or related to a supernatural animal, living in Beacon Hills makes you a stone-cold jerk.
  • Kind of amazing that Deputy Parrish apparently walked all through town and into the Sheriff’s station wearing nothing but some singed underwear, and no one ever reported anything.  Like, that’s the least strange thing going on in Beacon Hills tonight.
  • I’m not sure I would have picked the red eyes as the thing to convince Parrish I was a werewolf.  Teeth or claws seem more pathognomonic.
  • Weird that Lydia’s nickname was Ariel, given that the mermaid in the original story doesn’t get a name.
  • Hough healed pretty quick from that beatdown Parrish gave him.
  • Nice that the Beacon Hills teens never let mass homicide get in the way from a good party.
  • Yay nice guy!  Although it seems like he could have done that considerably sooner, since Scott figured out it was the music pretty early.
  • Derek became a surprisingly good fighter all of a sudden, given that he should have to learn all new techniques for a normal-powered person.
  • Why doesn’t Lydia banshee scream whenever she’s held captive like this, since she knows everyone can hear her?
  • Eichen House is no GD good for anyone.