Teen Wolf, S6E3: “Sundowning”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Beacon Hills High must get their teachers from “Creepy Subs R Us.”
  • Whether Mr. Douglas is a chimera or has TB, it’s pretty equally inappropriate for a school teacher.
  • Finally a class that Kira might have done well in, and she’s already off the show.
  • His cough would be terrifying, but it’s basically me with my annual sinus problems.
  • That was one good facial peel the Dread Doctors gave him.
  • I never understood how anyone thought Malia belonged in high school, when she had clearly never had any education past when she was five or whenever she went off to be a coyote.
  • Apparently you can’t live in Beacon Hills without having father issues.
  • Lydia has the worst superpower ever.
  • Be as charming as you want Argent, showing up in a woman’s kitchen at the crack of dawn unannounced is not ok.
  • So far, Argent has probably smiled more this episode than all his other appearances put together.
  • Liam might not be ready for the big league yet.
  • I feel like Malia’s tactics would only work in a town where your BFF’s dad is sheriff.
  • This is a pretty long time for them to realize Elias is totally demented.
  • Another Asian dude!
  • Is there some reason why they couldn’t spread Mountain Ash around Nathan’s house instead of McCall’s house?
  • It’s not a season of Teen Wolf without a big dance party.
  • Dementia cured by the power of Math.
  • “No one doubts you.”  I’m not so sure you’re right on this one, Mason.
  • Wow, Elias was incredibly perceptive and also a complete jerk.
  • Oops.
  • Oh nice Corey.  Pretty sure you just doomed everyone at this party.
  • This is why we doubt you, Corey.
  • I feel like they have no chance of cleaning this place up before morning.
  • Parrish!  And with a shirt on for a change!
  • Like we actually thought bullets were going to do anything to this obviously not totally alive dude?
  • Actually, up close, the Ghost Rider’s skin makes him look a little like Groot.
  • Ugh.  The thought that his mom and dad would have been perfectly happy and alive without him will do wonders for Stiles’ self-esteem when he gets back.
  • Meanwhile, Liam has screwed up almost as far as it was possible for him to screw up.
  • Linden Ashby is doing a nice job with this scene.  It’s too bad he was never given more to do before.
  • Ok, as someone who has taken an anatomy lab, I’m going to say that I wished it was that easy to find and extract a pineal gland.



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