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Once Upon A Time, S5E15: “The Brothers Jones”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Man, it really bugs me that her license plate reads “Dev Il” instead of “De Vil.”
  • I do think that Cruella has so far worked a lot better in this storyline than her original one. The fact that she’s the only one with insight into the Author gives her significance that the dog breath thing really didn’t.
  • I still don’t think Emma should get a dark mark for killing her though. If she didn’t know Cruella couldn’t kill Henry, it was still self (?) defense. 
  • The idea that bringing that witch back to life undoes it seems like sophistry. 
  • BTW, let’s not forget what the curse taught us: The thing Cruella loves most, is MURDER. 
  • The Apprentice is also up there with Mila as the ultimate cause of gargantuan evils. 
  • Emma got the power of dry cleaning. 
  • Hm. Hook’s bro is kinda a jerk. 
  • Henry, you are the worst liar. 
  • Did it ever occur to Liam that he was a moron for not taking charge of all the money when he knew Killian was a doof?
  • Wow, if the prospect of sleeping with Cruella doesn’t actually make Charming barf, he really is a hero. 
  • This is some awkward exposition from the Brothers Jones. 
  • Liam, you loser. 
  • Man. As psycho as Cruella is, she is still way smarter than Charming. 
  • Well, to be fair, Charming’s Mom did sell him, too, as soon as the original money ran out. 
  • Gosh, remember when Emma had a superpower about knowing when people were lying?
  • Why does Hades speak like a Shatner impersonator?
  • Oh Liam. Your birds are done come home to roost. 
  • Ok, it is amazing that a large group of guys can throw bags over two guys heads, who doubtless are struggling and yelling, and march them all the way through town to the library in the middle of Main St., and no one blinks an eye. 
  • Are you kidding me? Dude killed a whole ship full of people, and he makes up for it by sacrificing himself for just his brother?
  • He wasn’t even sorry about any of them, in the end! He was sorry Killian found out!
  • Killian was pretty credulous buying this story to begin with. “Providence did the rest.”
  • Liam could at least have read the pages so he could have told someone what they said. 
  • Charming, your Mom sold you. And that was even after she was trying to get you to marry for money.
  • GDI. You can never get free of Zelina. 
  • It’s like she has the same agent as that Will Scarlett guy. 
  • I guess Rumple had to go have a nap after all the activity of last week.

Once Upon A Time, S5E13: “Labor of Love”

You can never have too many zippers in the Underworld.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Wonder if it’s Meg?
  • Well Hook certainly did a turnaround after Emma stabbed the darkness out of him. Wonder why it didn’t take that way for Rumple?
  • I would be totally paranoid by now if I was Snow, that David was James substituting.
  • Like maybe make Charming dye his hair or have a code word or something.
  • If the only people who died in Snow’s whole kingdom are represented by the handful of tombstones in the Storybrooke cemetery, I’d say she did a pretty good job.
  • How do these people think a 13 year-old can help them? Why doesn’t she send an army?
  • Her Dad wasn’t much for planning for emergencies.
  • If you fall in a trap, maybe calling attention to yourself isn’t what you want. 
  • BB Herc!
  • Hercules died?
  • That wasn’t how the Disney film ended. 
  • Regina just now remembered she has maps?
  • Sad that housing is easier to come by in the Underworld than LA. 
  • What if Hercules just beat up the bandits for Snow? I’m pretty sure the villagers didn’t actually expect Snow to kill the bandits herself. 
  • Hansel and Gretel’s witch is pretty forgiving to Regina considering she killed her. 
  • I kind of think questions like “how did you die” could be important. 
  • I thought the dwarfs taught Snow archery? Or am I thinking of another retelling?
  • Oh wait, that might have been the one with Julia Roberts. 
  • Why does anyone have to stand guard outside the office if the spell doesn’t let anyone in?
  • Doesn’t it seem like Cruella would be the best person to control Cerberus?
  • Well this does seem like a pretty poorly thought out plan, Snow.
  • I guess Regina eventually gave up on that whole “I won’t make her into a martyr” thing. 
  • Cruella’s eyebrows look better in death.
  • I feel like Emma is ok without bringing Cruella back to life.
  • Regina seems a little dismissive about the part where she took Snow’s kingdom, trapped everyone in misery for 28 years and kept Snow childless.
  • Not sure you can just go “no biggie” on that one.
  • Didn’t Charming give a big speech early on about how everyone needed both versions of themselves?
  • Nice Snow. I don’t even think that’s your bow you’re trying to break.
  • Why doesn’t Emma just blink them away like last time?
  • This still seems like a pretty half-assed plan, Snow.
  • What’s to keep these bandits from coming back tomorrow?
  • If those guys hadn’t been told not to kill her, I think Snow would have been toast.
  • If you know the thing has three heads, why would you split up in parties of two?
  • That’s right. Give the girl with no fighting experience the worst weapon.
  • No mod-sixties-vibe overlay is going to make “The Catch” an attractive program to me.
  • It’s a trap, Herc!
  • I don’t know why anyone of them would want to keep the loser personas Regina cursed them with anyway.
  • That’s right Henry. Keeping secrets always works great in your family.
  • Well this kind of seems like a no-brainer. Start with Gold, anyway.

