Teen Wolf, S6E11: “said the spider to the fly”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, here we go.  Last ten!
  • We end as we began.  With lacrosse.
  • COACH.  “Nothing motivates better than withering criticism!”
  • Hayden moved on, apparently to a project that isn’t going to end in ten episodes.
  • Liam, still suffering from a terminal lack of chill.
  • That is one mangy looking wolf.
  • TBH, next to all these big lacrosse guys, it looks kinda chihuahua sized and not that fearsome.
  • Nothing says “ick” quite like spiders flooding out your eyes and mouth.
  • Apparently some of the pack have more dedication than others.
  • I feel like by now, Liam should be ready to admit he has an anger management problem.
  • Deep cut for all the Dragon Age/Gideon Emery fans.
  • I guess if you work at Eichen House, you never wonder why someone brought someone frozen in volcanic ash to store forever.
  • For God’s Sake, if you knew something had been trapped and sealed up since 1912, why would you think it was a good idea to randomly thaw them now?
  • Corey is worst spy.
  • This counselor is megashady.
  • Speaking of Gideon Emery, Nolan actually kind of looks like a young Gideon Emery.
  • Look, if you’re still surprised that horrible things happen at Beacon Hills High, you don’t deserve to be graduating.
  • Man, Lydia’s Mom continues her general trend of sucking.
  • Are we sure she isn’t Malia’s mom?
  • I’m glad no one is ever going to need to put a corpse in the morgue and find Melissa’s herb stash.
  • The hospital is always a good place for a Hellhound reunion.
  • This dude is the AngerMaker.
  • He must hang out on the 405 every day at rush hour.
  • That phone sound wouldn’t have been nearly as terrifying for Lydia if she had grown up in the dial-up era.
  • Man, if you find a hallway covered in cobwebs, DO NOT TOUCH them.
  • For that matter, if you find a hallway covered in anything, do not touch it.  This doesn’t seem like advanced survival skills.
  • Did everyone walk to the high school from the hospital?  They’re that close?
  • So far the counselor’s trunk looks about as disorganized as mine, except I have fewer uzis in my car.
  • Thank goodness all hellhounds shop at the inflammable shorts store.
  • Mason proves to have less luck with a bat than Stiles.
  • Liam, this would be a good time to ask this dude what “it” is.
  • Roscoe!  Scott inherited Roscoe!
  • Oh, Roscoe is working about as well as Roscoe ever worked.
  • The pack gains Malia thanks to air travel being crap as usual.
  • On the one hand, it’s probably a bad idea to go chasing people into the woods and shooting them, but on the other hand, life is rough in Beacon Hills.
  • Well I guess we found out what kills a hellhound:  Career counseling.






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