Once Upon A Time, S6E15: “A Wondrous Place”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • It occurs to me that Hook didn’t want to tell Emma and Charming about this because he knew they would act EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
  • If Nemo and Liam are so squeamish about getting Kraken’s blood, how did they ever think they were going to travel anywhere in the first place?
  • I’m confused as to where, in Aladdin’s timeline, this flashback is.
  • It seems like it’s afterwards, since Aladdin is all savior-decrepit, but then it can’t be too much afterwards, since he’s clearly not married to Jasmine and Jafar is still on the loose.
  • Also, I think Jasmine’s Dad is a pretty lousy sultan if he couldn’t raise an army from his own country.
  • Maybe that would have been a good wish from the lamp.  Did they ever think of that?
  • I guess he’s just that into her?
  • Man, is Aladdin the worst genie ever?  Why doesn’t he use magic or something to help anything?
  • Regina is all flying high after getting rid of the Evil Queen and incorporating all that new evil into her heart.
  • Lol that no one wants Charming awake.
  • Emma continuing to blame everyone else for her relationship problems, despite the fact that she was the one that said she didn’t want to see him anymore.
  • I feel like Hook is a little unfair, blaming Aladdin and Jasmine for scaring the Kraken away.  Like it was going to be scared off by two people hitting it with oars in a rowboat, but not by an emerging nautilus?
  • Ok Jasmine, I feel like the part where Jafar took away everything you cared about would actually make you WANT to face him again.
  • “You have nothing to fear.”  I don’t know, Hook.  If I were Jasmine, nothing about this situation would actually make me think that I had nothing to fear.
  • There are magical compasses for just about everything.
  • How does Emma know Hook didn’t just go off for a weekend or something?
  • Nice to know that you could go out for a burger and she’d have packed up your crap and tossed it out by the time you get back.
  • I believe the last time Snow was in a bar, she ended up sleeping with Dr. Whale, so this might not be the best idea.
  • “I used to think like that.”  Hook, you used to think like that about an hour ago.
  • Oh look, Ariel.  Another one of the crankier character incarnations.
  • Hasn’t Ariel found her prince and lost him like a jillion times already?
  • As Aunt Agatha would say, this seems like carelessness.
  • How is Eric’s navy going to be any help in the desert?
  • What if Jasmine just asked for the seal shaft to get fixed?  That seems kind of like the easier way to go.
  • Regina apparently has forgotten when Robin died and she more or less told everyone to shut up.
  • “We never get much time, do we?”  Liam, how long were you living in Storybrooke?  You were literally within walking distance of him for weeks!
  • Jafar’s lair is in Kelbo’s?
  • HOLY CRAP, Ariel came all this way again, stalking this poor dude, and again doesn’t want to talk to him?
  • Ariel, you are testing my list of worst OUAT characters.
  • Eric is looking at her legs like “apparently my understanding of mermaids is flawed.”
  • Well that genie plan worked out well.
  • I’m glad Jasmine and Ariel had this long secret conversation right in front of three dudes who are probably getting paid by Jafar.
  • Wow, Jasmine was, in fact, a total fail.
  • Good thing Jasmine didn’t do that exact thing the first time, or this whole storyline would have been a total waste.
  • For that matter, how did she hold onto the powder in her hand without dissolving herself?
  • I’m glad Emma went through her whole process of grieving and is happily moving on from Hook when Hook’s been gone for like, a day.
  • Oh hey, Emma.  I’m sure those tears of yours won’t ever be put to bad use.
  • Here’s something I never got about genies.  Jasmine is so anxious about using her last wish to set Aladdin free.  What if she used her wish, and then handed the bottle off to Hook, and then he could have three wishes and hand it back to her?
  • How come you can’t share the wishes with your friends?  Too afraid you won’t get the bottle back?
  • Ariel just took the crown jewel of Agrabah?!
  • Jasmine doesn’t seem afflicted by the same sense of obligation Hook had, about telling people the truth of how badly you screwed them over in the past.
  • I guess this story wasn’t really about Aladdin, since he did nothing except complain about stuff.
  • So basically Ariel had a solution to Hook’s problem in her pocket the whole time.  That’s…actually pretty consistent.
  • I like how Gideon’s plan to entrap Emma involved a) sending her true love away in a submarine, and b) opening up a new bar in Storybrooke.

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