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Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Champions of the Just, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • So many eye drawings. Apparently the Old One was an Ophthalmologist.
  • Wait, what? Why does the Old One want to assassinate Celene? SPEAK ENGLISH, COLE.
  • Holy Moly, I must never ace read some of the codex before–the oculara are made from tranquils who were forced to become abominations right next to a shard and immediately killed?
  • Anders was right. It sucks to be a tranquil.
  • I can’t help thinking we might not be doing these Templars a favor, finding them all this lyrium.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m missing an enormous amount of loot, but since my inventory is full, I can basically only pick up crafting supplies.
  • So now the Templars have taken down the barrier, and we need to hurry up and charge in to kill the envy demon that’s been killing and distorting everyone…”Oh wait, does that bag have lambswool in it?” “Hey, look–I found some letters.”
  • Well, that didn’t go too bad, and at least we didn’t have to stare at Envy’s bum for any length of time.
  • After coming all the way here and fighting all these demons, I think I’m going to let you join us, Barris.
  • Wow, that was a lot of disapproval.
  • I think Cole disapproved and he wasn’t even part of the team yet.
  • Dorian may have disapproved, and we haven’t even met him yet.
  • “DEAL. WITH. IT.”
  • Cass has no time for your whining.
  • Ok, did anyone notice the shack in Redcliffe where people are clearly making oculara? Gross.
  • Alright, we can’t go to Redcliffe Castle or talk to the mages anymore, so we might as well gird our loins and move on to “In Your Heart Shall Burn.”  Ah Haven, we hardly knew ye.



Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Champions of the Just, Part 1

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, time to dally with the Templars.
  • Varric, Cass, and Solas–saddle up.
  • Oh hey. Barely got through the first courtyard, and my inventory’s full. Good management there.
  • Hm. I think Knight-Templar Barris is becoming a little disillusioned with the order.
  • Well that was unexpected.
  • It’s like the part of the Fade that needs urban renewal.
  • Apparently we’re doing “This Is Your Life,” demon style.
  • COLE. Such a nice boy.
  • Oh, I could probably have done without that long look at Envy’s bum.
  • Ok, given that Barris presumably knows where the lyrium and lieutenants are since he lives here, maybe he should go get them and I should hold the Great Hall.