Teen Wolf, S6E12: “raw talent”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, a trip to Walt Disney World has us a couple weeks behind, but surely we can catch up.
  • [Notices it’s a two-hour show tonight.]  Sigh.
  • Theo is homeless, and still has a nicer car than Scott or Stiles.
  • Theo, letting any spider crawl all over you is a bad idea, even if it wasn’t an evil Hell-spider.
  • Itai, Theo.  And on the other hand, wow, that was some good aim.
  • Not a good day for Theo.
  • I guess it’s not so surprising that Scott has PTSD by now, as that it’s just manifesting now.
  • Vargas is totes ready to shoot Scott.
  • Mason is starting up the “Brett 8-pack Fan Club.”
  • “Yay sports!”  Mason is all of us.
  • No Liam.  Full confession to the supernatural murderer is a bad move.
  • Lydia should probably stop going back to Eichen House.
  • Poor Parrish.  Lost out to the waves of Stydia shippers.
  • Parrish, maybe you shouldn’t show your Hellhound eyes to every obviously shady character in Beacon Hills.
  • Why in God’s Name would Corey even want to play lacrosse.  His one talent is turning invisible at the first signs of peril.
  • Nothing good has ever happened in a Beacon Hills shower room.
  • You’d think Argent would at least have been in contact with Scott’s Mom, since they looked like they were starting a thing back in the haunted train station.
  • Look Dr. Fenris, it’s not Parrish’s fault that you haven’t been able to get a better job than paranormal control at Eichen House.
  • I’ll miss a lot about Teen Wolf, but not these creepy Old Spice Mom commercials.
  • This counselor is pretty unsympathetic.
  • No one ever turns the lights on in Beacon Hills High.  I wouldn’t step foot in that place without a Kleig light on me at all times.
  • Lydia, maybe your first response to someone getting murdered in Eichen House shouldn’t be going over there without having contacted anyone or told anyone where you’re going.
  • Dr. Fenris, the thing where we don’t kill people isn’t really a “faith” issue.  It’s more of an “evil” issue.
  • Of course, if Lydia packed a gun, she wouldn’t need to blow out her vocal cords all the time.
  • I don’t know if I get behind Malia-Scott (Scalia?)  He seems so earnest for her.
  • Argent loves spooking these kids.
  • Why on Earth would they think Aaron is ok, when he’s just sitting in an empty classroom by himself at night with the lights off?
  • Man, who would have thought that curing and resuscitating the worst human alive would come back to bite you on the butt?








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