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Once Upon A Time, S5E19: “Sisters”

Royal Thunderdome: Two princes enter, One prince leaves.
Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • There are so few good things that are preceded by “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire.”
  • Didn’t Hades also know Zelina for about half an hour before he decided she was his true love?
  • I guess you don’t need much time to determine such things. 
  • Mini-Regina!
  • Shades of “Frozen.”
  • Time to visit the Rock Trolls. 
  • Like Zelina has ever been a master of rational thought. 
  • That’s right. Involving Cora is always a good idea. 
  • Not sure Rumple loses a lot of sleep over letting anyone down. 
  • Pretty sure the jury’s out on Cora’s “good witch” denomination. 
  • Oh, here we come. James on David showdown. 
  • Wow, that was a fast fight. 
  • Hey, remember when Emma could tell when people were lying? 
  • Maybe she lost that superpower when she got her other ones. 
  • It is amazing how much smarter the evil incarnations of people are. 
  • Asking Cora is also one of those things that is rarely a good idea. 
  • Man, Hook has more powers than anyone down here.
  • This really doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well with Zelina. 
  • Yep. 
  • This kind of seems like an abrupt turnaround for Cora. 
  • Remember when Emma had powers? 
  • Or before that, when she could take care of herself before she had any powers?
  • This family reunion may not end as well as the last one. 
  • James is gonna end up in the drink. 
  • Yep. 
  • If Cora’s so sad about leaving, why doesn’t she stay? It doesn’t seem like any thing’s demanding she take off now. 
  • The power of last-minute repentance. 
  • Dude takes his true love to Granny’s instead of the chicken and waffles place, he deserves what he gets. 
  • Oh Peter Pan!
  • I like him. He seems like such a nice kid. 

Once Upon A Time, S5E12: “Souls of the Departed”

The Underworld has better tailors.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Neal! I’m sure he’s glad that Emma went to Hell to get Hook back, but not him. 
  • “I’ve always loved you and I always will.”  Ok, see you. Time to get back to the amusement park. 
  • Oh good. They went to the “Walking Dead” version of Storybrooke. 
  • Is that Phoebe’s brother? From “Friends?”
  • Well kind of a crappy birthday for Regina. 
  • At least she got pie. 
  • Cora! Looking kinda evil. 
  • I’m not sure splitting up is ever a great idea. 
  • Eeeevil Charming! And Snow White couldn’t tell who was macking on her!
  • Yeah, you might want to table that discussion for another time, Snow. 
  • Regina has way better clothes as queen. 
  • Cora, it took you too long to realize it because you ripped out your own heart. 
  • Well bye, Phoebe’s brother.
  • Regina seems a little bit shocked at murder for someone who once killed a whole village of people. 
  • Belle is pretty heartless now, considering she doesn’t even want Gold to go help rescue Hook. 
  • The Master of Time and Space!  And he still has that subconjunctival heme on the right eye. 
  • I like this kid. 
  • Preggers Snow White!
  • Man, Regina’s dad was pretty ineffectual, and so far he was the best dad. 
  • I think Peter Pan watered down the potion. 
  • OMG! This is supposed to mirror the first episode when it was Emma’s birthday!
  • …What?
  • Ignoring the thing with the hearts, did Jiminy Cricket just spend time in Snow White’s boobs?!
  • She seems a lot more ok with this than I’d expect. 
  • Regina, I think you eventually did something to hurt him. 
  • Did Regina steal the potion?
  • Actually, isn’t Regina’s father in no way related to Henry?
  • I forget how whether Cora ended up with the King or the Prince, but they seemed pretty awful back then. I guess living with Cora could make you sensible of the need for virtue after awhile. 
  • I don’t know that I buy Gold turning back to total evil again. It’s pretty soon after he achieved hero status. 
  • So looking back, the whole thing seems like it was supposed to be a mirror to episode one–in which Emma has a birthday, makes a wish to not be alone, gets Henry (Jr.), begins to believe in the curse, and the clock starts ticking.
  • Episode 100, Regina has a birthday, makes a wish to kill Snow, loses Henry (Sr.), begins to believe in herself, and the clock starts ticking.
  • Wait, did we forget about Hook burning in Hellfire while we start going around saving everyone?

Once Upon A Time, S4E21: “Mother”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Well, there was a reason they called her the Evil Queen.
  • Oh hey, Cora.
  • Not helping, Robin.
  • Wait, the storybook is written in EVIL BLOOD INK?
  • The same storybook that was supposed to represent hope?
  • Also, are you telling me this Author traveled all around the Eastern Seaboard looking for stories, and never once had a bagel?
  • Nice to know that Nurse Ratchett still has her position after all these years. Who else does Regina still have down there, that needs nursing care?
  • Why is the Author working with Gold again?
  • I have trouble thinking this incident wouldn’t have come up the last time Regina and Cora spoke.
  • No touchee.
  • Not helping, Author.
  • Wow, Maleficent may actually be the least evil of any of them.
  • I wouldn’t be Old Henry for anything.
  • Oh ugh.
  • Well that could have gone better.
  • I guess when you have someone who hatched out of an egg, this probably shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Regina gets such pretty outfits in The Enchanted Forest. I wonder if Parilla misses them when she stays in Storybrooke for the whole season?
  • Aww, Hook.
  • What, exactly, did Mary Margaret think she was going to accomplish here?
  • I’m glad they bonded over…mutual evil?
  • It is an unfortunate truth, that as soon as a character gets good/happy, they often get amazingly careless.
  • The Author is kind of a jerk.