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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 112: “Company Woman”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Where is everyone evacuating to?  Mars?
  • Tommy is kind of a dupe.
  • Oh poor Emily is probably going to end up in the fridge with the rest of the girlfriends.
  • Poor clueless Ren.
  • I feel like maybe Zach should have had a better plan than “drive into Gateway.”
  • Since I don’t think we’re done with Erica, it’s looking bad for Parkman.
  • Why does Parkman even have to bother with Taylor?  Why doesn’t he just make Erica do whatever he wants?
  • Magic bands for the whole Parkman family!
  • This lab guy is a weak link.
  • I wonder why this dude didn’t just pretend to heal Erica’s dad normally?  She’d never know otherwise.
  • Oh.
  • Eew.
  • Luke is pretty ineffectual at restraining these guys.
  • Quentin, Quentin. Always switching sides at the worst possible times.
  • Ren and Emily!  The sadly underused sidekicks!
  • Their patron saint must be Ando.
  • Amazing. Ren found the only other person who also read the comics.
  • Tommy’s mom maybe didn’t do him a solid when she had Caspar give him amnesia.
  • So water and lightning are independent of time and space?
  • If Tommy really wanted his mom to be safe, he should maybe have set her up in a little house in the future.
  • Ugh. Erica’s life is just 10 pounds of ugh in a 5 pound sack.
  • Taylor must have some pretty good arm muscles, to hold this gun up for this long.
  • I like how this school printed all their photos in black and white, except for Claire.
  • I think the flaw in Zach’s plan is that Tommy will get there faster only if he sees Malina at the same time as Erica.
  • Did anyone tell Tommy not to suck out Malina’s powers?
  • Perhaps Tommy should have frozen time when he got there.
  • It’s psycho showdown!
  • Ok, Malina might not be that bright.
  • This is why they tell you not to telephone and drive, Parkman.
  • OMG, Baby Caspar!
  • Otomo-San had to know this was coming.