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Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts


Spoiler Thoughts:

    • I really like this quest because it’s so different from the “march-around-outdoors-killing-things” we usually do.
    • Having read “Masked Empire,” I’d have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Gaspard or Briala. #TeamCelene
    • Briala in particular, grates on me for some reason. She’s one of those characters I feel I’m supposed to really like and admire for her spunk and her determination, but whom I actually just think is kind of a jerk.
    • Hmm…who shall we bring? Last playthrough we took all the people we thought were least likely to embarrass us, so maybe this time we’ll go with Team Totally Inappropriate.
    • Sera, Solas, and Bull, get your dancing boots on.
    • Solas seems to be enjoying himself a little more than I would have thought he would, here.
    • I mean, he is literally all “woo! Open bar! Good luck with whatever you’re doing!”
    • Oh Bull. You are such a comfort.
    • You get the feeling the Qunari are light on the culinary sciences.
    • Gaspard is so awful. Cullen really shouldn’t be supporting him.


    • “Elves have no place in politics.” Do you really wanna say that straight to the elven Inquisitor, Gaspard?
    • I wish these palace segments weren’t timed. The environments are so pretty, I’d love to be able to look around a little rather than sprinting through like a mad person.
    • I also feel like the hurry to get back to the ballroom keeps me from really getting the whole dead elf thing. All of a sudden Briala shows up like “thanks for revenging my dead agents!” And I’m all “…They were shooting at me?”
    • I swear, Bull is the only one who can make these weird jumps. For a big guy, he’s pretty nimble.
    • I love this dancing scene so much. I wish more of the game had used scenes like this.
    • Josephine is all “yeah, you should go search those quarters.” Hey, how about someone who isn’t the total object of everyone’s attention do that?
    • Nobody’s having a better time at this party than Bull.
    • I always laugh hysterically whenever the Inquisitor has to abruptly change clothes when they’re going to start fighting. Like you came to the ball with this elaborate formal uniform with belts and sashes and buttons up to your chin, and then you sneak into a passageway and all of a sudden guys pop out with swords and you’re all “Uhm…hold on a second. Could someone hold my boots for a minute? Did anyone remember to bring my other pants?”
    • Ah Florianne. Such a villain, you could almost believe she had Tevinter blood in her.
    • That’s ok Cullen. Don’t mention that I’ve shown up in totally different clothes covered in blood. It’s all cool.
    • Oh thanks, WordPress, for totally deleting my finished post and leaving me with this earlier draft.  NOT HELPING.
    • I feel a little bad for totally lying to Celene about Briala doing all this stuff to help her, when Briala was trying to kill her just as much as Gaspard.


    • However, since I think you get more approval if they rule together, you’ll have to resume your relationship of lies, Celene.  Sorry.
    • Also kind of feel bad about Gaspard getting killed when he wasn’t really playing The Game any more horribly than anyone else there.
    • But that’s what you get for trying to start a fight in a burning house.


  • Welcome aboard, Morrigan! I guess we can find you a double room.  At least you don’t need much closet space.
  • That was a pretty quick dance, Solas.  I feel like I remember Cullen making a bigger deal about it.
  • Ok everyone, party’s over.  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.