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Once Upon A Time, S4E6: “Family Business”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • For such well-read people, they don’t seem to have a lot of sense.
  • Belle and Gold. Most awkward couple of Storybrooke.
  • Actually, they’re a little better at taking memories than giving them back, in Arendelle
  • #TeamKristoff
  • Hee. Captain Guy-Liner.
  • Good Lord, Elsa is the only one in Storybrooke that hasn’t seen Anna.
  • Seems hard to fall in love with someone who’s basically comatose.
  • Oh, wow. Anna’s the worst climber ever.
  • I guess the question would be, does Belle have the real dagger? Or the plastic knock-off?
  • How on Earth would Emma know if that writing is from this world? Did she go to runaway archeology school or something?
  • You would think, all that time alone in the castle, Anna would have looked up her family tree.
  • Well, not a shining moment for Belle.
  • Ew. She’s hugging him right on the bleeding cut.
  • OMG. The Enchanted Forest would have no history whatsoever if anyone ever spoke to each other.
  • Storybrooke: Town of inbreeding.

Once Upon A Time S4E4: “The Apprentice”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Hey Brad Dourif!  Woo!  Oh…that was it.
  • Wow Hook.  This seems like a spectacularly bad idea.
  • Will no one lend Elsa a pair of jeans?
  • What on Earth is wrong with Scarlet?  He just bumbles around the town, right in front of the people he’s supposedly trying to evade, with no apparent purpose.  I never finished Wonderland, but it seemed as though he was smarter than this before.
  • Oh wow, Hook.  This seems like an even more spectacularly bad idea.
  • Why would Hook not just tell Emma that his hand may or may not be evil, instead of doing whatever the guy who hates him more than anything tells him?
  • Oh Anna, if only there were someone who could give you good advice.
  • Elsa’s parents don’t seem to be racking up “Parent of the Year Award” points in a big way this week.
  • Are you serious, Hook? This is the most avoidable way imaginable to get coerced by Rumple.  Why would you not tell Emma everything?  Do you honestly believe she would take Rumple’s word over yours?
  • The theme for this week:  “questionable decisions were made.”