Once Upon A Time, S4E19: “Sympathy for the De Vil”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Maybe not a lot of agency in your choice of moral polarity if your parents name you “Cruella.”
  • I feel like Cruella, although admittedly over-the-top, has enough style to do her eyebrows more flatteringly.
  • Is it weird that Regina’s hair totally changed from one shot to the next? Or maybe she has magic hair?
  • Why doesn’t the magic in Storybrooke maintain Rumple’s heart like before?
  • Ok, thumbs up Regina. You go girl.
  • Unexpected.
  • Kind of a Crunderella number going on, here.
  • Wow, he bought her new flapper clothes and everything.
  • What a strange speakeasy. It looks like someone’s apartment.
  • I feel like we just wandered into “Mickey and the Magical Map” territory.
  • Emma: Princess of Overreaction.
  • Storybrooke needs better road cleaners.
  • Er…What?
  • This is a tale of some very disturbed people.
  • Pongo no!
  • He took from her…the ability to murder?
  • The thing she loved most…was murder?!
  • At least we know what the deal is with the eyebrows, now.
  • How did Emma fling Cruella backwards without her taking Henry with her?
  • I feel like normal people might commit manslaughter in self-defense, and not turn totally evil.



Once Upon A Time, S4E13: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Cruella…has magical dog breath powers?
  • Weird, however I guess without that, her superpower is basically chain-smoking.
  • Oh hey, Regina’s reinstalled as mayor. Because Storybrooke votes the recidivist party.
  • Honestly, I know she’s good and all now, but she did spend a considerable amount of time killing and torturing people.
  • If it were me, I think I’d be up for inviting her to Granny’s, but I’d draw the line at using my tax dollars to pay for her mansion.
  • I see we still haven’t decided on how much assimilation Hook’s done to the Modern World.
  • Actually, why should Belle be so much better at the Internet than he is? Didn’t she spend the last 28 years locked up in the hospital basement?
  • Or did she assume all the memories of when she was “Lacey?” I was never sure how much that curse took.
  • Say, this is a happy library.
  • Belle has maybe not learned her lesson yet.
  • Shouldn’t the license plate be “DE VIL?”
  • Is this a flashback? Why did he seem like he never thought of any of this before, until Regina brought it up?
  • I guess the concept of personal responsibility wouldn’t be that attractive to villains.
  • I feel like we maybe didn’t check the credentials of that Oxford professor all that carefully.
  • I would probably make sure I got the dagger back from Regina at some point.
  • If I were one of these three, I’d wonder why Rumple wasn’t dealing with these challenges on his own, since none of them seem like they’d be too tough for him.
  • See, now that’s why I’d be wondering.
  • All evil people must also come equipped with powers of retrograde amnesia, or no one would ever deal with them again.
  • Gosh, that is some dicey CGI right there.
  • Also, don’t all hearts have the same potential for darkness? Isn’t that what we learned from when Snow kind of killed Cora?
  • Shoutout to the guy who totally ran across the street behind Regina and Emma, functionally photobombing them.
  • Like how the Dark One has fallen so far, he has a FLIP PHONE.
  • Shouldn’t Ursula and Cruella be like 30 years older by now?
  • Letting two arch-evils into town seems like kind of a unilateral decision for Emma and Regina to make on their own.
  • Ok, never mind the Author and the Sorcerer, Storybrooke needs an Archivist to make sure all these magical artifacts get recollected after each use.
  • Carlyle does such a nice job differentiating between all the different Rumple/Gold incarnations.
  • Apparently Snow hasn’t lost that dark spot on her heart yet.