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Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 1

Spoiler Stream of Consciousness:

  • Ready to start!
  • Oops, need to update drivers.
  • Ready to start!
  • Oops, game froze on options.
  • Ready to start!
  • Oops, forgot to import Keep data.
  • Ok, really ready.
  • Looks gorgeous.
  • I see Thedas hasn’t changed its taste in hairstyles much, over the years.
  • [Hours of customization later] Time to go!
  • Nooooo, her eyebrows look funky!
  • Wow, Cassandra looks great.
  • Especially her eyebrows.
  • Cassandra: Not the trusting type.
  • Good Lord, there are a lot of status effects.
  • I am the worst at remembering key bindings. Cassandra must wonder why I keep attacking dead bodies.
  • Well I can’t really blame Cass for being suspicious of me, when I can barely get to where she is, before she finishes a fight.
  • Ohhhh…Varric…
  • Oh hey, guess who’s failing use of the tactical camera?
  • Why does Cassandra’s health bar have wood flooring?
  • Look, I found a hat for you, Cassandra. Don’t say I never gave you anything.
  • I like how everyone’s saying how great I am, while I’m finding all these notes on how they wanted to kill me in my sleep.
  • Cuuuulllen.
  • Good Lord, it took me over an hour just to get through the prologue.