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Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: The Threat Remains, Part 3

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Ok, level 7. Time to check out Val Royeaux.
  • This shard shield is great. It looks like Cass is wandering around with part of a sugar bowl on her back.
  • Val Royeaux is basically if Venice and Paris had a love child.
  • Welcome Vivienne, the follower I think I had the least interaction with of anyone.
  • Also welcome Sera, the follower with the most questionable hair of anyone.
  • Leliana wants to go get Blackwall, because all the wardens vanished. Remember when they all vanished from Ferelden because they were all DEAD?
  • Krem came by to ask us to meet The Bull. I still can’t believe it’s Jennifer Hale. It sounds nothing like her Cinderella or even Shepard.
  • “Grey Wardens can inspire, make you better than you think you are.” Blackwall, being more ironic than usual.
  • Wow, Blackwall and Solas just had the most awkward conversation ever.
  • “So…you fought somewhere?” “Um, yeah…you wouldn’t have heard of it. How about you?” ” Oh…here and there…you know how it is.”
  • Ok, so this Stone Dreams quest I think exemplifies the main disconnect I had with some of this game. You find a cryptic note in a house and then *bwamp* the quest’s over. Because somewhere, hours or days ago, you killed some rando in a cave and he was what the note referred to.
  • But since you found him before the note, you didn’t attach any significance to the dude at the time, so there’s no way to know what the letter referred to when you finally get it.
  • Ultimately, the whole thing becomes meaningless, because not only do you not understand what the letter was about unless you look it up online, but even if you did find it first, it didn’t really add much to the end result, which was you finding some guy and killing him without any dialogue.
  • I feel like it was supposed to give me insight and empathy towards the NPC, but what for? It wasn’t like I wouldn’t end up killing him anyway?
  • I wonder why we don’t set up camp in one of these abandoned cabins? They’re usually left with the fire going and the bed made. It seems like it’d be nicer than those tents we usually erect in the middle of Bear Country.
  • Blood Brothers is another one I don’t get. Some chump challenges his brother to meet him for a fight, and we come by to loot the body afterward.
  • #Helpful
  • Bull! It’s too bad I always find Bull and Blackwall so close together, because I think Blackwall gets overshadowed a little.
  • If there’s one thing that reduces my frustration with open-world gameplaying, it’s not making herculean efforts to climb up hills that are unclimbable.
  • I must say, Blackwall gets friendlier faster than pretty much any other companion. While everyone else is still all “I’d prefer we talk about my background later,” Blackwall is already all “YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD, WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE.”
  • Maybe Lord Woolsley wandered off because One Eyed Jimmy was a little too dependent.
  • There is no way bringing back this guy’s grandpa from the dead is a good idea.
  • …And he’s dead again. Seems like we could have cut out the middle man.
  • I love when you kill a whole riftful of demons and the only thing left is a huge wheel of cheese. At least we know they’re not lactose intolerant.