Once Upon A Time, S6E12: “Murder Most Foul”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • I see we’re trying to make Charming’s mom seem less lousy than she seemed before, selling off both sons.
  • Such cute babies.
  • What on Earth is Emma wearing?  It looks like someone’s Grandmother’s muumuu.
  • It’s like her sense of style went away with the Dark One.
  • I still don’t get how we decided that that one fight was the one she saw in her dreams, when it didn’t look anything like it, she didn’t kill or even dissuade the dude, and she wasn’t dressed the same.
  • I feel like that fall would have been more convincing if his head had actually hit the ground.
  • Regina, Mayor of AwkwardTown.
  • Snow’s back!  The award season for “Zootopia” must be over now.
  • Sbaaaarge.
  • Well to be fair, Archie, Hook didn’t say he bought the ring.  Maybe he pillaged it.
  • The Charming family tree tendency to not share information starts at the trunk, I see.
  • Hook, starting to wonder if it’s really a good idea to marry into this family in the first place.
  • Nice Charming.  Always a good move to ask people for help after you’ve insulted them.
  • Zelena, making an appearance so we remember she’s still a regular.
  • Well, who among us has not had to make the people we love promise not to keep running away and trying to kill other people.
  • Ah, this is apparently the “Charming is a jackass and learns a valuable lesson” episode for the season.
  • Oh man, that was a great Rumple moment.
  • Carlyle is awesome.
  • Oh NOW Emma’s superpower suddenly came back.
  • Isn’t Emma going to wonder when Hook didn’t even bother to wait around until she came out of the shed?
  • It does seem a little weird that Good Regina never gave back any of those hearts she took.
  • Wait, there are girls on Pleasure Island?  Wasn’t it part of the deal that there were only boys turning into donkeys?
  • Pinocchio, still a cheap thief even at that age.
  • Wow, that was a pretty ineffective way of protecting the boy, shepherd.
  • Charming, you are only going to screw this up.  You know this, we know this.
  • I guess they weren’t big on autopsies back in the Enchanted Forest.
  • A nice scene with Charming and Hook, after all.
  • Of course, it would have been pretty harsh for Charming to turn him down, given that Hook’s saved his life plenty by now.
  • I guess you’re not going to ask SNOW for her blessing?
  • …What?
  • Oh, this is unfortunate.
  • It’s Bucky Barnes and “Civil War” all over again.

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