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Teen Wolf, Season One, Episode Nine: “Wolf’s Bane”



  • OMG, Derek can NEVER catch a break.
  • OK, if I knew I was totally sensitive to bright lights, and people were going to use that to kill me, I might invest in some good polarized sunglasses.
  • I think Scott is maybe underplaying the whole “I fingered you for a serial killer” move he made.
  • Also, nothing like saying “sorry for being such a jackass to everyone,” Scott.
  • Jackson was growing a plant inside his neck?
  • Holy CRAP would a RN never let someone use their computer like that.
  • Stiles is occasionally not that helpful.
  • I guess it hasn’t occurred to Jackson that maybe someone who is way stronger and faster and whatever could be a lousy person to try to blackmail.
  • Alison is also kind of a creep for totally allowing her BFF’s boyfriend to creep on her like that.
  • Well for such an aggressively defensive family, the Argents certainly don’t have much of a security system on their house.
  • “My cousin Miguel.”  DYING.
  • Wow, Alison didn’t have very refined survival instincts at this point.
  • “Can you get turned by a scratch?”  Yes, Kate.  Yes, I believe you can.